Best kids tablet reviews | educational gift ideas for Christmas

The best young kids tablets, an intelligent idea for a Christmas gift. Are you looking for the perfect solution? Read our best kids tablet reviews and find the best educational gift ideas for Christmas.

The tablet has become a truly indispensable object, both for adults and children, and today also for children. Of course, the kids models are different than the products for the “big”, have special features and applications designed specifically for the smaller, to combine fun and learning. Children’s tablets, in fact, contain many educational games, which stimulate cognitive abilities in an intelligent way.
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In addition, kids tablets allow parents to set up security filters, to prevent children from accessing content deemed “unsuitable”. Therefore, in addition to being stimulating and engaging, they are also totally safe and have a particular design, variable depending on the model chosen, which makes them appealing to the little ones.

Why buy a tablet for young guys?

Nowadays, new generations are increasingly attracted to technology. Video games, smartphones, computers, and finally even tablets, which allow you to surf the web, watch movies and videos, take pictures and even play outside the home. Thanks to its small size and low weight. The tablet is an accessory full of features, which appeals to young and old alike: a gift, therefore, that will surely make your loved ones happy.
The tablet for children, in fact, primarily favors the passion for reading, as it contains many ebooks with illustrated fairy tales, interactive stories, and other fun content, and also allows you to download applications and educational games, such as quizzes, which stimulate learning and memory. In short, a nice and intelligent way to spend free time, all under the supervision – in real time – mom and dad.

How to choose the tablet for young guys?

At this point, probably, you’re wondering what is the best tablet for children with the best quality/price ratio, the most recommended among the many models on the market. Well, we have selected for you the ten most convenient models. But first, we want to illustrate the essential characteristics of a good tablet, to help you choose the one that best suits your needs, and of course also for those of your children.
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The tablet screen must be wide enough to allow a comfortable reading and a good reproduction of the videos and contents. The ideal, therefore, is a length of 8-10 inches. However, also paying attention to the manageability and to the weight of the product, which must be easily transportable in the backpack or bag.


Fundamental, then, is the power of the processor, which should be at least a Quad Core, to be able to download and use multiple applications, without the tablet crashes or functions are slowed down. This also translates into a graphic more accurate, and in general in a series of more advanced performances. The operating system is equally important. Most of the tablet for kids is still stuck to Android KitKat, even if they are coming out new versions updated to the Lollipop or Marshmellow, the most recent to date in circulation.
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In addition to power, we must also evaluate the “capacity” of the tablet, so the memory, both internal and RAM. The first, in fact, should be at least 8 GB, better if expandable through the memory card, to allow the installation of a good number of applications and programs. The second one, instead, must be 1 or 1.5 GB, to avoid annoying problems during use, and in particular while surfing or playing on the net.


As we said, security filters are extremely important, to prevent the child from downloading or accessing videos, images, and contents that are not suitable, violent or explicit. Tablet for kids, therefore, allow you to set blocks, in some cases even temporal, and to supervise in real time the websites visited, for a constant control by the family. Protecting your children from the dangers of the network, therefore, is really essential.
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The best tablets for young guys on Amazon

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your children or grandchildren, consider the idea of buying a tablet for children. It is a game that, of course, they will love so much, and that can be used at any time, even away from home or on holiday. The tablet kids, moreover, stimulate visual skills and reading skills, through illustrated contents dedicated to the children, full of interesting information and notions to learn. Ready? Let’s start then.

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet best kids tablet reviews
The Amazon Fire 7 is the best choice today with regard to tablets for children. Its 7 inches and excellent robustness make it a tough and easy to handle device, but without doubt its best value is its excellent value for money. It weighs 313 grams and incorporates a 1.3 GHz MediaTek quad-core processor along with 1 Gigabyte of RAM. Its screen is 1,024 x 600 pixels, enough for a tablet of this size, and its rubberized back also helps to avoid inopportune slips.
Another good news is that it has standard parental control, as well as a wide selection of children’s games such as Clan and Dragon City. In the Amazon application store, you can find many applications for children as stories and educational resources. Its autonomy is very correct, around 7 hours. It also has 2 Megapixels rear and 0.3 front cameras.

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Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition best educational Tablet for children 7 8 9 10
The Fire HD 8 is one of the best tablets for kids on the market. This is a perfect balance between quality and convenience. An attractive price, good build quality and exceptional video quality make it one of the best tablets for children.
It has an 8-inch screen with 1280×800 pixel resolution, perfect for playing HD videos. Lightweight and easy to handle. It can be easily transported in daily journeys and good autonomy guarantees continue operation. To fully enjoy the device and have full access to content and functionality, however, it is advisable to have Amazon Prime. Regardless of this, the Fire HD 8 Kids edition is undoubtedly an attractive device that we have found in our best kids tablet reviews.

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Apple iPad mini 2

Apple iPad mini 2 for kids reviews
Without any doubt, the iPad Mini 2 is a top quality tablet device available now on the market. We can also say that it is definitely the best value for money at the moment if we consider an Apple device for our kids. Although it is not a kid-friendly tablet, you can make it perfect for children by investing in a decent tough case like the iSpeck iGuy . If you have a little extra cash to burn, it’s also got a decent stock of toy add-ons, like the educational OSMO starter kit . The operating system iOS 9 also has a host of parental features that actually make it more suitable for kids. You can restrict the web browser Safari from showing not suitable contents for kids and the ability to install apps. Additionally, you can disable access to explicit content if you don’t want them to listen to music, podcasts with rude words or more adult-themed TV shows.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids specific tablet for children
Within its wide range of devices, Samsung has launched a specific one for children. It is a tablet with Android 4.4 that has a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels.
It has the wifi connection, Bluetooth, USB port and two cameras. Bring a touch pen and a protective casing as standard, to which you can buy a special grip for a more comfortable use.
It incorporates pre-loaded applications (Disney Channel Replay, Pocoyo TV, among others) and has access to more than 600 from Samsung Apps or Google Play. Only parents can do it. It has educational activities, games, children’s ebooks and videos in multiple languages.
In terms of parental control, it includes an application manager for parents to select those that children can use or not, as well as establishing periods and time of use.

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Yuntab Q88R 7 inch Kids Edition Tablet

Yuntab Q88R 7 inch Kids Edition Tablet
If you need a device dedicated to children of all ages but do not want to spend a lot, you’d do well to consider a product not “branded” but extremely valid as the Yuntab Q88R. It is a 7″ tablet equipped with a 1024 x 600 pixel screen and a protective silicone cover that prevents children from getting hurt. Under the body it houses a 1.5GHz Quad-core processor, a 512MB RAM and 8GB of internal memory expandable up to 32GB with the microSD. It also features two 0.3MP cameras and Wi-Fi support. It is based on Android 4.4 with iWawa interface, allows access to the Google Play Store and comes with many educational applications, games and parental controls for parents. A very good choice at an affordable price.
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Dragon Touch Y88X Plus

Dragon Touch Y88X Plus 7 inch Kids Tablet 2017 Version
it has installed the Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system. It is therefore a great tablet for children and adults because it allows you to install any application. But there are also pre-installed apps for children, such as games, drawing apps, educational apps and much more. The design is externally very durable thanks to a robust rubberized cover with a lot of stands on the back that acts as a support. The screen has a large diagonal of 7 inches and also wide viewing angles. Among the hardware componentswe find an arsenal that for a tablet for children on this price range is quite powerful. There is 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage expandable with micro SD, all supported by a quad core processor of 1.3 Ghz. The cameras present have both resolutions of 2 Megapixel. The battery will always be sufficient for at least a few hours of use even for heavy use. This tablet also comes by default with the KIDO’Z installed app that very easily limits the applications accessed by the child and the web pages through which they can navigate.

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Lexibook Junior 2 Tablet

Lexibook Junior 2 Tablet
It is a 7-inch Android 4.0 tablet, screen with 800×480 pixel resolution, WiFi, 4GB of storage and up to 5 and a half hours duration.
The Lexibook Junior 2 Tablet has advanced parental control and educational and leisure content already integrated. It has 52 activities such as games, recipes, crafts, scientific experiments, a photo editor, songs, and puzzles. Also content to learn the letters, shapes, numbers, and colors in a fun way.
It allows kids to chat, but with integrated parental control, as well as download applications from Lexibook Market, but with a password.

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Here we are, we have concluded our list containing the best educational tablets for children. We hope to have given you concrete support in finding the right tablet for your kids. Within this article, we have included tablets of various kinds, so as to meet various needs related to the use of these devices, such as the various features, resistance and more. We, therefore, hope to have been of help. See you next time!
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