Best pillow for pregnancy reviews: An expert buyers guide

A good pregnancy pillow may actually encourage the rest of the woman also ensuring the best position for the fetus. Read our best pillow for pregnancy reviews to have the most comfortable pregnancy pillow.

The best pillow for pregnancy is designed to support the back, the belly and the knees of the mother in the last months of pregnancy. It is in this period, in fact, that the sleep becomes more difficult and the belly pressures can lead to positions at least uncomfortable.
As the pregnancy progresses, you will notice that your belly continues to swell. Your new size will bring with it a whole new set of challenges, one of which is being able to sleep comfortably. A pillow for pregnancy is the only product necessary to obtain a super-comfortable sleep while you are pregnant. Therefore, we invite you to read our best pillow for pregnancy reviews to find out the top rated pregnancy pillows at Amazon.

Why the use of pregnancy pillow is useful?

Over 50% of pregnant women suffer from different lumbago during gestation. This involves a shift of the center of gravity forward resulting in fatigue of the spine. Sleep on their back in these conditions is not very comfortable, for a number of factors. First of all, they feel pain in the lower back with tension and breathing difficulty. To this is added the difficulty of digestion for the compression of the internal organs (that often cause acid reflux). Not least, the baby’s movements increased in the last trimester. The weight of the belly in the supine position, which crushes the blood vessels and in particular the inferior vena cava, makes the rest rather complicated. Midwives advise the side position, the left in particular, because it seems to favor a better blood supply to the fetus and the correct placement of the child for a faster and less painful delivery.

Use as nursing pillow

You can also use a pregnancy pillow as a nursing pillow. It allows you to keep the baby at the right height for sucking at the breast and avoid straining your back, arms and shoulders.
Its ergonomic design allows you to gently rest your baby forming a sort of nest-couch that welcomes him and pampers him.

Guide to choosing the best pillow for pregnancy

We illustrate some features to consider when purchasing the best pregnancy pillow:


The best for pregnancy pillows are those that have lining 100% cotton. Cotton is an organic material and hypoallergenic, which means it does not cause allergic reactions.


Like everything that is often used, even the pillows need frequent washing. Therefore, for the hygiene, the pregnancy pillows should have a removable and washable pillowcase. Although most of the cushions are equipped with a convenient zip that allows you to remove the padding from the pillowcase before you put it in the washing machine, be aware that some models, the cheapest ones, have none!


To be eligible for a full support from head to toe, it is important to have a big cushion for pregnancy. If, however, it is not well-sized because they are too big or too small, it could cause you problems. In fact, the measure of a cushion for pregnancy becomes important depending on how it is actually used then: too big would be uncomfortable if used under the belly or back support if, on the other hand, was too small would be useless.


The cushion for better pregnancy is usually the lighter. Not certainly be transporting from room to room at night; However, pregnancy pillow’s weight is an important factor because it serves every ounce of energy. So, to handle a heavy pillow maybe only to adjust or fix it for the night, represents a waste of energy which is not always strictly necessary.


The “content” of the pillow is important for many reasons. There are many types of padding that affect differently on their durability, rigidity, and of course the price. Here are the characteristics of some of the more commonly used for the padding materials:


The polyester is one of the most used in the padding materials. He has many pros and many cons. And ‘breathable; when used in cotton lining, it keeps you cool and dry. It does not need a lot of attention: you can put it in put in the washing machine and dry fairly quickly. The polyester pillows are cheaper than those with other types of padding, are lightweight, hypoallergenic and easily adjustable in shape.


The feathers / down jackets were used for many years as padding in traditional pillows and still are used today. However, pregnancy pillows made with this martial may be a little stiff for some mother but, in general, are very good and their prices are very low. They may be slightly “noisy”, but nothing to worry though.

Memory foam

This is a popular material in the traditional pillows industry in general. And is ideal for a pillow for pregnancy. Its ability to mold itself around the curves of the body, combined with its reliable and durable nature, make it an ideal material for aggressive production in this field. Pregnancy pillows made of memory foam can provide an excellent support for the future mom. They are slightly heavier than the other types. They are usually more expensive than the other.

Best pregnancy pillows reviews

To be able to sleep during the blessed pregnancy period, you need to find the most suitable model for your situation. Throughout this guide, you will be able to identify the best pregnancy pillow for you that will help you spend a good night’s rest. Are you ready? Let’s start.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Best pillow for pregnancy reviews
Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is currently the best rated and best selling pregnancy pillow at Amazon. This is a C shaped total body pregnancy pillow that allows you to attain the position and height that is just right for you. The Snoogle supports your back to prevent sciatica and lower back pain, tucks between your knees for help with back pain and temperature control, cradles your tummy and props up your head to aid in breathing and help prevent heartburn and other pregnancy pitfalls. It is made from polyester and is perfect for sleeping and relaxing. To complete the package, the company also provides a custom pillowcase that you can remove for washing. You can also use it as a nursing pillow.
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Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow

top rated pregnancy pillows amazon
Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow has been considered as one of the best pillow in term of price and quality. It helps the mother to adopt a comfortable position during the last months of pregnancy, either sitting or lying, and favors a correct position during the breastfeeding, relieving stress and decreasing back pain or neck. This pillow is filled with silicone hollow fiber in the form of small spheres, which can be adapted comfortably to the contour of the shape of the mother or small, allowing both to relax in a less stressful position. It has a 100% cotton cover that protects the product from dirt and is completely machine washable.
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Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

best rated pregnancy pillows 2017
Another product that stands out for use as a pillow pregnancy and lactation is the model Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow.
This best pregnancy pillow allows a comfortable and proper rest of the mother during pregnancy, especially towards the end of gestation. It provides equal support for back and tummy at the same time. You don’t need to reposition the pillow during night, simply turn from side to side. You can also use it in the first months of life of the small, such as support for breastfeeding, promotes correct posture for mother and child, or as safe for the baby bouncer. This pillow is made of cozy, warm polyester and comes with a custom cover case, removable and washable. Finally, you make the head support twice because of its reverse ends.

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Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

Todays Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow
This is another excellent maternity pillow for expectant mothers. Say goodbye to hard edges that cause discomfort to your shoulders because this pregnancy pillow has a curved shape, shoulder support design. It contours to the shoulder and provides a soft sleep. It also gives lumbar support, carrying mommy’s growing weight as she sleeps. Moreover, this maternity body pillow also has a support for the belly. It allows the tummy to rest and support the baby comfortable. Perhaps the best feature is the large, square head rest area. The Cozy Comfort’s head support resembles a standard pillow to provide comfort. It has an easy to remove zipper-cover. The pillow and case are made of a 50/50 combination of polyester and cotton, and a 200 Thread count percale.
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Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
This is one of the best memory foam pillows that will keep you super comfortable through the duration of your pregnancy. This pregnancy pillow runs along the length of your body. Simply wrap yourself around it for support. The core of the pillow is shredded memory foam. It will conform to your body’s unique shape and provide support where you need it most. The cover is made from a combination of polyester and bamboo. The result is a super soft material that allows air to easily circulate through it; keeping you cool. The materials used make this a 100% hypoallergenic pregnancy pillow; great for those of you with allergies.
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Boppy Pregnancy Wedge

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge pillow review
The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow is lightweight and versatile and is one of the cheapest pregnancy pillows available at Amazon Store. This is a very effective pregnancy pillow for back and belly support. Its compact and portable design allow you to put it where you want it.
Since the idea behind a pregnancy wedge is support, this pillow is quite firm which some expectant mothers are not used to. The firmness is necessary as a common problem with softer wedges is that they compress and flatten a little too much.
The core of the pillow for pregnancy is polyurethane foam. Covering the foam is a thick cotton cover with a slick finish. Thanks to a sturdy zipper, you can easily remove the cover and is completely machine washable.
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These are our selection of the best pregnancy pillows for you. Have you found the best pillow for pregnancy perfect for you? Surely yes. Let us know your thoughts in the comment. And, don’t forget to check our selection of the best nursing bras for pregnant women. Thank you.