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We invite you to read our reviews of the best male body hair shaver and trimmer. Through this detailed buying, you will surely find the top rated epilator for men at Amazon.

A modern man needs a body shaver to shave more than body hair, but also to trim and style. There are a lot of body shavers on the market today, which can cause a lot of confusion for men, especially taking into account the fact that men do not enjoy shopping like women. Do not be afraid, if you are looking for a body epilator, the best men’s body shaver or the best men’s body trimmer, stay with us because we have compiled a list of the best products on the market this year 2017. Let’s review the best male body hair shaver in order to find the top rated epilator for men at Amazon.
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What is the best male epilator on the market?

Body waxing is no longer an exclusive issue for women, but also for many men looking to get rid of annoying hair on their chest, back, shoulders, legs and intimate areas. And it is that removing hair from the body is not only a question of aesthetics but also of hygiene and comfort.Best male body hair shaver reviews

Now, the most commonly used option for most men is an epilator. It is a comfortable and painless, as well as good and economical way to get rid of unwanted hair in the tranquility of the home. Brands like Braun and Philips, to name just a few brands, already have several models in their ranges of men’s personal care. We have prepared this guide to buy the best men’s epilator so that you can recognize the basics that you should keep in mind when you need to acquire one of these practical and versatile tools.

Things you should consider before buying

Firstly, when you make a comparison of epilators for men, you should look for them to have accessories for different lengths of cut. This feature comes in the guide combs that allow you to cut between 0.5 and 8 mm in length. Another important aspect is that the epilator works both dry and wet, to ensure greater comfort and less irritation in the skin, where the blades and the power of the machine also play a key role.
For your convenience, you can choose between models that work with cable or without cable. If they work with battery you must check the autonomy and the time of recharge of the same, not to stay in the middle of a shave waiting for it to recharge. In any case there are models that work both ways, which would be the most recommended option.

Buying guide

There are many options in the market to choose the best. We recommend taking into account the following basic characteristics, apart from considering how much it costs, not to get out of your budget.


The differences between male and female hair are minimal and hair removal is a similar procedure. The maximum contrast is that men have a higher concentration of hair by nature, such as the chest or face. So it is advisable to choose a model that has sufficient power and smoothness to efficiently remove hair, especially in cases of dense hard hair or sensitive skin.
With several heads, or guide combs, you can cut and shape or cut before proceeding to a complete shave. A shower with warm water will better prepare your skin for a perfect shave. So that an epilator that allows its use both dry and wet should be a perfect choice, especially when you want to epilate long extensions. In addition, when shaving under the shower water you will avoid leaving traces of hair all over the bathroom.


Apart from having the versatility offered by several cutting guides with different lengths and different designs, some models of male epilators include an extensible arm that provides an adequate and more comfortable shave of the back. Many models also include a hook or stand for shower attachment, head cleaning brushes and a case or bag for convenient storage or transport of both the machine and accessories.
Models that run on rechargeable batteries have a charging cradle and sometimes include a spare battery.
Although usually changed every 2 years, make sure that the spare parts for the shaving heads are easy to find.

Other features

Among other recommended aspects, it would be convenient for the machine to be hypoallergenic, in the case of sensitive skins, and to have a pivoting head, as it would better fit the curves of the body for a more comfortable shave and better finish.
Also, with an ergonomic handle and non-slip you would have an optimal hold and a maximum control during the depilation, even when you do it under the shower.
Finally, it is important that the epilator is easy and convenient to clean. Some models have indicators that tell you when a deep cleaning or lubrication is necessary, others include these tasks in your charging station, but most of them, just put it under the tap should suffice.

What is the best selling and top rated epilator for men in Amazon Online Store?

In recent years, men have begun to care more and more about their appearance, waxing has ceased to be feminine. Today, having a well trimmed beard or depilate the chest, back, legs, etc. is very normal among men.
So much so that the leading manufacturers of personal care products have designed and marketed male epilators. Here are some of the best male epilators on the market:

Braun Cruzer 5 Body Shaver

top rated epilator for men at Amazon
This body shaver for men from Braun is one of the top rated epilator for men. If you are in search of a machine that allows you to depilate your entire body, you can well take into account this model. This men’s epilator has the advantage of being practical and versatile. Thanks to its design and materials, you can use the equipment both inside and outside the shower as it is used to apply hair treatments both wet and dry. Also, this advantage allows you to use shaving creams, lotions, soap, among others that could work as lubricants for a smooth and satisfying pass. The machine can be a little slow to perform the hair when the amount of hair is very abundant. But you can avoid this problem by cutting hair a little with scissors.
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Philips BG2036/32 Mens Rechargeable Bodygroom

Best shaver and trimmer for mens body full body shaver
The best Philips epilator for men is the BG2036 / 32. It has been designed carefully so it does not irritate the skin. It is considered a hypo-allergenic shaver so if you have sensitive skin you should try it. You can also use it while you shower for convenience and ease of cleaning. With this male epilator you will not be lazy to achieve the look that you like.
Also, you will not require anyone to shave your back. You will get it yourself thanks to his extra long handle.
Charging will take you only an hour, with an autonomy of around 50 minutes. In addition if you forget to load it and you need a quick shave, just charge it for 10 minutes you can use it for about 10 minutes.

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Braun Cruzer 6 Body Shaver

Braun Cruzer 6 Body Shaver Trimmer Electric Razor Razors Trimmers
Do you like to have a careful look? Here is one of the most appreciated candidates for the best male body epilator. You can use it to trim your beard, your armpits, your chest, anyway … all those areas that you want to have hair free or trimmed to your liking.
Unlike other epilators, this model of Braun in addition to shaving is also trimming. Like other models, you can use it under the shower thanks to its Wet & Dry technology.
This will not only save you time because while you shower you can fix your body hair as you wish, but also, you will not leave hairs throughout the toilet or room. Its trimming function will allow you to arrange body hair in three different lengths (0.6 mm, 3 mm and 8 mm). You can also use it to remove hair from your intimate areas.

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Philips Norelco Bodygroom BG2040

Best philips epilator for men to shave body
Many consumers would consider this epilator for men as one of the best body shavers since you can shave and trim the groin area effectively and comfortably. The body shaver rarely causes irritation to its users. When shaving the face, there is always a tendency that you can get cuts or scratches. When you “prune” your intimate parts, you do not have to worry about these scratches and cuts, since the body shaver has a thin blade specially designed to capture hairs without damaging the skin. In addition, the machine can be used as a regular shaver. Working with your facial or body hair has never been easier than with this body shaver. At one end of the unit is the trimmer and at the other end is the body shaver. The body shaver also features a pivoting 3d head on both sides.
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MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver review
When it comes to a definitive body shaver for the back, there is nothing quite like the MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver. The body shaver features a power burst, an extreme range handle, and two-headed power hinges flex. Although the body razor does a decent job of shaving other parts of the body, it is primarily designed to be a back body shaver. Compared with other manufacturers, this product is relatively new. However, because he carved a good niche, he is a strong contender. Other manufacturers had their own solutions for shaving their backs, but this one certainly wins the prize.
The handle and the body shaver itself do an excellent job of shaving the entire back, including hard-to-reach areas. You can thank him for his design that allows an extreme range of use.

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Top Body Shavers at Amazon

A modern man needs a good body shaver to trim or shave unwanted hair on his body and face. Fortunately, we have modern technology to help men do things easily and comfortably. If you are thinking of buying a body shaver or trimmer in the near future, then it is definitely worth checking out some of the body shavers we mentioned in this article. Did you find the best male body hair shaver and trimmer? In your opinion, what is the best epilator for men? Let us know in the comment section below. Thank you.