Best ski and snowboard helmets to protect your head this winter

What is the best ski and snowboard helmet to entrust your protection on the slopes? Read our best ski and snowboard helmets reviews to have the best snowboard helmets this winter.

If you’re reading this post you have probably already decided to equip yourself with the best ski and snowboard helmet but you want more information before purchasing.
Best ski and snowboard helmets
There are specific models for practitioners of winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, bobsleigh, ski mountaineering), designed to provide absolute security. In addition, the best ski and snowboard helmets also can give good protection from the cold, especially when combined with proper snowboard mask, along with ski gloves, ski and snowboard goggles and ski pants.
Among the features to consider when choosing there is the fit, comfort, protection from the elements and, not least, the look.
In the market there are many ski and snowboard helmets. They are so comfortable and warm and have nothing to envy to the classic wool cap once skis, to which they add a crucial advantage: to prevent head injuries and, in some cases, save lives.

The characteristics of the best ski helmet.

First of all, your ski helmet should be comfortable. Choose it well, try it and you examine the padding: now ski helmets are more comfortable and warm for a cap! But the key feature, which identifies the best ski helmet you can find on the market, is stability: a ski helmet that does not stay firmly on the head is almost useless.

The 6 best ski and snowboard helmets

All these helmets are certified for security, some are simple, others display full of options, so therefore take a look at our selection of the year.

Smith Vantage Helmet

Best ski and snowboard helmets
The Vantage is the top of a huge range of helmets. It’s a comfortable model that is safe, armored technology, and usable in all conditions. Hybrid construction SL shows an Aerocore material in solid honeycomb, which allows Smith to lower the profile without compromising the protection. At the top, two latches open and close the vents 21, by zones.
If you are interested in the MIPS technology for its ability to reduce the effect of impacts, you’ll be glad to learn that some versions of the Vantage adopted. Boa and adjustable 360 degree provides the best maintenance possible, to limit the impact of shocks.
Finally, what Smith also offers: a nanosilver antibacterial lining, removable clip mask, earmuffs and consistent with sound system. In short, Smith provides everything you can expect from a good ski helmet.

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POC Skull X Ski Race Helmet

POC Skull X Ski Race Helmet
Simple lines and looks dry, but do not skimp in terms of security and does its job well without being heavy.
The enthusiastic opinions of the buyers confirm what promises this brand, which does a lot to appreciate on the track. Much appreciated the ability to insulate your head dressing brush even large ones, and protecting not only from falling but also from collisions with branches or other obstacles on the way down at full speed. In total, it weighs 250 grams, a feather that does not compress too much nor fatigues the muscles of the neck, already engaged in feats of winter sports.
The unmistakable design, then, is the trademark that allows you to recognize who is wearing a POC helmet even while busy whizzing down the snowy slopes.

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POC Receptor Backcountry MIPS Ski Helmet

POC Receptor Backcountry MIPS Ski Helmet
It has a linear design and at the same time very elegant, which shows once again the design to the maximum lightness and maximum comfort. When worn, this helmet does not exert any pressure on the head.
The Receptor Backcountry MIPS has double shells, a multi-impact EPP Liner and an Aramid Penetration Barrier. The ventilation is a closable type. There’s also a removable insert made of the same material of the lining.

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Uvex Hlmt 300 Winter Sports/Ski Helmet

Top rated ski helmet at amazon
Another best ski and snowboard helmet you should consider in this winter. The closure provides a simple multi-level adjustment, which can be carried with one hand. Although the ventilation system is adjustable.
This snowboard helmet combines perfect styling with great functions. The shield of this helmet can be moved upwards and out-of-sight with seamless effort. Additionally, the mirrored lenses ensure protection from glaring sunlight and harmful infrared rays.
And if desired, the cover-ears can be removed easily. It is a warm and comfortable unisex model, is light and tight to the right point to any shape of the head. The visor allows a broad and comprehensive vision.

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Uvex P1us Pro Ski Helmet

Uvex P1us Pro Ski Helmet
Uvex P1us Pro Ski Helmet is definitely a good helmet that combines full protection from bumps in case of accident and good insulation from the cold, given the special well-padded ear cushions extensions.
The brand offers a good range of sizes to choose from, to fit perfectly both the head circumference of a child to an adult.
It uses a thermoplastic and innovative material in the construction of the protective shell, the TPO, designed precisely to be subjected to particular thermal stress of the low temperatures at high altitude. It has a good ability to absorb shocks and this is not combined with other additional components, a detail to keep in mind as the helmet is lightweight and does not tire even after prolonged use.

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Burton Anon Men’s Raider Helmet

Burton Anon Men Raider Helmet
Anon Men’s Raider Helmet is another best snowboard helmet to protect your head season after season. This helmet is made of a compound of Endura-Shell Construction and ABS. The housing consists of two pieces that have been injection molded for durability and resistance.
One of its most striking features is the passive ventilation system. This innovation expels hot air to the outside and allows fresh air to enter the interior. Thus moisture under the helmet does not exist and no fogging problems.
The operation of this ventilation system does not mean that the inside of the head is cold. For this Burton has covered the entire interior of the helmet shell with soft polyester material that keeps the temperature at all times. This material is also on the part of the ear flaps and you can easily remove this depending on the conditions of heat or cold.

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That’s all for now, folks. These are some of the best ski and snowboard helmets that we have found in our reviews. Do you know any Snowboard and ski helmet that is not on the list? Share your opinion with us and your friends. Thank you.