Best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR

Read our reviews of the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR in order to buy a good surveillance camera system that you can find at Amazon Store.

By equipping your home or business premises with an adequate surveillance system, you will avoid the attempts of break-ins that are so common these days. Since the safety of your belongings depends on this equipment, it is vital that it be chosen carefully. Taking into account that you can not complete our buying guide, we propose to describe to you the two models most able to meet your needs. If you are a fan of high-resolution images, the ANNKE 8 Channel 1080P HD-TVI should please you. With this camera, you will be able to watch the inside and outside of your home. As an alternative option, we offer the ZOSI 8CH 720P HD DVR which is coupled with a motion detector. Thanks to night vision, there is no better device to protect your home. Without further ado, see our selection of the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR.

How to choose a good surveillance system?

Nowadays, it is possible to monitor what is going on in our home or in our shop thanks to the surveillance systems. However, for novices, it is not easy to buy one and it is precisely to help them that we have developed in our buying guide for the best outdoor wireless surveillance systems. So, with our advice, you will quickly know how to buy a monitoring system for better value for money! Now, let’s see our buying guide of the best outdoor security camera system in 2017.

Purchase guide

What are your real needs?

Before you start buying a surveillance system, you must know your real needs in this area. Indeed, it will be easy to find the best model if you know precisely why you need a monitoring system.
Please note that IP cameras or analog HD-SDI models are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Additionally, opting for cameras that provide good lighting and a fairly extensive zoning system would be a good idea. If you need discretion, surveillance systems involving multiple spy cameras will make you happy. In case you do not want to spend energy during the installation, table on systems with mini cameras, these are the easiest to install after the spy models.
Finally, if you need to monitor a place 24 hours a day, do not hesitate to choose infrared surveillance cameras and if you have pets, prefer the models that can detect them.

Ease of installation, use and control

Once you have determined your real needs and you now know what you need, then consider the ease of installation, ease of use and control options. Whatever the number of cameras shipped with your kit, you must be able to install them without much difficulty. So you have to find out about it. Similarly, even if you opt for the latest in surveillance system, you must be able to use it easily.
In practice, this means that you will have to quickly find the recorded videos and easily access the images in real time. Finally, if you are very rarely at home, then choose a model that will allow you to view the images on your connected terminals thanks to an interface proposed in an application.

The components of the surveillance system

Finally, the number of components of the monitoring system you are interested in will be based on your actual needs, but also according to the number of parts you have at home. Do not forget to check if you can add items later. These are cameras or thermal sensors.
When you will be set on a model that meets all your needs, you simply go to a price comparator to find the place to buy a new surveillance system at the best price. Do not forget to take into account the opinions of the people who have already opted for the model you are interested in before making the purchase. You can find these opinions on specialist forums, sales sites or even consumer sites.

The best monitoring systems of 2017

While CCTV was previously reserved for large businesses, even today’s consumers can take advantage of it to keep an eye on their property and improve home security. However, faced with the many offers on the market, you would like to know which surveillance system to buy? Find below our comparison of security systems through 6 choices of suitable monitoring systems.

ANNKE 8 Channel 1080P HD-TVI 2.0 Megapixel Security DVR System

Best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR
The Annke 8-Channel DVR comes with 4 x 3 way axis cameras with the option to purchase an additional 4. The security system is able to record on up to 8 cameras simultaneously on a split screen. It offers you an IP66 camera that has the capacity to last in time given its resistance. Indeed, it is able to protect itself against dust, fog and dry haze so that you can use it outside.
Proposed with a motion detector that is able to detect everything, it is possible that by using it you will be alerted by e-mail with the least passage of animals that are moving. It is the best item on our list because its camera is powerful and is able to be operational over a long period given the protection it enjoys.

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ZOSI 8CH Security Camera System

ZOSI 8CH Security Camera System review
In order to optimally monitor your home, business or office, it is better to have the best surveillance system on the market. Among the most recommended models, one distinguishes the Zosi 8CH + 4CAM NO HDD. This pack consists of a 8CH 950H DVR, 4 Bullet 1000TVL cameras and a long power cable.
The cameras are equipped with a 3.6 mm wide-angle lens, perfect for wider coverage. This will be especially useful if the cameras are supposed to monitor a wide area such as a parking lot, garden etc.
Keep an eye on the areas during the night while having images sufficiently clear thanks to the 42 infrared LEDs integrated in each camera. They are powerful enough to reach a range of 40 meters in the dark.
It also incorporates the Motion Detector function.

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Funlux KS-Y84UH 8-Channel Surveillance Security Camera System

Best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR cctv
Protecting a home is not just about protecting the interior. It begins mainly outside. What is the best outdoor video surveillance kit on the market? The Funlux KS-Y84UH 8-Channel is a model to be preferred if you are looking for a kit of CCTV equipped with high resolution cameras.
One of its advantages is the ability to view remotely sensed images from a computer. If you are also very mobile, know that this kit is accessible from your iPhone or iPad. In addition to capturing images, it also has a recording system that allows you to keep abreast of everything that happens around your home.
On the practical side, this kit has been specially designed for exterior monitoring as it is waterproof and weather resistant. To this is added the very clear image quality of the device. Thanks to its motion detector, the security of your property is optimized since it is possible to detect at any time any intrusion attempt, both day and night.
Finally, the DVR of this surveillance system is equipped with two video outputs including BNC output and VGA output which will facilitate the visualization of the images on your PC or your TV monitor.
Zmodo is currently one of the best brands of surveillance systems on the market. With this kit, you can constantly keep an eye on your home, wherever you are.

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SANNCE 8CH Full 1080N Security Camera System CCTV DVR

SANNCE 8CH Full 1080N Security Camera System CCTV DVR
The best surveillance system must provide quality images, with maximum detail, in order to recognize license plate numbers, the faces of burglars etc. The cameras must therefore be equipped with high-performance sensors. And this is the case here because we have 2.1 megapixel cameras capable of recording images in high definition 1080P.
These quality and high definition images can be perfectly exploited thanks to the HDMI interface of the DVR. You will also have at your disposal a VGA interface for normal display. VGA images will have a lower resolution, but will take up less space on the hard drive.
With this system, you will be able to monitor outside areas. The cameras are in fact IP66 certified. They are perfectly waterproof and will withstand dust, haze, rain and fog.
A motion detector captures any suspicious movement in the area to be monitored. An e-mail alert will be sent directly to notify you. You will then be able to take the necessary measures, in the event of an attempt to infringe, for example.

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Floureon AF-C005 1X 8CH Security Kit

Top outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR cctv amazon 2017
If you would like to find a reliable CCTV system, you can direct your choice to the Flushon 8CH Video Surveillance Kit.
This type of system is equipped with 4 security cameras that ensure the protection of your office, home or shop type. This CCTV security system has a real advantage because it allows you to capture everything that happens outside your property even at night thanks to its night vision.
With this video surveillance kit, you can also remotely access captured images from your smartphone or computer and the recorded data can also be saved via USB.
Simple to use, this kit comes with a remote control for DVR and a user manual for easy installation. If you want to acquire a video surveillance kit at an affordable price, you will be able to orientate yourself towards this powerful model.

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Arlo Security System

Arlo Security System review
The kit is composed of three video cameras and from a base station to be connected to the router modem. In case of emergency the base sends an alert via e-mail or a notification via a dedicated app.
It is 100% wireless, because the cameras are powered with 4 lithium batteries CR123 format, which provide a range of about 6 months. They are also completely waterproof and weatherproof, therefore, their use may be either indoor or outdoor, with night vision of high quality.
You can simply place them around the house thanks to a magnetic mounting support, or you can mount on flat surfaces. You only need to connect the base station to the WiFi router, synchronize the cameras, launch the free app Arlo and, within a few minutes, you are ready to use the system.

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In your opinion, what is the best outdoor security camera (CCTV) system?

These are our selection of the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR. Do you know any other good quality outdoor security system? Let us know the name and we will review and add it ASAP.
Thank you for reading this article. We hope you found this selection useful and has helped you find your camera. If so, please do us a favor and give us one vote / recommendation on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

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