Best offline music app for iPhone free

Downloading music offline on iPhone is getting easier. All you need is the right applications and our guide. Let’s see the best offline music app for iPhone free.

With the connectivity and multimedia features on our iPhone, it’s always easier to enjoy the most of our favorite tracks. One of the main problems though is how to download and play around your favorite playlists. Downloading offline music to iPhone from your PC is a bit boring process, which requires (almost necessarily) to pass all of our songs from iTunes.
Best offline music app for iPhone free
Fortunately, there are online services that give us millions of songs, free of charge or for a fee, always bringing around and downloading without connecting the smartphone to the PC.
With these applications, listening to offline music on the iPhone has become really a joke. What we will see today is the best offline music app for iPhone free. To do this we will only need our trusted iPhone. Are you ready to start?

Music Offline on iPhone: What are the Benefits?

We are sure you will be wondering why to listen to offline music on the iPhone when you can access all the tracks you want directly on the Internet. The major benefits you will get from this practice are two, but they will make you change your mind. By constantly using the data connection to listen to your favorite songs you will have a really substantial GB consumption. Above all, if what you hear is in high quality, you can have approximately around 10 MB per track.
The second reason will also apply to you if you have a number of GBs to exploit and cover the autonomy of the iPhone. In fact, constantly keeping the data exchange function consumes a lot more battery than if you listen to offline music.

Best free iPhone applications for listening to music without internet connection


Spotify is definitely the application for listening to the most used offline music in the world. It counts at the moment a catalog of millions of songs and 140 million active users around the world. As well as being able to choose among your favorite albums and artists, you will find thousands of playlists and themed radio listings to find new tracks that follow your tastes. In the free version you will have the opportunity to listen to a number of unlimited songs, but discontinued from advertising. Also, most importantly, you will not be able to download your songs offline.
To listen to offline music on the iPhone with Spotify, you will need to sign up for a subscription. There are two types, depending on your needs.

Spotify Premium

Offers Unlimited Access to the Spotify Catalog. Allows you to download songs offline and is free of advertising. It has a monthly cost of € 9.99 and gives you the option of being used on multiple devices but not at the same time.

Spotify Premium for family

Compared to the above version, with Spotify for family you have five accounts available to listen to your favorite songs. The cost is 14.99 € per month, which is, however, divided by 5 and a total of only 2.99 per person. Every account available with Spotify for family works in a completely independent way from others.

Spotify Premium Stundent

This is an absolute novelty. If you are a student, including college students, you can download offline music on the iPhone at a very affordable price. With this subscription you will only spend £ 4.99 per month.

Apple Music

Apple Music is the only true competitor of Spotify. If you want to play your favorite songs offline on iPhone, Apple’s application can be a great alternative. In addition to being available for iPhone, Apple Music can also be found for iPad, PC and Mac. Once the trial period has expired, you will be able to test all the features for an unlimited time for three months, you can decide whether to subscribe. But what are the prices of Apple Music that give you the chance to access the download of offline music on the iPhone?

Individual Membership

This package gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a Pro Account at the price of 9.99 € per month. The integrated options are virtually identical to Spotify and the quality of the songs is of a high standard.

Family Membership

This is the most profitable package if in the family you are all passionate about music. Again, by subscribing at € 14.99 a month, you will have six independent accounts to share with those who live under your roof.

Student Membership

Discounts for school-leavers are a novelty in our country, but no brand seems to let the chance to lose their customers. What better way to pay for your multimedia library in view of the rainy autumn days? With only $ 4.99 per month, you can download offline music to iPhone in unlimited amounts.

Deezer Music

With Deezer you can listen to the music you want for free, just get it by artist, album or music, to listen to them without restrictions. You can create your playlists using Deezer’s own suggestions, or custom MIXES, without advertising and without a bug, that could stop playing music.
The Deezer has a useful feature for those who use the service to listen to music in any situation. This is the offline audio run mode. With it, users can listen to saved music in their library without the need for an internet connection.
Deezer also offers a subscription plan to download offline music to the iPhone in peace. Do you want to know?

Deezer Premium +

Individual premium subscription, allows you to listen to all the tracks you want without any kind of publicity. Its cost is € 9.99, just like its direct competitors.

Deezer Family

Do you want to prove Deezer to your whole family in an economical way? What you need is a family type subscription! In this way, you will have up to 6 profiles available at only 14.99 € per month.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music becomes a great application to play songs or radio stations and enjoy the playlists it offers. All your music is stored in the cloud, which will not take up space in the memory of your device and you can access it even without Internet, free of charge.
The application is free to listen to music, but it has the Premium option with which the songs will be unlimited. You can create your personalized radio, go from radio song without limits and have recommendations based on your musical tastes. So you can discover new music! It has no ads and you can buy the songs from the same tool.


Napster is the best app to listen to music offline on iPhone free. It can also be used on iPad and iPod Touch, of course. The application has more than 25 million songs of all kinds of genres so that you can choose and listen to what you most want at the time you most want. It can also be used completely offline.
It has no ads or download limit, and your music player can be put to full screen, thus being one of the aesthetically most attractive options in the market. The transmission and download of audio tracks is in high speed and high quality. One of the essential apps to play music, without a doubt.


It is a free music application for iOS that will allow you to search by artist name or song the music you want to listen to at that moment. One of our favorites!
And if you do not know what to wear, you can see what is more fashionable or look for musical genre, a more than perfect option to find new musical talents. Listen to all the music in streaming via Wi-Fi or mobile data, or completely offline. In addition, you have this “social network” point, where you can have friends or followers and share your favorite songs with them. You can also share them on Facebook or other social networks. Join the SoundCloud community now and enjoy music anywhere.

Music Offline on iPhone: Better Choose the Right Headphones!

A factor that is often overlooked when talking about listening to offline music on the iPhone or other devices is the headphones you use. In fact, they make the difference when it comes to audio quality. If you are therefore unreliable audiophiles we leave links to our articles that deal with the subject!
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With these apps to listen to music without connection you can listen to your favorite songs wherever you are. Do you use any of these applications? Do you recommend any other?