Best medication reminder app android

Use any of the following best medication reminder app Android to remember to take medicine.

According to WHO, one out of two chronic patients not comply with their treatment, i.e., do not take medicine when and how it should. For the patient, this can pose health problems for the system, associated costs. What is the best solution for this problem? We recommend you to buy an electronic medicine dispenser and also use the best medication reminder app android. Both solutions will help you strictly follow the treatment.
Best medication reminder app android
Today, we bring you the best medication reminder app android that will remind you when you need to take the medicines prescribed for you. Whatever your age, these applications always will be useful. Whether you have to control drugs taken by some elder member of your family or for yourselves, if you have to be treated for any point condition. With these best Android apps to remember to take medicine, you will not forget when to take medication.

Top 10 best pill reminder apps for Android to remember to take the medication.

Medisafe Meds and Pill Reminder

Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder is one of the best rated Android apps to keep track of your medication. With a very clear interface and easy operation, thanks to MediSafe you can see which pills you have to take each day, mark the pills you have already taken to keep the shots. You can set reminders so that alarms jump at the time when you need to take medicine, even if the device is turned off. In addition, you can create different “pill boxes” for different members of the family.
In addition to sending medication alerts to the patient, it may be useful for couples who want to make fertility control. It is also useful for caregivers of seniors, allowing follow from another mobile device if the user is taking treatment or not.

Med Helper Pill Reminder

Med Helper is an application similar to the previous one but also serves to create an agenda with your visits to the doctor and the different specialists. You can create different profiles for each family member such as parents, pets, children, etc. and set alarms and reminders for doctor visits and pill shots. This Android app also allows you to create an inventory to see when you should buy more pills, and a record of contacts to have the phone numbers of the pharmacy or your doctors on hand. You also have the possibility to create a record with your general health data, from your height, your weight, blood pressure, pulse, glucose levels, and many other parameters.

Medicine alert

Don’t miss taking pills again because of bad memory! Medicine alert reminds you to take your medication on time. It is designed to manage any of your medications and gives alert when it’s time. It’s a very fun and easy to use pill reminder. You can set everything manually and when the time comes for you to take medicine, the application will remind you with different alarms even if your device is asleep. You can set medicine name ,description, and doses, and Time of taking.

My PillBox (Meds&Pill Reminder)

Another best Android medication reminder app that is very useful for those who need to take a medication and have to keep monitoring and control throughout the day. If you just take 1 or 2 tablets no problem, but when accumulated, it is best to have a warning that reminds you how and when to take it. That’s exactly what My Pillbox app does. You can set up multiple user profiles, introducing medication for each. For ease of identification, it has several appearances, colors and icons. It has a function of reminder, so you can set the hours, days and dose – making and My Pillbox will take care to remember.

Dosecast – Medication Reminder

Dosecast is possibly the most extensive Android medication app in terms of possible contents and possibilities. In addition to setting reminder alarms for your pills, which can be configured for days, weeks or months, that alarm can be stopped altogether or, if you can not take your pill at that time, make it sound again every time until you take the medicine. You can customize each shot with different amounts and instructions for use or side effects. This is a versatile app that has a premium version with more features.

Lady Pill Reminder

A major headache for many women is not to forget about taking birth control pills. There are several apps on Google Play for this type of drug, and we want to highlight Lady Pill Reminder. This application allows you to set up custom reminders that are turned off on days when no tap is played. Instead of alarms, it works with customizable notifications, and also alerts you when you have to buy the next box of medicine. It is very simple to set up and use. You just have to indicate the type of birth control pill you take and the time you usually take your pill. Lady Pill Reminder will notify you when you’ll have to take your pill. In addition, you can check the status of the current pill packet.

Medicine – pills time reminder

It is a simple application that will help you remember the exact time to take medicine. Create and edit the memo very easily and quickly. To add a new medicine, simply select “Add medicine” and continue in the addition of different information. Very useful app for patient.

Pills Reminder

Often forget to take the medicine? Now it will be no longer the case since this application, as the other previously seen, will allow you to program a notification to take on the drug desired. It has a layout with larger text fields to enhance the experience with older people.


This application includes a comprehensive system of personnel management of medicines. The app user can set alarms to remind the time of taking the treatment. The really interesting thing is that it allows automatically order your medications, once it has finished the doses that were available at home, sending an alert to the pharmacy of your choice. For now, it only works in the UK.

Medicine time!

With this application, taking medicine will be much easier since you’ll never forget to take them over. You can set a series of alarms for several different days and set the notification sound. Simple and functional. It supports the following languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.


That’s all for now. The perfect Android medication reminder app depends on your personal taste, trust your judgment. We hope that you find the perfect Android app that you are looking for on this list. Please leave your comments and suggestions in the comments section below regarding your experience using the apps in this article or any others not included here. Thank you for reading this.