Best phone support bike | bike smartphone mounts review 2018

Discover the comparative ranking of the best bike smartphone mounts review. Which bicycle holder for smartphone to choose? What is the best phone bike or motorcycle to fix your phone? Which waterproof support to choose to hang my smartphone on the handlebars?

A smartphone bicycle holder is used to safely hold a smartphone so that you can consult and interact with its touchscreen without taking the same mobile device from various containers, backpacks, or pockets.
Just as it does for the car, suction cups, or windmills, the bike smartphone mounts include various fixing systems. Usually, the smartphone is fixed to a tubular support, which can be the bicycle handlebars and can be adapted to a large number of devices.
The best ones also have rotation functions, up to 360 °, to better adapt to reading and using. Other models have enclosures or waterproof covers so that the smartphone itself cannot be damaged by the early rain sketches. The touchscreen continues to work naturally.
These supports are therefore recommended to anyone who frequently uses bicycles but at the same time do not want to give up using a mobile device.

Top smartphone support for bike in 2017

There are many models of smartphone bike supports for your bicycle, motorcycle or mountain bike support depends on your preferences in terms of quality and your budget. To help you choose, we have selected for you the best models. Our ranking is based on dozens of hours of analysis of user reviews. These supports are universal and compatible with the latest smartphones on the market.
Here is the comparative ranking of smartphone bike support:

Quad Lock Universal Bike Mount Kit

Best phone support bike
The best quality smartphone bike stand is the Quad Lock Bike Kit. It is a light and resistant medium. There is a universal version and also in special version for iPhone 6, iPhone 5 / 5S, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5. It is an excellent quality product that offers a perfect attachment for eventful mountain biking or racing and bike training.
It is a solid and simple support that can be used for bike, mountain bike or motorcycle. Quad Lock support allows you to securely install your smartphone on your bike. The Quad Lock bracket attaches and removes easily using the supplied O-rings. For an, even more, permanent solution, clamps are also included. The recommended tube size is 25-40mm. It comes with a polyurethane outer shell that provides excellent shock protection. The Quad Lock phone mount is also waterproof.

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iKross Bicycle Bike Phone Mount Holder

iKross Bicycle Bike Phone Mount Holder
The iKross Universal is a waterproof mount for bike or motorcycle solid and good quality. It is compatible with most smartphones or GPS up to 5.5 inches maximum. It consists of a mounting bracket and a waterproof case.
This support fits a bicycle or motorcycle handlebars up to 35 mm in diameter. The attachment is solid and offers a very good support even on a motorcycle while driving at high speed. The waterproof case protects your smartphone from rain or snow. This case is removable and can be easily oriented 360 degrees. Plates of plastics of different thicknesses can properly wedge the phone in the case that measures 155 x 85 x 18 mm. The screen easily accessible and usable. This support is ideal for using your smartphone as GPS bike or GPS motorcycle.

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Spigen Velo A250 Bike Phone Mount Holder

Spigen Velo A250 Bike Phone Mount Holder Motorcycle Phone Mount Holder
The Spigen Velo is a bike or motorcycle phone holder with good value for money. This universal holder is compatible with all smartphones up to 6 inches wide including the iPhone 7/7 Plus or Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus. It consists of a mounting bracket and rubber quick attaches to secure the phone.
This bracket is easy to install because there is no need for tools. The clamp is attached to a bike or motorcycle handlebar about 1.5 cm to 3 cm in diameter. A safety elastic strap securely attaches the smartphone. This solid support offers good support. For added security, a non-slip rubber coating prevents the phone from slipping.

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Toptrek Cycling Handlebar Bag

bike smartphone mounts review 2018
The Toptrek Cycling Handlebar Bag is a solution for hanging a smartphone on an ATV. This system is different from others because it is a bag that attaches to the stem or handlebars with three Velcro fasteners. This support is compatible with all smartphones up to 5.5 inches.
The installation is fast enough because it is sufficient to fix it with Velcro strips. The support is stable enough for mountain bike tours. The phone is well protected and well maintained. Once in the bag, the touch screen of the smartphone works properly. On the other hand, the Touch ID function of the iPhone does not work.
A small opening in the bag allows you to pass earphones. In addition to the smartphone case, this bag includes two storage spaces large enough to put a mini bike pump, keys or a wallet.

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Toptrek Cycling Handlebar Bag

Eximtrade Universal Bike Mount Phone Holder with External Battery 6000mAh PowerBank for iOS and Android
Another very interesting product is this bike smartphone case recommended to true adventure lovers who do not want to give up the convenience and usefulness of their mobile phone. Importantly, this bike phone holder is integrated with a powerbank so you can charge your smartphone when biking.
In detail, it is a genuinely genial model that has a very compact structure which protects the cell phone even in case of falls or bumps. In addition, it is accompanied by an exceptional stability which guarantees a perfect seal. The bike mount is adjustable for different viewing angles.

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Why buy a bike holder for smartphone

Today, GPS navigation apps for smartphones can help you ride a bike. By installing a bike mount on the handlebars, you can use your smartphone as a bike GPS. A navigation app allows the calculation of routes in car, motorcycle, but also by bike.
After installing a GPS navigation app or a bike app, support on the bike frame or handlebars is essential for GPS navigation. Bike racks are often compatible with the most popular mobile phone models.
A bicycle holder for smartphone is resistant to shocks, dust and especially resistant to water. The transparent front does not interfere with visibility or GPS navigation.
In terms of price, a bicycle holder for smartphone costs little. It is an alternative and much cheaper solution than buying a GPS for cycling. This type of accessory is useful in the same way as an LED bicycle light or bike lock.

How to choose a bike holder for smartphone

The 3 things to check before buying a bike holder for smartphone:
1. The case: some cases that go with the stand are designed to permanently protect the smartphone while others are designed only to protect the phone on the bike.
2. Mounting: the brackets are mounted in different ways. Some get on the gallows and others on the handlebar itself.
3. Sealing: some cases are 100% waterproof so that the smartphone is protected even in case of rain. The waterproof bag system is not always ideal for using the smartphone. If you want waterproof protection, you have to choose a hard case.

What is the best bike holder for smartphone?

For most cyclists, the Quad Lock Bike Kit is the bike rack you need.