Best screen recorder for Android – Screen recording apps you can download free

What is the best screen recorder for Android? Here’s our selection of the best Android screen recording apps you can download free from the Google Play Store.

Some of us are interested, for personal or professional reasons, to register the screen of our phones as a video. Record the screen and the activity that occurs in it is one of the basic resources to create tutorials on Youtube, for example. For this, we have made a selection of the best screen recorder for Android. And, fortunately, you can download these best screen recording apps for Android for free. Pay attention.

Best free Android apps to record the screen of your Android smartphone or tablet

Best screen recorder for Android - Screen recording apps you can download free

Record screen with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher

The Android system since version 4.3 has the option to record screen, but not all manufacturers have enabled this option. To find out if your phone has this option, the quickest thing is to go to the notifications menu, which you can access by stretching the notification bar down and then pressing on the pen, which is used to edit the quick access icons.
In the section that appears you should see an option that says “Screen record” or “Screen recording”. But if it does not appear, it means that the manufacturer of your device has decided to hide the option for some reason. Still, do not worry. Because, a little lower, you can choose any of the applications chosen to record the screen of your Android.

Why record my screen?

you want to promote your app with a video or even record a malfunction of your terminal. Either way, these 8 applications mentioned below will solve the problems in a simple and effective way, and without the hassle of doing root on your phone.

The 8 best applications to record the screen of your Android mobile

ADV Screen Recorder

One of the best apps to record the screen of your Android. It does not need to be root to work and has the necessary options and is totally free.
ADV not only allows you to record the mobile screen, but you can also use the front or rear camera while recording, ideal for video conferencing. Other useful options that the app has are that you can add text, images, and drawings. In addition, ADV Screen Recorder has a design to the Material Design. ADV is only available for Android 5.0 Lollipop and above.

AZ Screen Recorder – No Root

This is another of the applications most used to record screen, does not need root and does not contain advertising. Virtually, this is the best option to record the screen of your mobile that you can find in the Play Store. One of the best qualities of this application is to be able to record our videos without any watermark on them.
With AZ you can record the screen, stop and continue whenever you want. It also allows you to record audio with the microphone, so you can speak or record the environment. You can adjust the video resolution, being the maximum resolution in Full HD. In addition, you can program a timer to record only the time you are interested in.
If you want to record the front and back cameras of your phone you will need to buy the Premium version.

Screen Recorder – SmoothMobile, LLC

Completely without any advertising, Screen Recorder is designed as a simple application, without a lot of additions or other customization functions that most of times you do not need. You can record a video of your screen in Android with only a couple of actions. It is easy to use and records HD videos.
With this app you can record games, calls and everything that happens on the phone while you use it, you can even record Skype, Snapchat and many more. You have an option to set a timer to cut the recording at the time you decide and you can also shake or lock the device to cut the recording manually. As additional attractions, you can record your phone’s cameras in a small window. It is one of the most complete apps to record screen. It is free and is available only for Android.

Screen Recorder – NLL

Another option to record a video from the screen of your Android phone. In this case, it does not require root for Android 5.0 devices, but for devices with Android 4.4 and below.
It has the option of marking the points you touch on the screen and you can shake or turn off the screen to end the recording. Among the advantages of this app is that it has no recording limits, so you will not have limits to record video. The only contra is that to record audio you must buy the pro version.

Game Screen Recorder

Despite the name, this app serves to record both games as the desktop or any application.
In its interface identifies the games you have installed, to start recording faster and gives you other options to record the screen. As additional options, you can add a prologue to your video and allow you to cancel the video by sliding the notification bar. To use this app you do not need to have the system rooted.

Mobizen Android Screen Recorder

Mobizen is a quite different application, with multiple tools focused mainly to show the content of the screen of your smartphone in a second screen. There are many options, such as viewing the screen on the PC, even responding to notifications from the computer. But what interests us here is that, when connected to the PC, we can record all the actions of the smartphone on the PC (although you have to download an application also for the PC). There are no limitations on quality and you can choose to select quality, resolution and images per second (fps), something quite useful, because the quality that you can record many times depends on the device.

Screencast – Kastor Soft

It does not require Root. It allows you to make recordings in high quality and saves the videos in the SD card. This is something that is demanded by the users of other similar applications.
You can record what you want, even the camera of your phone, with the possibility to move the square that contains the camera, something very useful for those who perform tutorials for Youtube, for example. In one of the most complete in terms of customization of the video and audio ratios, since it gives the possibility to choose the quality. It also allows you to add background music and cut the videos with an internal editor.


Application to record screen that stands out for the simplicity of the interface and ease of use.
It basically records video, audio and gestures. The free version of the app supports video recording up to 4fps. Either way, it is a quick alternative, for those users who want to make simple recordings. Highlight that if you do not have root you need to use a computer to install the app.
Note: if you use a computer you’ll need to activate every time you reboot your device.

These are the best applications to record screen. If you know any other best Android screen recorder app, we would appreciate it if you leave it in the comments. We hope you find it useful for your work and leisure. Thank you for reading.