Best SSD in 2017 | Most Reliable Solid State Drives at Amazon

We invite you to read our review of the best SSD in 2017. Here you will find the most reliable SSD for the money available at Amazon.

You have landed on this page because you’re looking for one of the best SSD of 2017, because you want to upgrade your computer, or want to build a new one. The SSD (Solid State Disk) is a new hard drive device that can completely change things to a computer, and to awaken the performance, even older ones. But what are the best SSD in 2017? Maybe for you it is time to replace your old mechanical hard drive and go to the next level for your computer. Therefore, we invite you to read our reviews of the most reliable SSD currently available at Amazon online store. Here you will find the best SSD solution for the money. Let’s review them.

What is SSD?

An SSD (solid state drive) is a computer storage device similar to a hard drive, except that it is much faster and more reliable. SSDs use a flash memory that allows them to achieve almost instantaneous startup and loading times. Moreover, not looking for data mechanically on a turntable (unlike a hard drive), they can access the data instantly, or almost. Observe the difference:

Inside a hard drive

On a hard disk, the data must be searched on a turntable. It takes longer to start your system, load applications and back up files.

Inside a SSD

In terms of design, an SSD is similar to a giant USB stick capable of replacing your hard drive and making your system faster. Because SSDs do not have a small, fault-tolerant mobile part, they are able to search for data more quickly and without these moving parts, hard drive and data loss problems are no longer common in storing data. Because all your photos, videos, files and programs are loaded from your storage drive, the increased reliability of an SSD protects your important data while greatly enhancing your performance.

Advantage and disadvantage of SSD (Solid State Drive)

SDD Hard Drive Benefits

I will not go back over all the points I mentioned above, but as we have just seen, the 2 main advantages of the SSD are: velocity and reliability. SSD drives are used to speed up all equipment. If you replace the hard drive of your computer with an SSD, you will understand what I am talking about. Your computer will start and work much faster! The transfer speed of the best HDD hard drives hardly reaches 100 MB / second when SSDs exceed 500 MB / s. Similarly, file access time is in the order of 7 milliseconds for HDD and 0.1 (!) Milliseconds for an SSD.
There’s more. They are totally silent, do not risk breaking in case of shock. They do not heat, consume much less energy and extend a little the autonomy of the notebooks. SSD install and manage as easily as a HDD.

Disadvantages of SDD

The SSD still has some flaws. The main one is the still very high price. At this level, hard disks remain much more competitive. The other major disadvantage of the SSD is that it supports a limited number of read-write and erase cycles. Of course, your SSD will not stop working after 6 months, but this is a big drawback for a storage medium. The best solution is to use a small to medium capacity SSD (64 or 128 GB) to install the operating system and one or more conventional hard disks to store the data. Naturally nothing prevents the use of SSD, but the cost would be prohibitive. Installing the operating system on SSD significantly accelerates the computer’s start-up and also gives access to data. This is, by the way, a good way to give a second youth to a computer technically outdated.

The format and connector

SATA 2.5 Inch

SATA 2.5″ is the standard size at the right time used for all types of drives for notebook computers. New disks in this format using the classic SATA 3 connection that promises speeds up to 6 Gbps. The SATA connector is the standard that you find in most of the 2.5 and 3.5-inch drives.


It uses the same SATA connector and connect it with different sizes, designed to meet the needs of thinner and lighter computers space on the market. It is a real card and own no box. With the support to Sata Express can achieve a theoretical maximum speed of 16 Gbps (2 GB / s).


A latest generation connector located on the latest Ultrabook on the market as HP Specter 13 or HP Specter x360 but also on almost all of our brand new gaming PCs. It can work via connectivity PCIe guaranteeing huge performance, theoretically much higher than those of the SATA connection that is still implemented in this new form factor albeit not exploiting to the maximum the potential of this connector. In SATA Express mode can be up to 2 GB / s while with the support to the x4 PCIe standard 32 Gbps (4 GB / s), always in the maximum theoretical line.

Top rated and best selling SSD or Solid State Drive available at Amazon in 2017. These are the most reliable SSD for the money that can satisfy your needs and budget.

The price of SSDs declines month by month, and there is no doubt that they will soon be competitive enough to completely replace our good old hard drives. This family of computer components is the one that has the least progress in terms of performance (compared to RAM, processors and graphics cards) will benefit the responsiveness of applications and the comfort of our computers. Are you ready to discover the best SSD in 2017 with the best price and performance? Here it goes!

Samsung 850 EVO

Best SSD in 2017 Samsung 850 EVO
Samsung 850 EVO is currently the best SSD for the money. It also uses the 3D V-NAND technology which allowed us to place the 850 EVO above the competition. This is cheaper because it uses TLC (Triple-level cell) instead of memory MCL – an economical design but with reduced performance and endurance. The technology 3D V-NAND allows to occupy less space and have two useful technologies to optimize energy consumption and to control the temperature. They are available in capacities ranging from 128GB up to 4TB well, offer read speeds up to 540Mb / s, write to 520MB / s and an IOPS of 98,000 / 90,000. Also interesting are the 5 year warranty, the highest estimated lifetime in 1.5 million hours and the presence of a 256-bit AES encryption.


• They integrate 3D V-NAND memory TLC
• V. R / W: 540/520 MB / s
• 98,000 / 90,000 IOPS
• 5 year warranty and MTBF of 1.5 ml of hours

250GB Samsung 850 EVO
500GB Samsung 850 EVO
Samsung 1TB 850 EVO
Samsung 850 EVO 2TB
4TB Samsung 850 EVO

SanDisk Ultra 2

Most Reliable Solid State Drives at Amazon
The SanDisk Ultra 2 is another very high-performance SSD with an excellent quality / price ratio. It is available in denominations of 240/480/960 GB. They guarantee a sequential speed in writing up to 550MB / s and reading up to 500MB / s, while, as regards the random speed, we have values that abut in 99,000 (reading) and 83,000 IOPS (write). It has a body resistant to shock, vibration and extreme temperatures, a 3-year warranty and an estimated lifetime in well 1.75 million hours.


• V. Read: up to 550MB / s
• V. Writing: up to 500MB / s
• 99,000 / 83,000 IOPS
• 3 year warranty and MTBF of hours 1,75ml

240GB SanDisk Ultra 2
480GB SanDisk Ultra 2
960GB SanDisk Ultra 2

Crucial MX300

Best SSD for the money
If you look for a midrange SSD which will guarantee you a very high durability in time, the Crucial MX300 range will be for you. The performance, comparing benchmark, turn out to be slightly lower than the competition, especially those in reading (despite the technical data bring back R: 530MB / s and W: 510MB / s). A given negligible, however, if one thinks of the maximum duration of 220TBW (estimated maximum capacity of writable data), superior to all other major competitors. The MX300 are composed of 3D NAND chips similar to those used by Samsung, which allow to have, in addition to a greater reliability, even more content and a lower energy consumption costs. Also present an encryption system EAR 256-bit and a technology called Momentum Cache able to further speed up the transfer of large files or launching programs.


• High durability
• Reading speed below average
• Encryption technology and Momentum System Cache
• V. R / W: 530/510 Mb / s
Crucial MX300 275GB
Crucial MX300 525GB
750GB Crucial MX300
Crucial MX300 1TB
Crucial MX300 2TB

Samsung 850 PRO

Top rated SSD Solid State Drive 2017
Reputed SSDs better and more performance than those currently available on the market with SATA 3 connector, the Samsung 850 PRO take up all the excellent quality of the lower range, improving them in all respects. The House provides a guarantee of 10 years, confirming their excellent solidity and reliability. They feature maximum read speeds equal to 550MB / see 100,000 IOPS, while, in writing come to 520 MB / s and 90,000 IOPS. They exploit, of course, the technology Samsung 3D V-NAND and a MEX controller can further improve overall performance.


• Best SSDs currently on the market
• Up to 100,000 IOPS
• 10 year warranty
• V. R / W: 550/520 MB / s
Samsung 850 Pro 128GB
Samsung 850 Pro 256GB
512GB Samsung 850 Pro
Samsung 850 PRO 1TB
Samsung 850 PRO 2TB

SanDisk Extreme PRO SSD

Best selling SSD amazon 2017
Developed specifically for gamers, these solid state memories offer a 10 year warranty and performance thanks to a technology called nCache Pro that, when needed, provides maximum power. The speed of reading and sequential writing are equal to 550/520 MB per second, and those for the random reading and writing reach 100,000 / 90,000 IOPS. A given non-negligible is that, despite the high warranty and the estimated duration in 1.5 million hours, Extreme PRO possess a rating of freshly 80TBW resistance (amount of rewritable data estimated).There is present, finally, a encryption system, and possess a shell resistant to shocks and water.


• Optimized performance for gaming
• V. R / W: 550/520 MB / s
• Up to 100,000 IOPS
• just 80TBW Resistance
480GB SanDisk Extreme PRO
960GB SanDisk Extreme PRO

Samsung 950 PRO

Review and buying guide of the best SSD in the market
Within the category of SSDs with M.2 PCIe connector support are the highest performing products, recommended by a strictly professional use. The Samsung PRO 950 is shown to be one of the SSD on the market faster and more reliable with a sequential read speeds up to 2.500MB / s and write until well 1.500MB / s. Another impressive figure is the equivalent to 300,000 IOPS read and 110,000 write. As you can see the power of this range is impressive when compared to the rest of the newly proposed products. It is available in memory sizes from 256GB and 516GB with prices obviously quite high and warranty up to 5 years. Unfortunately, these models are currently hard to find in the market. This is one of the most reliable SSD currently available.


• Standard and M.2 PCIe connector
• Speed R / W sequential: 2,500 / 1,500 MB / s
• 300,000 / 110,000 IOPS

Samsung 950 Pro 512GB

Intel 600P series

Best SSD in 2017 Most Reliable Solid State Drives at Amazon

The latest proposal for this category is the Intel 600P SSD series, comes with M.2 and PCIe interface connector. They definitely have high speed than the Samsung 950 PRO but have a much lower price. They are available in denominations of 128/256/512/1024 GB and their benefits increase with increasing capacity. The basic model has a little higher than sequential read speed of the SSD SATA 3, equal to 770MB / s. The 1TB version, however, reaches 1,800 MB / s read and 560MB / s write with an IOPS of 155,000 / 128,000. Not bad for a cheap product anyway.


• M.2 PCIe connector and interface
• V. R / W: 1.800 / 560 M / s
• 155,000 / 128,000 IOPS
• 3D V-NAND 1 Jan.
128GB Intel 600P
Intel 600P 256GB
Intel 600P 512GB
1TB Intel 600P

In conclusion: the future of the SSD hard drive

The SSD hard drive has been around for years. But three disadvantages slowed down its democratization among the general public: price, storage capacity and lifetime. Now, technological advances are such that these 3 major drawbacks virtually no longer exist and manufacturers are already starting to offer standard hard disk drives on their computers. In a few years, this will be the norm and conventional (mechanical) hard disks will disappear.
In addition to the products featured in this guide, there are other, perhaps equally valid and performing. You can comment on this article recommending your favorite product even if it is not present in this list.