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Let’s read our reviews of the best memory card to have the best microSD card for you smartphone, tablet, DSLR cameras, drone, gopro, etc.

Choosing the Best MicroSD today is not easy. MicroSD memory cards, as well as standard SD cards, are now part of the best-selling accessories for our smartphones, cameras and many other devices. For this reason, the amount of available products is so vast. In this article we want to present you the best MicroSD card 2017 reviews, easily ordered online.
Especially for those who are first-handed, it’s not easy to distinguish between the many types of MicroSD cards available in physical and virtual stores. No need to worry: With this article we will help you clarify your ideas for a useful, knowledgeable online shopping!

How did we choose the best MicroSD cards?

To choose the best MicroSD cards that compose this selection, we were based on storage capacity and speed.

The Micro SD Card Capacity (Memory Space)

SD cards, and consequently even microSDs, have different denominations based on their storage capacity.
There are standard microSDs that have a maximum capacity of 2GB. The microSDHCs (microSD High Capacity acronym) that can hold 4 to 32GB of data and the microSDXCs, which have 64-256GB capacity.
The 16GB micro SD card is the most popular in the market. It’s ok for a 4K non-video smartphone and for users who do not want to take many pictures or store music or video on the phone. There is also a 8 GB micro SD that is even smaller and nowadays it is not so used.
If you want to increase the memory of a tablet, a 64GB microSD card is yours. It can hold more than 50 movies or a huge amount of photos. The 64GB is a size suitable also for storing video footage from a drone or a gopro action camera.
The 128GB (and 256GB) micro SD card is considerably more expensive than the lower sizes and for many over-sized users. Generally speaking, it is fine for those who intend to handle significant amounts of video, especially if 4K.

The Speed of the MicroSD Card

Another basic feature of the microSD is the minimum speed with which card data is written.
This parameter is important because it allows you to easily understand which microSDs are best suited to your needs: which can record video streams in HD, which are suitable for capturing high-resolution photo gusts, and so on. Depending on their speed, microSDs are cataloged in classes 2, 4, 6 and 10. There are also UHS Speed Class 1 and 3 cards, with higher speeds and, therefore, considerably more expensive.

Top selling and best rated microsd card 2017

For your camera, your mobile, your player, your PC … today having the best SD card you can find is the key to keeping your files and memories safe. Although all cards look the same, variations in speed, size and class make the difference. We have made a selection of the best SD cards of 2017 among which surely find the perfect model for you.


Best microSD card memory cards review
Kingston is one of the most reliable and popular brands on the market due to its excellent quality. We have Kingston microSD cards with different storage capacities, ranging from 16GB to 128GB. With a read / write speeds of up to 90MBps, Kingston offers different possibilities and ranges, among which we can highlight the card Kingston UHS-I U3.
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Samsung EVO

top class microsd card 128 gb samsung evo 2017
Samsung microSD cards do not stand out for having an affordable price, but they do it for their quality, reliability and durability. In this case Samsung offers us different ranges – depending on the speeds of reading and writing. From the EVO and EVO Select ranges to the EVO + transfer speeds can reach 95MBps, with storage capacities ranging from 32GB to 256GB. Here we leave the Samsung EVO +, excellent if you use it for video recordings in 4K quality.
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SanDisk Extreme 64GB best microsd card 2017
SanDisk offers greater storage versatility, since its capacities range from 8GB to 200GB, with transfers from 48MBps to 90MBps. This is perfect for those who do not want to make a big payout and do not need an excessive capacity, since SanDisk is possibly one of the most affordable microSD card brands on the market, along with Transcend and PNY cards. As an example to note we could point out the SanDisk Extreme 64GB.
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what is the best microsd card 2017 buying guide reviews
They are not as fast as others, with transfer speeds up to 60MBps, and they do not offer us such high storage capacities, as they reach 128GB. But they are perfect for users less demanding and with less pressing needs. We will underline the Transcend Ultimate, like the one we leave you now.
Transcend’s SDXC/SDHC UHS-I Speed Class 3 (U3) 633x microSD cards provide the performance and capacity necessary to harness the full power of your UHS-I compliant smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, action cameras, drone cameras, and camcorders. These cards can easily capture ultra-high quality 4K recording and significantly reduce the time it takes to transfer videos to your computer.

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PNY Elite Performance 128 GB High Speed microsd card
With speeds up to 85MBps and capacity up to 128GB, we will emphasize its excellent price. It is probably the most affordable on the market for high capacities, speeds (class 10) and durability. We have a 128GB PNY Elite resistant to heat, shock and water.
It is ideal for High Performance DSLR cameras and HD camcorders, especially for ultra fast action shots, HD video, sports video and other professional-quality photography. Class 10 UHS-I, U3 performance allows burst-mode shooting, Full HD and 4K Ultra HD video recording. Fast speed performance minimizes time spent transferring photos and video to your computer. Also, compatible with SDHC and SDXC devices and provides a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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Lexar Professional 1000x microSDHC 32GB UHS 2
The microSD cards Lexar offer storage capacities of 16 GB to 200 GB, which ensure high transfer rates of up to 95 MBps. They are relatively expensive but if what you are looking for is speed, this is your best option. All these cards come with a USB 3.0 reader that should transfer to and from the PC very easily and quickly. We will underline the Lexar Professional 1000x microSDHC 32GB. It has a high transfer speed, reaching up to 95 megabytes per second, with a Pro design designed for high demand products such as cameras or video, among others.
Something that helps your UHS U1 system that guarantees this high data flow. It also has a high quality design to avoid losing your photos and includes free software that helps you recover them in case of problems.

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What is your best microSD card?

There are many other brands of microSD cards, but these are one of the most popular and the best. What is number 1? That will depend on your needs. The truth is that they all work great, and have a wide range in terms of storage capacity. Which microSD card would you buy and why? Leave your comments below or follow our publications on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest news.