Best note taking apps for iPhone and iPad (Top iOS apps)

Are you tired of taking notes with pen and paper? Then read this post: we will list the best note taking apps for iPhone and iPad.

One of the things we can do more and more with our iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini) is to take notes of the things we do in our day to day, even coming to use as a journal. For example, every day we see more students take their iPhone and iPad to schools and universities in order to take notes. This greatly facilitates the work of writing and study. Today, in Dissection Table, we have compiled a list of the best note taking apps for iPhone and iPad that will improve the experience of taking notes in your day to day.
best note taking apps for iphone ipad
A compilation of the top note taking apps iOS devices and each with its virtues – and, let’s face it, faults as well. There are free, pay, more or less powerful, and all of them you will find below. Let us not go further, and we begin.

Best iOS apps to take notes on iPhone and iPad

Have you ever thought of using an app to take notes? Many people already do, while for others the world of technology and applications is still unknown. With an iPhone or iPad, you can take notes quickly by writing, either by recording the voice, either by taking a picture. In addition, some applications allow you to synchronize notes and memos in order to find them in all connected devices: computers, smartphones or tablet.


It is very complicated to make a list with the best applications to take notes in iOS without adding Evernote. It gives you the ability to create notebooks, add tags, search text and images, create task lists, manage data … But it also allows you to collect ideas from the web, edit PDF documents and use your iOS 8 widget from the Notifications to save you a lot of time. Its multiple synchronization options and the different applications with which it integrates makes it stand out in a very favorable way. By purchasing the premium package you can add options like include an access pin code, access to your offline notebooks, etc.

Apple Notes

The native application of iOS is not, of course, the most powerful of the App Store, but precisely its simplicity shines its functionality. We will emphasize its ability to support Siri natively, so that we can take a voice note with the “annotate” command and in the same way it is simple to share its content within the system’s apps. Notes is fast and perfect for ‘hunt’ ideas on the fly, so fast and convenient. Its weakness is a consequence of its virtue. It is too simple and it does not allow us to add audios or alarms to warn of its expiration. But in the last update and the one that is to come, this application has improved remarkably.

Awesome Note

For iPad users who want to avoid Evernote, Awesome Note is an excellent alternative. It also has synchronization with Evernote, but if you are not users, you will no doubt be more interested in its synchronization with Google Docs. In Awesome Note, you will be able to insert photographs, drawings and even maps within a note, so you can remember everything. On the other hand, it is a complete application that is not limited to notes. It also allows you to create calendars, task lists, note personalization, password protection, and sending notes, among other things. If you are disorganized and want to use your iPad as a task center, Awesome Note is an excellent alternative.

Bear Notes

Bear Notes is a new app that promises to give a hard time to Evernote, although in fact it does not replace it. It is one of the best iOS apps to take notes, manage your notes and to-do. Thanks to the mode full screen, compatibility with MarkDown (with inline preview) and support for Text Expander can also be used by bloggers and journalists to write their own articles. Too bad there is not the typewriting mode. This also allows in-app purchase to enable the synchronization between multiple devices and the ability to export the notes, stored in plain text format, in different formats from RTF and markdown (PDF, HTML, DOCX, and JPG).


Simplenote Although put to bet on simplicity, those who do not want to complicate life with the multiple functions of Evernote or similar, and even want to go to something more basic than Notes, Simplenote will be the app they are looking for. The user will not get lost in complex menus. Just take notes in plain text without attachments and without breaking your head: just write, although it allows the use of labels to sort the notes and somehow be able to put some order if they accumulate many.


OneNote is an application developed by Microsoft especially for taking notes. A digital notepad that allows you to capture your moments of study and inspiration. But it can also help you write essays, reminders or even scrapbooks.
Thanks to the link with Microsoft account, your notes are practically always at your disposal. One of its options is to be able to share your notes and collaborate with other people from various devices. It stands out for its perfect synchronization between devices and with other Microsoft applications such as OneDrive. Also, it’s free.


Although with a professional profile, Quip is a great option as a professional collaborative tool. It, among many other functions, allows you to create notes, share them and modify those of others. Pure teamwork spruced up with many other tools, cross-platform and with ‘universal’ version on the web.
Best of all, Quip is an application that allows you to use it for free. In this mode you can use shared folders with up to five users. If you want something more complete, there is the Quip Business Plan mode that costs $ 12 per month for each user and allows you to share folders with up to 250 users.

Google Keep

Google Keep is Google’s official application for competing applications for reminder notes of a lifetime. That is, it is a tool thanks to which you can leave virtual notes in your iOS terminal. Google Keep for iPhone allows you to create several types of notes very simply and quickly. You can also record notes through voice message, something especially useful when you are in a great hurry. You can always access notes from all your devices thanks to its synchronization in Google Drive.
It has a very simple interface and is very easy to use. From its main view you can create quick notes and see the notes you have created, either in one or several columns. From its menu you can change the view mode, view the archived notes, access the settings, give your opinion about Keep and access the help.


Focused on Apple devices (iOS and OSX), Notability is committed to design and possibilities. It is more complex, but also more powerful and with many more possibilities to take advantage of it, including from written notes to drawings, illustrations and diagrams, all synchronized between devices although with the glue of having a price of 9.99 US Dollars.

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