Best mouse for graphic designers

As a graphic designer, you probably spend many hours by manipulating a mouse. Here’s our selection of the best mouse for graphic designers.

The best mouse for graphic designers is one of the technological tools that every graphic designer needs to run your work as accurately as possible. It involves the extension arm of the creative in front of a computer screen. The mouse is a pointing device used to facilitate handling of a graphical environment on a computer. Having a quality mouse for graphic designers is essential for any good professional graphic design or illustration that price, well work with PC or Mac.
So it seems essential to opt for a good mouse, ergonomic, adapted to his hand and correct performance, without forgetting the value.
In the market, there is a wide and varied range of devices from which to choose the one is very difficult. Therefore, we have reviewed and made a selection of the best mice for graphic designers.

The best mouse for graphic design is definitely one of the tools you use most. So you better have the best mouse for graphic designers to be more productive and avoid some health problems.

Logitech MX Master

Best mouse for graphic designers
It is an ergonomic mouse that fits like a glove in the palm of your hand. It allows fingers to rest well during working hours. Improved ergonomics, almost impossible. It also has various options and their movement is fast and efficient. If you are someone who spends long hours hooked to your mouse Logitech mouse is perhaps the best option.
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Logitech M535

Top 10 best mouse for graphic designers reviews
Very useful for self management and allow for the possibility of working without cables. It connects via Bluetooth technology and is characterized by a compact design while ensuring a good grip. Its price is quite affordable so if you want a mouse with good value for money this is a good choice.
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Steel Series Sense

Tips for choosing the best mouse for graphic design
A mouse for game lovers and also for those looking for a mouse to work in graphic design. Suitable for anyone looking for more precision in contact with the device. Its sensor allows a firm grip with the fingertips. Although this series of mice are designed, mostly, for lovers of games, but can also be very useful for designers looking for precision and ergonomic design to be long hours designing.
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Corsair M65 12000 DP

Corsair Gaming M65 PRO RGB FPS Gaming Mouse
It has a laser sensor and eight configurable buttons via software, LED lighting system and a set of weighing customizable touch wheel with a large displacement. This mouse features a 12000 DPI optical sensor that provides pixel-precise tracking and advanced surface calibration support. The aircraft-grade aluminum frame gives it low weight, and at the same time, extremely high durability. Use the advanced weight tuning system to set the center of gravity to match your play style, and harness the power of CUE for advanced button configuration, macro programming, and three-zone RGB backlighting customization.
Its price may seem high, fluctuating between 60 and 70 Dollars. However, we can assure that the mouse is worth it.

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Corsair Scimitar

top computer mouse graphic design 2016
A step further in terms of performance. It has 12 customizable side buttons, 12000 DPI (accuracy and response per inch), ideal for any surface and an adjustable weight system. It is an optical mouse with its exclusive control system Key Slider, which provides customization possibilities unprecedented. This is also one of the best mice for gaming enthusiasts.
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Razer Mamba Chroma

best computer mouse for graphic designers
The Razer Mamba series is the favorite of many professional users and hardcore gamers. Razer Mamba Chroma is one of the most complete mice in the market. It has everything: performance, speed, color customization, aesthetics, and ergonomics. The Mamba can reach impressive 1600 DPI, thanks to its dual sensor of the fourth generation. Designed for the most natural hand position, it boasts impressive ergonomics that reduce stress on your fingers when you’re actuating buttons and eliminate unnecessary finger drag points.
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Tips for choosing the best mouse for graphic design.

After examining all of these mice, we can reach a conclusion. When choosing the most suitable mouse for their creative work, the graphic designer should choose the one that best fits your hand because of the hours you have to work on the computer. The hand has to be completely rested on the mouse. Do not have it tight, and must not form an angle with the forearm. For all these reasons and more, recommends the best mouse for graphic designers.
And you, you know any other premium mouse for graphic designers? If so, please leave a comment in this post. Thank you.
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