Best rechargeable AA and AAA batteries of 2017 – review

In this guide we provide some tips on how to choose the best rechargeable AA and AAA batteries quickly and easily. We will also provide you a list of the best rechargeable AA and AAA batteries of 2017.

Nowadays, there is an increasing need to avoid producing too much waste. This means that paying attention to the environment, by now, is not just a voluntary act of responsibility, but a real necessity. To make each part of it in this sense, an important step is also the choice and use of rechargeable batteries daily. Let’s find out what the benefits presented by this product are. First of all, rechargeable batteries last for a long time and can be put into a charger to renew their power when it starts to decrease. However, given a large number of brands available on the market, there are some things to consider before purchasing. First of all, buyers must know how to choose the best batteries according to their use. These, in fact, are available in different levels of mAh. This means that the higher the level, the longer the battery life.

Some other things to consider before buying the best AA and AAA batteries

It is also possible to buy rechargeable batteries that can detect the charge life. Among these most popular models are nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel metal hydride.
Before proceeding to define the various types of rechargeable batteries, it is good to make clear on an element that we have already mentioned is that it could be mysterious. This is the mAh. In an AA rechargeable battery, this item is comprised between 200 mAh and 8000 mAh. Basically, with these figures, you define the battery life for each charging. For this reason buyers, before buying a rechargeable battery will have to carefully consider what device they will want to use. This is an important step in order to be able to choose the correct mAh value. For example, more complex products such as digital cameras certainly require more power than a remote control or a LED torch.

Top rated and most used rechargeable AA and AAA batteries of 2017

On the trade, as we know, there is a huge variety of models when it comes to rechargeable batteries.
That is why we have thought to enclose those that are the 10 best models on the market so that we can have a much clearer and more precise idea of these products. Are you ready to explore? Let’s start.

Amazon Basics AA Rechargeable Batteries

Best rechargeable AA and AAA batteries of 2017 review
Looking for something cheap but functional? Great model, these Amazon rechargeable batteries are designed and developed to provide exceptional performance and optimal durability. Preloaded and ready to use right from the start.
Specifically, this product has its best-in-class charging speed, averaging faster than other models of the same level, and optimum performance even in a particularly overloaded state.
These batteries are pre-charged with solar energy for optimum use from early applications. They also have a price that, by virtue of the features offered, is really worth taking into consideration.

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EBL 8 Bay AA AAA Battery Charger with AA and AAA Batteries

top rated Battery Charger with Rechargeable Batteries
Pure power! This is the best option for you if you are looking for the best AA and AAA battery pack with charger. This battery pack includes a charger to recharge your batteries, 4 AA batteries, and 4 AAA batteries. You can charge up to 8 Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries. The AA batteries have a capacity of 2800 mAh and the AAA batteries have 1100 mAh. They are excellent because they maintain 75% of the capacity after up to 3 years of use and they serve for diverse types of devices such as portable games, remote control, toothbrushes, shavers among others. Don’t miss.
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Philips MultiLife NiMH Rechargeable AAA Batteries

Philips MultiLife NiMH Rechargeable AAA Batteries
Do you like the top? Ideal for all types of devices, from cordless telephones to telecoms, it is a standard AAA battery (700 mAh).
Ni-MH technology allows you to recharge it repeatedly up to 1000 times, even without downloading it all together. Its charge voltage is 1.2 V. This allows you to make easier and better use of your rechargeable batteries. Ideal for all your high-energy devices.
Caution: These batteries are not designed for use in harsh conditions. They should not be exposed to rain, snow, high heat, etc for extended periods of time. But they are really useful.

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Sony AA rechargeable batteries

Sony AA rechargeable batteries
Another interesting solution is this Sony home time available on Amazon at a very cheap and affordable price. Specifically, we are talking about an exceptional product that guarantees optimal performance, especially when used with the special charger.
In this regard, the manufacturer remembers not to use chargers belonging to other products or devices as it may pose a serious health hazard. The model has a capacity of 2000 mAh and is ideal for long-lasting and extended use. You can recharge up to thousand times and is ideal for all types of devices.

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Amazon Basics AAA Rechargeable Battery

Amazon Basics AAA Rechargeable Battery
Another interesting proposition from Amazon Basics is this mini stylus with very interesting and optimized performance.
Specifically, these rechargeable batteries have a capacity of 800 mAh, especially for devices such as remote controls, digital cameras, and so on.
Downloading is perhaps one of the slowest among the same commercially available products and allows you to use this product in a continuous way with truly exceptional results.
The price factor also plays a key role in making it accessible to everyone.

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Panasonic AA Rechargeable Battery

Panasonic AA Rechargeable Battery
Who does not know them? Rechargeable battery model with very high performance, which can be an ideal solution for those who are looking for a low-priced product but which can guarantee a certain longevity.
It speaks in detail of a great 2500 mAh capacity and about 500 charge cycles secured with the intelligent use of the product.
The performance is exceptional and, although it is a rechargeable model, approaches much to traditional alkaline batteries. Cheap price and recommended to virtually anyone.

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Duracell AA rechargeable batteries

Duracell Rechargeable AA Batteries
Duracell is probably the most popular brand of rechargeable batteries thanks to its high performance and long service life far beyond other category models.
Specifically, we are talking about a product with a capacity of 2500 mAh with very exceptional and assured performance.
The model is ideal for devices that require a large amount of energy as it ensures continuous and stable flow on any type of device.
Even with regard to its durability as mentioned, it is one of the best models of the kind in the market with a warranty of up to 5 years or for 400 recharges.
The price in spite of everything is quite accessible and ideal for a product with such features.

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Powerex MHRAAI4 Imedion AA 2400mAh Rechargeable Batteries

Powerex MHRAAI4 Imedion AA 2400mAh Rechargeable Batteries
The Powerex Imedion batteries have the same chemical Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH), with a voltage of 1.2 V and a capacity of 2400 mAh. These batteries can store them for long periods of time and continue to maintain their capacity very close to their maximum load. After one year, they still hold 85% of their maximum capacity. The batteries come pre-charged and can be recharged up to 1000 times. A battery carrying case is included.
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Odec AAA Ni-MH 1000 mAh

Best rechargeable AA and AAA batteries
It’s a supply of eight AAA Ni-MH batteries housed in two plastic battery storage cases. This is a very practical solution to facilitate transportation and to keep a stock of your hand at hand.
They have a high capacity of 1000 mAh and are ideal for use in digital cameras, cd / mp3 players, video games, 2-way radio, PDA, electric torches … They are rechargeable up to 1200 times. Battery storage case allows you to securely store your batteries when not in use. A quality product to consider.

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GP Alkaline Battery AAA

best AA and AAA batteries
Let the fun begin! If you love the offers that have a high price-value ratio, this battery set is without any doubt your ideal choice.
They have a duration that can extend even to the 7 years of life. And have a price that would be impossible to overcome by other brands in this area. They have a power of 1.5 Volts that guarantee a high performance in the devices where these batteries are installed. What are you waiting to buy?

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That’s all for now folks. These are the best rechargeable batteries in 2017. If you have any reports, write down the comments below. Do not hesitate. Your experience will help us, as well as other readers. And, don’t forget to share this with your social friends. Thank you.