Best Nintendo 3DS virtual console games of 2017

In this guide you will find all the best Nintendo 3DS virtual console games of 2017. These titles should not miss in your best Nintendo 3DS games collection.

You’ve just bought a shiny New Nintendo 3DS but you’re not sure which games to buy Nintendo 3DS along with the console? Easy to be spoiled for choice with a library dense deserving titles such as the portable Nintendo, but fear not? We are here to help you with a selection of the best Nintendo 3DS games. Let’s see our list of the best Nintendo 3DS virtual console games of 2017 that you can play on 3DS. If you do not know in what capacity spend the day, take a look at our tips and you will surely find the game that suits you! Do you agree with our choices? Have your say in the comments and happy reading!
Best Nintendo 3DS virtual console games of 2017 top Nintendo 3DS games

Best Nintendo 3DS games that you should play on your 3DS virtual console

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Simply one of the best titles available for 3DS and one of the best strategy of all time, made accessible to neophytes by a “beginner” mode that lets you do not want to permanently lose spills units on the battlefield.
The triangle of weapons (sword beats ax, the ax beats lance and the lance beats sword) well known to fans of the saga is enhanced by a system of relationships between the characters that has major repercussions on both the tactical plan on history. From play and replay.

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo!

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo! we do not play as a normal inhabitant of the town where we are going, but for a nice exchange of identity we will be none other than the mayor himself! Thanks to this new possibility within the game we will have a range of possibilities all new, such as being able to decide to build public works or issue orders going to impact on the opening / closing of shops, as well as the cost of goods purchased and sold. Of course not miss all the appearance towards the relations with the other inhabitants who popularized the series and in this updated version of the title were also introduced additional features relating to amiibo cards.
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Shin Megami Tensei IV

The RPG is, along with driving games, one of the few Achilles’ heels of the 3DS library, and especially if you love this kind is likely to have found greener pastures on PS Vita.
However, there are some high-quality titles on console, but for which the only one who reaches unreservedly the masterpiece of state is the fourth installment of Shin Megami Tensei: a grim game, challenging and adult who has nothing to envy the best JRPG for games console. If you take into account also the library of the DS however, you instead provide a wealth of excellent RPG and be spoiled for choice.

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Ever Oasis

Ever Oasis is an interesting dive into the past, bringing the Nintendo 3DS of classic RPG gameplay style of the past. Directly from the legendary Koichi Ishii, one of the men behind the creation of Final Fantasy, the Ever Oasis launches us into an adventure based on real-time battles, environmental puzzles and dangerous dungeon. It is definitely a curious title, because it is an original IP.
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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

It is an action RPG from Capcom, for the offered content size, has very few rivals on the portable Nintendo. If you like action games, the looting and play with friends in local or online co-op, you will find yourself easily to grind hundreds of hours with Monster Hunter, true cultural phenomenon in Japan. Have a friend who shares your passion for hunting down monsters is a great added value.
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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Released in November 2011, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds stands as a result of A Link to the Past, dated 1991 and considered by many the best 2D installment in the series. In the shoes of Green Links we will visit the kingdom of Hyrule to a console title that thanks to the 3D functions will trigger all the way to the depths of the various environments. This is also the first title Zelda not to have a linear structure, allowing us to address the adventure dungeon according to the order that we please.
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Resident Evil: Revelations

Even today, one of the Nintendo 3DS games technically more impressive, Revelations is a return to the atmosphere of the first chapters of the saga and the balancing of survival elements with those of action. Although later the game was brought on the home console, the 3DS version is the best. A real gem for the player looking for a mature title.
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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

Direct Sequel to ‘Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D is a remake of the originally released on the Nintendo 64 title that is the strangest chapter and dream of the Zelda saga. The design is very dark, giving a very dark tone experience. The strong point of the experience, in addition to the unusual way in which the plot evolves, is given by the mechanics of masks and their use to transform into various creatures (mixed use ocarina of time). Another must-see adventure and simply timeless.
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Etrian Odyssey IV

What the dungeon crawler is a generally dark and deliciously nerdy he had with the introduction of Nintendo DS a kind of second youth: the lower screen of the console naturally lends itself to be used instead of paper and pencil to draw the maps – because maps automatically generated by the games.
With its brutal difficulty, the need for micro-managing extreme objects and planning of the party composition, Etrian Odyssey IV is an excellent investment that promises hours of challenging fun. However replace it with Person Q – based on Etrian Odyssey and further more polished – if you’re a fan of the series and you can appreciate the characters and references.

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Considered by many the best video game sources published to date, the Legend of Zelda for excellence continues to stand the test of time in this edition of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. The title has some graphic and technical improvement on the original work, while maintaining everything else to keep faithfully that which was launched in 1998. This is definitely a title that every gamer as such should complete at least once in their career videogame and the fact that even today after a simple dusting to the graphics engine so enjoyable result is a testament to the excellent game design.
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Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition

The portable version of the best beat ’em up in meetings ever made. Surely less suitable to make a combo strings and technical subtleties of versions for home consoles. It is still an enjoyable title even in this form, offering an interesting integration with Street Pass. If you can play Street Fighter IV on another system, give precedence to other titles.
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Luigi’s Mansion 2

The mustachioed and fearful Louis is back as a protagonist in Luigi’s Mansion 2. In search of his brother Mario in a scary mansion haunted by ghosts, returning to Professor Strambic and Poltergust 5000 around their charisma. Change the game structure, now divided into missions in different haunted houses to better adapt to the portable nature of the console that is hosting the game. In the game also it included a cooperative multiplayer mode up to four players (either locally or online) where you can hunt funny ghosts in the company.
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Mario Golf: World Tour

Mario Golf: World Tour plugs into any discipline perspective Mario-esque clubs and balls made of colored paths marked by the typical elements of the Mario universe. We can also play as a Mii to personalize as much aesthetic as the technique to customize even more experience. Thanks to the online functionality is also possible to compete with your friends and users around the world, participating or creating custom tournaments. There is no shortage of either DLC going to expand the content, both in new ways and in new characters to be selected to bring down the green golf courses.
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Mario Tennis Open

Among a kidnapping Peach and a race on go-kart, it is well known that the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom are found to compete in different sports, obviously Nintendo sauce. Thanks to Camelot, in fact, we can go on the field Mario Tennis Open and beat us with blows of showers, balls cut and smash. The title allows up to four players to clash in lots or mini games of various kinds, and you can take advantage of the multiplayer segment also simply with a single cartridge, through the Download Play feature. Despite the similar game controls to other members of the series, in this Mario Tennis are also available alternate functions as the controls with gyroscope or via touch screen.
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Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter Generations is, simply put, the sum of all the episodes of the series. The amount of animals to hunt is simply absurd, as well as retrofitted material on our hunter and the varied fighting styles introduced in the series. There will be room for both old and new extras and for this Monster Hunter Generations will satisfy both veterans hunters and novices who have not yet taken part in a hunt for a monster so big. Absolute novelty of this chapter is the chance to play as a Cacciamiao, race Felyne creature already known in various episodes of the Capcom series. Obviously the experience enjoyment will increase exponentially if faced with three other hunters.
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Pokémon Sun and Moon

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon represent the next step in those X and Y published in 2013. There are great changes for these two new chapters of Game Freak series, leading up to the Pokémon series now needed a breath of fresh air, especially in regard to some mechanical. In these chapters we find a fully three-dimensional view, a new generation creatures, new aesthetics of the already known monsters (adapted to the new climate tropical archipelago) and of course new skills in the fighting. Moves Pokémon Sun and Moon also bring novelties in terms of progression, where we find only gyms to expect, but also new challenges of a different kind that will test the skills of coaches worldwide.
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Shovel Knight

A nice platform totally old school. Shovel Knight is an absolutely fantastic and thanks to the double title screen of a handheld console can only gain their usability, especially for the management of special items without having to pause the game. The player will play the Shovel Knight, who must defeat the evil Enchantress and save his beloved Knight Shield. Armed with Shovel Blade – half shovel, half-sword – our hero must dig their way through opposing armies and dangerous platformint sessions. Level design is great for an adventure and so old-school also the level of entertainment is amazing.
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Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario 3D Land adds a touch everything in three dimensions to the classic formula. In fact, thanks to the function of the console, in the game you will create different depths very funny games, only possible if we have activated the 3D function. Without any doubt, this is one of those rare titles where the 3D feature adds new gameplay elements and not only spectacular or contour. Also, as is tradition, the level design is superb and the fun is guaranteed. Must try.
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That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the best Nintendo 3DS virtual console games of 2017. Remember that if you are also users of PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS, we developed buying guides that are similar to the best games for each platform. Let’s discover them below.

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