Best offline GPS navigation app for Android (FREE Download)

Are you one of those drivers lost in some streets of the city? Are you a fan of camping and outdoor activities? Then surely you need the best offline GPS navigation app for Android (FREE Download).

GPS devices have slowly been disappearing from the market as the phones have been supplying this need more efficiently. In Google Play we find a variety of navigation applications and maps, mostly free and very good. They allow us to enjoy guided navigation turn by turn voice directions to reach our destination.
However, not all maps were created equal. Depending on whether you drive in the city, if you prefer traveling and walking around an unfamiliar city, or if your style is more hiking in new mountains and rural areas, different applications can meet your different needs.
Here we come with a list of the best offline GPS navigation app for Android (free download). These offline GPS maps apps for Android will show you different ways to navigate. Read the reviews below and choose the one that best meets your tastes or needs.

9 of the best offline GPS maps apps for Android.

Google Maps – Navigation & Transport

best offline GPS maps apps for AndroidThe app Maps for Android is definitely the best solution under optimal conditions. With Google Maps you can choose where you go and the application leads you as a GPS navigator. It is quite reliable in regards to reaching the final destination. It allows you to calculate routes by car, on foot, bike, taxi and public transport. If you make occasional use of navigation, it is recommended, especially for its simplicity and frequent updates.

Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic

Best offline GPS navigation app for Android FREE DownloadWe can easily place Waze in second place, behind the unbeatable Google Maps. It has some “secret” weapons that may be useful to travelers more social. In addition to turn-by-turn navigation with maps, it allows users (over 30 million) to exchange real-time information: accidents, road hazards, work, camera, control activities. It helps you find the cheapest gas station on the route. It allows you to keep track of your routes and make them public. The Waze also allows you to share your journeys with other users. It is free but requires data connection to operate. It is unrivaled in traffic alert information. Anyone can edit and integrate maps and this maps app may also deserve the gold for all of these functions.

Here WeGo – City Navigation

best android gps maps apps free download google play storeThe new Here WeGo is presented as a tough rival for Google Maps. If your intention is to have a GPS navigation on Android that does not depend at all on an internet connection but still contains all the features that other GPS apps offer Here WeGo will be your solution. It offers the possibility of downloading maps of up to 100 countries and although that can do many GPS Apps, the difference is you can choose a specific country, not a zone or area. Also, it shows the real – time traffic and information about incidents.

MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

mapfactor gps navigator android free downloadMapFactor is one of the most downloaded and valued Google Play maps apps. It uses OpenStreetMap data, and you can download and take with you to use the application without connecting to Internet. If you prefer, you can buy TomTom maps and use in the app. It also provides additional information, such as the presence of speed cameras, high steps for trucks, the tonnage of the bridges that are in your path, and more. You can switch modes, not only car to pedestrian but also cargo vehicle.

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Best offline GPS navigation app for Android download freeSygic is a favorite GPS application among Android users. It is a browser with many options among which is the ability to check traffic radar warning and curves to enhance security and more. With this application, you can download maps in your terminal, so it is not necessary to be connected to the Internet to use it. The application is free and is one of the best on the list, no doubt. Offline Map+Navigation

offline mobile maps android google play freeThis is probably one of the most popular applications within the category GPS navigators without Internet for Android. is an application that lets you download maps of any country completely free and then open them in your mobile with Android without the internet connection. With download maps for offline use you can move to your routes with a car, on foot or bicycle. Uses OpenStreetMap free maps. is available for download for completely free for Android, but can also be purchased at a premium version which includes additional options such as map search, the option of marking places as favorites or automatic tracking mode (among others). In fact, unless we buy the paid version will not be able to enter a specific address on the map, so we must be guided visually consulting roads will probably show up on maps.

CoPilot GPS Sat-Nav Navigation

CoPilot gps maps app android freeCoPilot is one of the most popular choices, probably because it was the first to offer the ability to browse offline. Through the application, you can get free maps, and also has many other possibilities, such as informing friends about your current location via social networks, use the pedestrian mode to walk, discover landmarks, etc. It has a paid version, CoPilot Live Premium, which offers 3D navigation, voice guidance, and traffic information in real time.

OsmAnd – Maps & Navigation

Maps & Navigation OsmAnd android app free downloadIf you want to have the vast database of OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia in a GPS application installed on your Android, OsmAnd is the best. It is an open source project that draws on information from the community to maintain routes and updated maps and Wikipedia to have every detail of the place you arrive.
It works offline, so you can prepare a trip downloading the entire map of the country you are visiting and taking it with you. The maps also include walking paths, trails and bicycle paths.
The free version allows you to download up to 10 OsmAnd map files. If you want more you can use the paid version.

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments if you know of a better GPS or navigation app.
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