Best mini sound system portable: Sound system with Bluetooth for home

We invite you to read our reviews of the top 6 best mini sound system portable to have the best Hi-Fi sound system for home.

Even with a lot of people having switched CDs and radios for streaming services, some people still like to have a stereo in the house. Different models of the microsystem and mini system for sale have a Bluetooth connection and therefore allow the user to connect and listen to their music directly from the smartphone. Therefore, we have prepared a list of six devices in the category for those who are in doubt about which model to buy. Let’s check our list of the best mini sound system portable to have the best sound system with Bluetooth connectivity for home use.

Sound for home: see six mini models or microsystem with Bluetooth

Today, our entire music is often stored on a smartphone, walkman or even on the cloud, not to mention streaming services. But once at home, by the pool or in the garden, we would love to enjoy music without having a helmet, and even, let’s be crazy, share it with our loved ones. This is where these mini sound systems now offered by most brands become very practical. This comparison focuses on medium-sized loudspeakers, an excellent compromise between size and sound quality. But, before making the best mini sound system portable with Bluetooth connectivity we want to show you some key points to choose the best sound system with Bluetooth connectivity for home use.


With increasingly popular smartphones, nomadic speakers vie with each other for the duration of their autonomy and even the capacity to recharge our mobile devices via a USB port, which sometimes also allows the playback of the songs.

Sound power

The sound quality is, of course, tested, as always. We speak of frequency response, we warn of the fact that the basses are put forward or that on the contrary, it is the voices that have the main share. But the audio remains focused on one thing: the power, accompanied by a docile distortion that does not panic as soon as the volume climbs. We will always prefer a moderately powerful enclosure, but that does well, to an enclosure that promises us an avalanche of decibels but is unusable at maximum volume.


Nomadic speakers are often an interesting option for laptop speakers. Thus, the latency induced by the wireless connection is essential: up to 100 milliseconds, it is well, above 150 milliseconds, hello reading on the lips.


The ease of connection, the range in Bluetooth, the possibilities of control by the controls, the various indications (source, battery, volume) and the solidity of its construction are all indications on the overall fluidity of use taken into account in the final note.

Top 6 best Hi-Fi sound systems for perfect stereo sound

These HiFi speakers have to be examined in many ways, and we have tried to do it for you in order to make you listen to the music at the top. We showed you the Top 5 best portable stereos: compact, with radio and CD player. And we have also proposed the purchase guide that contains the best Bluetooth speakers and portable speakers. In this article, we present the top 6 best Hi-Fi mini sound systems portable for the perfect sound.

LG CM4360 Hi-Fi Entertainment System

Best mini sound system portable LG
LG’s Mini System CM4360 features a multi-Bluetooth connection. Thus, it allows you to connect up to three devices at once, an interesting choice for home parties or families sharing the same radio. With the LG Music Flow Bluetooth application, you can control the device through your smartphone, create playlists and add DJ effects to your music. The TV Sound Sync feature allows you to sync to TV models from the same manufacturer, launched after 2013. As it could not miss, it has CD input, AM / FM radio and USB ports. You can enjoy clear, rich, room-filling music from this compact and portable audio sound system.
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Pioneer X-CM35-K 30 W CD Micro System

hifi micro Sound system with Bluetooth for home
This Pioneer Microsystem is quite compact and may be ideal for small environments. It transmits songs in MP3 by USB input, has CD player and also FM radio. In addition, it can be connected to smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0. With power of 10 W and impedance of 8 ohms, this model is not very suitable for parties. The Advanced Sound Retriever optimizes the quality of your MP3s, while you customize your favorite tracks with the 8-band EQ, Tempo Control, and Club Sound Boost.
Box Contains
X-CM35 system and Speakers
Remote Control
Power Cord
AAA/R03 Batteries x 2
FM Wire Antenna
Warranty Card
Operating Instructions

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Sony CMT-SBT20 12W Home Audio Sets

Best home audio system portable compact mini reviews
If you are looking for the best micro-Hi-Fi system from 2018 you should consider the one proposed by Sony. It is a model with a deliberately simple and modern design but, at the same time, elegant and captivating.
It is a complete system because it is equipped with a CD player that, as the majority of users point out, is of excellent quality and gives new life to compact discs. There is no lack of random reproduction, repetition, and other functions. There is the tuner to use the radio and with DAB antenna to listen to the radio in digital. But above all, the Sony has a USB port that allows you to connect your pen drive to listen to all the stored content. It also supports both Bluetooth and NFC, so just bring the mobile device closer to stream your favorite music.

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Philips BTM1360 Home Audio Sets

Philips BTM1360 home audio sets Micro
The Philips Hi-Fi micro system has all the credentials to arouse the interest of the potential consumer, above all because it has good power, remarkable sound quality, is complete and can be purchased at a competitive price, a really nice mix.
It has the CD player to listen to all its collection, painstakingly collected and to which you do not want to give up. The motorized door adds a touch of elegance, as well as great comfort.
Do not miss the tuner to listen to your favorite radio station or set the alarm.
Rich park connection with the audio jack for the smartphone or MP3 player, the USB input that allows you to connect a pen drive, while Bluetooth technology allows you to listen to the contents stored on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.

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Mini System LG Boom Party OM4560

LG LOUDR OM4560 220W BT CD mini table top boom box
With a microphone connection and special functions, LG’s mini system lets you take the lead vocals out of the music, turning it into a karaoke. It also connects to LG TVs and, through an application, can stream music via Bluetooth. With 200W of power, ensuring high sound, it also features functions like multi colored lights, automatic pairing with cell phones, USB input, CD input and FM radio. Its dimensions of 451.5 x 312 x 322 mm make it ideal for home environments.
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Pioneer X-PM12 Power Micro System

Best mini sound system portable hifi Bluetooth speakers for home cd
The Pioneer X-PM12 is another powerful micro hi-fi / mini sound system. Its 76 watts total (2 × 38 Watt) will allow you to listen to music with an excellent quality of the sound and will allow you to turn up the volume without having to worry about any distortion.
Of course, the clarity of the sound is one of the hallmarks of this stereo. It will allow you to really appreciate all kinds of music, even those like hard rock or metal that make extensive use of distortion. In addition, the power and sound output will give a new life to your old CDs, improving the sound quality of those who maybe do not have an excellent production or simply are a bit ‘dated.
With this micro hi-fi, you can also select different types of preset equalizations, depending on the kind of music you want to listen to.

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How to use the micro Hi-Fi system

For lack of space or personal tastes, you can be oriented to buy a micro Hi-Fi system instead of the big ones. Small dimensions do not necessarily mean a bad audio quality. It is enough to know how to choose, also based on the characteristics, which can be read in the technical sheet that normally accompanies the product.

Easy to arrange

The compact dimensions of such an apparatus make it easier to find an accommodation compared to a large plant. However, it is good to choose carefully where the system will be installed. It is necessary that the speakers are placed in a position to listen and make the most of the acoustics of the room.

The right power

It is important to have a Hi-Fi system that has adequate power, where for adequate we do not want to say that it makes the walls of the house shake. The power, in fact, must be proportional to the size of the room. Keep in mind that sound bounces on walls and other obstacles. The password is “balance”, obviously always if you want to listen to music in a correct and not confusing way.
Obviously, this affects the overall quality of the system. For example, many think that it is sufficient to spend large sums for the amplifier and maybe skimp on the speakers and have equally good results. What’s wrong! But do not worry, because the micro Hi-Fi systems are sold already assembled and therefore all the parts are compatible and well balanced.


Now the music in streaming goes the most, to listen to our favorite songs we use smartphones and tablets. For this reason, we suggest buying a micro Hi-Fi system that has Bluetooth technology. In this way, the system can interface with the smartphone and broadcast streaming music from Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube.

The USB port

Very important is also the possibility of using memory supports, there are models that, in addition to Bluetooth, also have housing for a pen drive or an SD card. In this way, you can listen to their contents.

The importance of the CD player

Although, as we said, the streaming music seems to be the biggest, it is still important that the system has a CD player and an FM tuner to listen to the favorite radio programs.


Experts know how important it is, for optimal listening, to have the opportunity to intervene on equalization to manage the sound also according to the kind of music you are using. Alternatively, there are models that have preset equalizations, each suited to certain genres.


As you could understand, as long as you choose one of the best models, the micro Hi-Fi systems, although compact and not particularly expensive, can reserve great surprises for you! Therefore, do not be put off by the lack of space, even if you live in a studio apartment does not mean that you can not afford to listen to your favorite music without giving up the sound quality. What is the best mini sound system, in your opinion? Let us know your thoughts. You can use the comment section below. Thank you.