Best shaving cream for men’s face – reviews and buying guide 2017

We invite you to read our best shaving cream for men reviews to have the best shaving cream for men’s face.

As you know, shaving creams, soaps or shaving gels are used at the time of shaving. They can make the shaving process less cumbersome and causing some pleasant sensations that could not be felt shaving without these. In addition to achieving the shaving objective, they also open the pores and soften the area to be shaved, facilitating shaving, removing sweat, leaving you looking better, giving smoothness to your skin and, in some cases, moisturizing your skin. For all those men who are interested in having a good shave and take care of their skin before and after shaving, we are sure that you will like this article. Read this best shaving cream reviews to have the top rated and best selling shaving cream for men’s face in 2017. In short, all have the purpose of avoiding itching, allergies to shavers, dryness and pain.

Soap, cream, gel or shaving foam, which one to choose?

Which one you should choose soap, cream, gel or shaving foam? It’s a common question? Many men have made their choice by preference of use or by habit. But does this product really suit your skin needs? It is true that the more the products are the more the choice is difficult. And this can quickly become a real headache. Do not worry, this sheet will allow you to understand the purpose of these products, their advantages and their disadvantages.

Shaving soap: Quality and economy

Shaving soap is the oldest, most natural and the most economical product. But it is mostly very effective. Not recommended for dry skin, the soap does not have moisturizing virtues. As for the others, go there without restraint! It is nevertheless recommended to hydrate after shaving to maintain a healthy skin … Know that unlike traditional soaps, our luxurious soaps are endowed with moisturizing active ingredients … and therefore accessible to all skin types. See our selection of the best men’s shaving soap.

Shaving cream: The best solution!

With the shaving cream, you can finish the irritations. Its foam softens the hair and ensures a pleasant shave. It is recommended and perfectly adapted to strong beards. Generally more expensive than other products, the cream contains more glycerin. It is the basic ingredient that provides a smoother, more precise and painless shave. However, it is not recommended for oily skin or only those containing purifying and cleansing active ingredients (lemon, mint …)

Shaving gel: We see what we do!

Unlike soap to shave the gel does not dehydrate the skin, so it is perfectly suitable for dry skin. It also corresponds specifically to sensitive skin because it deposits a protective film at the time of shaving and regularly contains antibacterial. Thanks to the lubricant present in the gel, the razor slips better on the skin and allows an easier cleaning. But, be careful, the risks of cut are also more frequent. Generally transparent, it is ideal for men with beard trimmed or carved. Finally, the use of aerosol can is not recommended for two reasons:
– Respect for the environment.
– An inexpensive packaging.
Here’s our selection of the best shave gel for men.

Shaving foam: Easy but not ideal!

Appreciated from the skins without problems, the shaving foam softens the skin and alleviates the pain of the razor. It is suitable for all skin types but it is better to use moisturizing shaving foams for dry skin.
As for frost, aerosol spray shaving foam is not the best friend of the environment.

What perfume for which skin?

The fragrances of our creams and soaps are various and varied: Cream with the rose, sandalwood soap, etc.
Do you know that behind these perfumes hide assets? An active ingredient is an ingredient that allows a cosmetic product to have a particular property and to make it effective.
It is therefore important to carefully choose your cream or soap to preserve a healthy and beautiful skin.
Here are the main active ingredients and their virtues offered in our creams and soaps …

Sweet almond Soft

Almond is recommended for normal skins

The coconut

Coconut oil is very nourishing and moisturizing. It is ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

The rose

The rose has active smoothing, astringent and tonic. It is ideal for normal skin.

The violet

The violet calms and nourishes the epidermis. It is recommended for sensitive and dry skins.


Unavoidable for oily skin, lemon cleans, purifies and eliminates toxins.

Aloe vera

Suitable for sensitive skin, aloe vera calms irritations, fights redness, heals and nourishes the skin.

The eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is an antiseptic, a healing and an antiseborrheic (avoids the overproduction of sebum) ideal for the oily skins.


Moisturizing and nourishing, sandalwood is perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

The top 6 best rated and top selling shaving cream for men’s face in 2017

Now let’s see the best shaving cream for men available at Amazon online store and choose the one that suits you best.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream

Best shaving cream for mens face reviews and buying guide 2017 2018
The Taylor of Old Bond Street is our first choice in the best shaving cream reviews. If you already read our best shaving soaps and best pre-shave oils, then you’re probably already familiar with this brand. In fact, the Taylor of Old Bond Street is one of the best shaving companies. This is a shaving cream that offers a product that helps keep your beards soft while shaving. This cream moisturizes your face too. It comes with an ideal blend of lavender, jasmine, rosemary, rose, and cedar. So, it is really enticing. This shaving cream can leave your skin moist and cut-free. This paraben –free shaving cream for men prevents razor irritation and nicks. You will also get a shaving cream bowl with the package.


• All natural ingredients
• Allows a smooth shaving
• Easy to apply
• Moisturizes your face
• Exotic fragrance


• None
Discover more and the price here

Shiseido MEN Shaving Cream

best rated and top selling shaving cream for mens face Amazon
This is a really good shaving cream, smells nice, and gives a good shave. It provides a smooth shave even the toughest beards. It adheres perfectly to the skin and softens the beard from the root, helping to prevent shaving irritation. Formulated with Age Defense Complex to maintain hydration and increase the function of the protective skin barrier. Apply to moist, clean skin, or spread over beard in the opposite direction of hair growth.


• Provides a close and comfortable shave.
• It smells great!
• Doesn’t clog up the razor.
• Moisturizes your face


• None
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Cremo Astonishingly Superior

top 10 best shaving cream for men
This is another top quality shaving cream for Men Reviews 2017. It is an extremely powerful shaving cream for men that can reduce cuts, nicks, razor irritation and scrapes dramatically. Also, you will get the most comfortable, long-lasting, and closest shave with this best shaving cream for men’s face. Cremo Astonishingly Superior is best for making your skin astonishingly smooth and soft. It contains unique, super-lubricating, and highly slippery molecules. It is highly concentrated and water activated. This is the most recommended shaving cream due to a number of health benefits.


• Provides super smooth shaving.
• Easy to clean up.
• Very close cut
• It offers lots of health benefits
• Superior quality
• Does not create skin irritation


• It requires little preparation and effort to work.
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Jermyn Street Luxury Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

Jermyn Street Luxury best Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin
Do you have sensitive skin? If yes, look no further and choose this best shaving cream for men’s sensitive skin. This is an allergen-free and paraben-free product and is formulated specifically for men who have sensitive skin. Jermyn Street Luxury produces an elegant fragrance with lavender, oak moss, wood, spice, and coumarin. Apply this sensitive skin shaving cream directly on your face or by using a brush. The choice is yours. Moreover, it produces a creamy, rich lather, helpful for gliding the razor blade very easily. Thus, allows you a razor burn free shave.


• Does not create skin irritation
• Delicate fragrance
• Paraben-free and allergen-free
• Enables a smooth shaving


• Scent is not so impressive
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The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream, Sandalwood

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream all types of skin
This is probably the best shaving cream for all types of skin. It is also an affordable and functional men’s shaving cream. It is very safe to use on your facial skin, thus you can use it every day. The Art Of Shaving Cream contains sandalwood essential oil. So, it can provide better protection from irritation and razor burns. The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream is also free from synthetic dyes, alcohol and harsh fillers.


• Suitable for all skin types
• You can apply this with or without brush
• Lather is rich and lubricated
• Natural ingredients
• Skin becomes smooth and moisturized


• Thinner consistency
• Weaker smell

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Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream

best Natural Shaving Cream for men
It is manufactured by using natural, certified ingredients, no artificial ingredients. Thus, it provides superior lubrication. Therefore, it guarantees a smooth, healthy, hydrated, and supple skin. This natural shaving cream for men’s face is manufactured by using a low-lather, unique formula. Therefore, by using this shaving cream, you can protect your skin from harsh environmental factors. You can complete more or less 100 shaves with one tube.


• Effective for reducing nicks
• Gets a smooth and soft skin.
• Great scent
• Effective for reducing the signs of redness
• Low-lather formula
• Superior lubrication


• Bottle is small, will not last long.

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VIKINGS BLADE Black Ocean Luxury Shaving Cream

If you use Vikings Blade Luxury shaving cream, you will get a close luxurious shave. This shaving cream is creating a buzz because of its greatest performance and myriad health benefits. It comes with natural sandalwood and cedar ingredients. It also offers a generous lather, ideal for people with dry skin. Razor slides very easily because of superior lubricating and cushioning effect.


• Offers a smooth shave
• Superior lubrication
• Does not create any skin irritation
• Manly scent
• A unique shaving cream


• The scent is not really masculine

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What Is The Best Shaving Cream For Men’s Face?

That’s all for now, friends. These are some of the best shaving cream for men’s face. All of the products are pretty good, but are they the best shaving cream for men’s face out there? As we all know, there are a lot of other good quality shaving creams out there. The best shaving cream for you might not be one of the creams we listed above, as all of us have different likes, dislikes and needs. What is really the best shaving cream, in your opinion? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!