Best shaving gel for men to prevent razor burn

With a gel to shave: we see what we do. An asset to facilitate an accurate shave and respect the skin. Here’s our selection of the best shaving gel for men to prevent razor burn.

Most men have a similar routine: they need to shave regularly, either to be totally free of hair or just to trim them. For this reason, it is worth taking some care for skin preservation and better performance of the shave. After all, no one deserves irritations, frequent cuts, and entanglements, does not it?
One of the products that can avoid this type of complication is cream, gel or shaving foam. Although similar, they have some distinct functions that can not be overlooked. Today we will discuss all the details about shaving gel and make a list of the best shaving gel for men to prevent razor burn.

Choosing the best shaving gel

Compared with recent times, when only soap was used for shaving, for lack of other things, for today the choice of means for this procedure is very rich. But it is the variety of assortment that sometimes makes it difficult to choose what is more suitable – foam, gel or cream.
Each of these means has its pros and cons, and for each, in spite of everything, there is a consumer. However, within the framework of this article, it is proposed to elaborate on gels for shaving, to consider their advantages and disadvantages, to exclude difficulties in choosing and to note some of the best brands in demand.

Pros and Cons of Shaving Gels

Practically any shaving gel has a lot of advantages, otherwise they would not be so in demand. But they are not deprived of shortcomings, what is important to be aware of before the time of purchase. However, their shortcomings have a shaving cream, and foam.


• Make the razor slip smooth and light (which is especially important for skin problem).
• Not as opaque as foam, which allows you to see in time the unpleasant areas and bypass the blade possible pimples and skin lesions, so as not to injure these places even more.
• Good for the skin, prone to inflammation and irritation.
• Much more economical than foam, because they do not require the application of a thick layer. They have a high concentration, which is beneficial for those who are forced to shave often.
• Do not contain soap in the composition (do not dry the skin).
• Do not contain a large amount of oils (important for owners of oily skin).
• There are gels with a healing effect (bactericidal or silicone).
• Have a pleasant smell.
• Washed with plain water.


• Not all gels are cheap.
• Some may turn out to be liquid and run down the skin.
• When used on dry skin may cause even more dryness.
• A transparent shaving gel is not always noticeable on the face, which forces the machine to travel to the same place several times (fraught with irritation).
Bearing in mind all these qualities (both positive and negative), it will be easier to approach the issue of choosing a shaving gel.

How to choose?

When using shaving gel, several points are important that determine the suitability of the product for a particular type of skin and the comfort of its application in general. It is at these (and other) moments and it is worth paying attention when buying funds.

Slipping the razor

The best, absolutely unobstructed sliding provides gels based on silicone. They also contribute to the early healing of small wounds and scratches on the skin.

Type of skin

If the skin is dry, but you want to use the gel irresistibly, it is better to choose variants with glycerin, without alcohol and acids (benzoic and sorbic), which further provokes dryness.

Healing and soothing ingredients

As already mentioned, the wounds and small cuts of gels with silicone are well healed. But for the same purpose options with plant extracts of calendula, chamomile, aloe vera or antibacterial gels with triclosan are also suitable.


If there is a tendency to allergies, it is better to buy a hypoallergenic shaving gel with a minimum of perfumes and, accordingly, a faint odor.


Cost does not always determine quality, and price orientations are not the best approach to choosing a shaving gel. There are brands that have rightly won popularity and appreciation of consumers, but at the same time are very acceptable.

The best selling and top rated shaving gel for men to prevent razor burn

Let’s see our reviews of the best shaving gel for men and choose the one that suits you best.

Edge Shave Gel for Men Sensitive Skin

Edge Shave Gel for Men Sensitive Skin
As its name says this shaving gel has the component of Aloe Vera. For this reason, it is recommended for men who have sensitive skin when it comes to shaving. This gel offers a good hydration to the skin and, in case you cut yourself or you have irritations, has a component that reduces both. It also includes moisturizing agents and lubricants that allow a better sliding of the shaver.


Six different formulas.
Added aloe infusion for sensitive skin.
Extra moisturizers and lubricants.
Very smooth razor glide.
Leaves a day-long refreshing feeling.


Some containers found faulty.
Can clog up the sink.
Could have been more bubbly.
Steeply priced.
Discover more and the price here

Recipe for Men Clear Shaving Gel

Best shaving gel for men to prevent razor burn
Recipe for Men is an amazing shaving gel designed to prevent razor burn. Its translucent appearance makes for a manscaping must, giving guys a clearer path to tackle their lower extremities. Its sleekness delivers flawless razor action to help reach difficult spots with accuracy. This product contains sebustop, known well for reducing pore size, controls acne outbursts to reduce skin oiliness, which in turn prevents bacterial attacks and excess sebum. Aloe Vera and lemon extract to satisfy pores with a moisturizing and refreshing tingle that remains existent after clean ups for one of the cleanest, smoothest, and most hydrated moneymaker possible.


Clear yet highly lubricating.
Offers greater precision during shaving.
provides protection against irritation.


Steeply priced.
Discover more and the price here

Gillette Fusion Shave Gel

Best shaving gel to prevent razor burn
Initially, this gel was intended for the eponymous razor. But now it is used by owners of completely different machines, including those produced by competitors of the French company. A cylinder with a gel can have a different volume – this allows you to choose the best option for your financial resources. Also now widely available are gift sets, which include not only the gel, but also the razor, and sometimes some additional accessories. As for the quality of the gel, you can not find fault with it – shaving really becomes very easy. But only the product ends forever at the most inopportune moment.


Easy application on the skin.
The razor slides almost perfectly.
There are cylinders of different volume.
Ideal for all skin types.
Very good hydration of the skin.


The cost can not be called low.
Discover more and the price here

NIVEA FOR MEN Sensitive Shaving Gel

Best shaving gel for men to prevent razor burn
In the extensive line of shaving products from Nivea, users especially note this gel. It is easy to apply and instantly turns into a soft foam, providing a safe and quick shave. Chamomile extract relieves irritation, and vitamin E cares for the skin. Shaving gel has a convenient dispenser that allows you to accurately measure the right amount of the product. “Expert Prices” considers it the best product in terms of price and quality.
The product is just perfect: the foam is thick and delicate, the razor slides like clockwork, and the skin after it is soft and never irritated even on sensitive skin!


Simple and comfortable use;
Economical consumption;
Smooth glide;
Without skin irritation.


A pretty bright smell, but it’s an amateur.
Discover more and the price here

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive
This 2-in-1 formula is special for sensitive skin. The softness it provides improves the slippage of the leaf and thus achieves a comfortable shave, in every sense. It is a dedicated gel for the care of the skin, to be fused with a formula of moisturizing cream that helps you to much to take care of sensitive skins.
It is a dermatologically proven product. With an aroma that provokes in every moment, the aroma Active Sport, everyone who uses it will feel fresh, harmonious and beautiful. These are the sensations you will feel when using Gillette’s Fusion Proglide Gel.
But, anyway, you need to continue to avoid any discomfort or resentment of the skin when shaving. We suggest improving the shaving technique. You should start with soft and light strokes in the direction of the beard, then against the grain for a better result.


Its ingredients offer a perfect slip of the blade giving you an incredible shave.
Specially formulated with shea butter and glycerin, to keep skin hydrated during shaving.
Helps reduce the irritation that occurs when shaving.


Discover more and the price here

NIVEA Men Maximum Hydration Moisturizing Shaving Gel

best selling and top rated shaving gel for men to prevent razor burn
An important advantage of almost any gel is that it is suitable for any skin type. This applies to the product under the NIVEA brand. This product is supplied in a 200-ml balloon of blue color. The gel is translucent, and it is easily applied to the skin. The moisturizing effect is very good, but not excessive. The product protects the skin from micro-cuts. In its composition there are various vitamins and aloe vera, which should contribute to the improvement of the skin condition of the face.


Produced in Germany.
The composition includes a multivitamin complex.
Easy application on face.
The number of micro cuts is minimized.
Good moisturizing.


It is difficult to squeeze out the minimum amount of gel.
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In your opinion, what is the best shaving gel to prevent razor burn?

These are just a few of the shaving gels currently available, but at the same time deserve special respect among their users. Not each of them costs a lot of money, which does not prevent cheaper options to stand on a par with funds that are much more expensive. What is the best shaving gel for men? Do you know any other that are not listed here? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to take a look at our selection of the best soap to shave. Thank you.