Best laptop cooling pad reviews – top 6 laptop coolers of 2017

The best laptop cooling base is necessary to avoid overheating the laptop. Read our best laptop cooling pad reviews to have the top laptop coolers of 2017 at your disposal.

Buying the best laptop cooling pad for your laptop has become a necessity when you spend many hours working with your laptop and possibly with the risk of overheating your computer. Today, laptops are designed more compactly and with greater capabilities to run the programs. But this leads to the equipment reaching high temperatures in a few minutes, producing a definite wear or deterioration of our work tool. Therefore, this tool is necessary to avoid overheating the laptop. By lowering the temperature up to 10 degrees, they keep the processor 20% colder, so it extends widely the durability of your computer. We invite you to read our best laptop cooling pad reviews to have the one that suits your laptop best.
Best laptop cooling pad reviews and buying guide 2017

Why is it necessary to have a laptop cooling base?

When we talk about the processing of a computer, it is not always good to have so many pieces that compose the computer, inside portable devices that are getting smaller. This is because the flow of air circulating is diminished, thus causing an increase in temperature. The use of programs like video applications or games are the ones that demand a greater performance of your equipment. This increase of processing and the increase of the use of resources, also induce to the superheating of the computer.
A cooling base for laptops solves this problem. These devices have powerful fans that constantly blow cold air to the inside of the notebooks, thus maintaining them at optimum temperatures for their correct operation and performance. Also, help prevent laptops from overheating. Their base design means a lift of approximately two inches, allowing cold air currents to pass beneath it.

Best laptop coolers of 2017: what to look for?

To choose the cooler that suits your needs best, you should know the features that differentiate it vary in design and size. Some are thin and fit in your laptop case and others are aerodynamic in order to adapt more and almost imperceptible while in use, thus providing greater comfort to the user.
The noise they make is another point to consider if you do not want to have any kind of distraction while working or playing. However, what really stands out to these devices is the power of your fan, since, it is what meets the main objective of this equipment, by putting in circulation fresh air inside your laptop.
In the same way, whatever your needs, there is a cooler that adapts to what you require and is intended to extend the life of your computer to the maximum.

Things to consider

Aside from keeping your laptop cool, these cooling bases are manufactured with other functions to complement the device and make it an indispensable accessory for laptop users. Now we have four factors to consider when selecting the cooler that works best for you.

Cooling Capacity:

This is the most important feature of the device. The cooling capacity is reflected by the fan power, measured in most cases, in cubic feet per minute. Simply choose the base with the highest power, it will be the most efficient to cool your laptop.

The noise it generates:

At present this is a detail taken care of by many manufacturers. Most cooling panels are quiet, since users want the cooler to not cause discomfort or distraction while working or playing. However, you probably prefer to locate the one that makes less noise at all.

Number of fans:

The number of fans, also known as fan cooler, give you a reference about the performance that will have the cooling panel. The more fan coolers you have, the better. However, it does not only matter the number you have, but also, the location of the same and the power they have. To choose the one that best suits you, you need to know the location of the hottest points on your computer and at the same time make them match, so you will give a more efficient use to the cooler.

Cooling panel design:

There are coolant bases that are robust, ergonomic and thin that raise your computer or adjustable tilt. Considering this, you should evaluate the sites where you regularly use the laptop and compare which of the designs is the one that best suits what you need.

The top 5 cooling base for your laptop – reviews and ranking of 2017

Below we mention 6 bases for the cooling of your equipment. These accessories have favorable features and affordable prices. In addition to this, they are supported by the references and opinions that contribute their buyers. Are you ready to discover them? Let’s start.


Best laptop cooling pad reviews
HAVIT HV-F2056 is the best cooling base that we’ve found in our best cooling pad reviews. It is a rugged, lightweight and high performance portable cooler for laptops up to 17 inches. The HAVIT HV-F2056 offers unparalleled airflow and has a great value for money. Its simple and compact design makes it ideal for travel. With two shield holders behind the back, this laptop cooling base provides you two height levels for better viewing and typing experience. The LED indicator light locating near the on/off switch and those coming with three fans allows you to easily know the working status of your cooling pad, especially at night.
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top 6 laptop coolers of 2017
It is a cooling system that fits computers up to 16 inches. Its surface is firm and has 6 ultra-quite fans, delivering an excellent cooling performance; bring a noise-free environment that is perfect for studying, working and gaming.
The base has a metal mesh that optimizes the cooling system increasing the performance of the fans. The system handles a constant current of air that is distributed underneath the computer to counteract the high temperature of the same.
Your power supply is through the USB port of your computer. It has a modern design and tilt and height adaptable to your comfort.

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KLIM – Innovative Cooling Design

Best laptop cooling base 2017
It is an innovative cooling tool that extends the life of your computer, avoiding overheating of the vital components of your laptop. This device focuses your work on extracting the warm air generated inside your laptop. It is an intelligent device that is constantly measuring the temperature of the computer and shows it through an LED screen together at the active speed of the extractor.
Depending on the intensity of heat, the equipment makes an automatic adjustment to the blower and thus keeps the equipment cold working more effectively. However, if it is of your preference you can also have manual control and adjust the device yourself.

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TeckNet Laptop and Notebook Cooling Pad

TeckNet Laptop and Notebook Cooling Pad
Panel of six 80mm fans with LED lights, which with their power of 1000 RPM will keep your computer at a controlled temperature. The base is silent and is powered by a USB connector. The support has a metallic mesh that occupies almost the entire base, and together with the blowers, facilitates the cooling of the computer, thus improving the air currents necessary to appease the heat produced by the computer.
For your convenience, this laptop cooling base has five levels of tilt and is adaptable to laptops from 12 to 17 inches.

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Lavolta Adjustable Vented Laptop Cooler

Lavolta Adjustable Vented Laptop Cooler
It is a folding table with a good design and robust. This laptop cooler has two fans that are fed through a USB cable to cool your computer. This panel uses methods that quietly reduce heat so you will not hear annoying noises while working on your laptop. As a table it is versatile since it adapts to several positions and is able to support up to three kg of weight. It also has a system of locking its joints to avoid unwanted movements.
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Targus Lap Chill Mat 17-Inch

Targus Lap Chill Mat 17 Inch
It is a panel designed to protect both your computer and the work surface. It has two fans that dissipate the heat of the computer and possibilities of inclination for greater ergonomics. This base has support of computers of up to 17 inches. It also has a platform comfortable and suitable to hold the computer on its legs without suffering injuries by temperature. Cooler ventilation dissipates heat from the computer. However, its operation may be interrupted if placed on a pillow or cover that prevents air from flowing.
The cooling mat automatically turns on when connected via USB port and your fans do not produce any more noise.

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That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the best laptop cooling pad reviews you can find at Amazon. If you are looking for the top laptop coolers of 2017, this list will help you find it. If you have any question or suggestion, do not hesitate to write us. Your suggestions will always help us to make this article better. Thank you for reading this.
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