Best Torrent Apps For Android | Fastest Torrent Downloader

An Android can also be used to download torrent files by using the fastest torrent downloader for Android. Let’s see the best torrent apps for Android that are so good at downloading music torrents, movie torrents & copyrighted software illegally.

With the BitTorrent protocol, you can share files of any kind with many people around the world, and we can do without the need for strict or central infrastructure nodes (servers). The torrent fact moving from one computer to another and this also makes it very easy to share video, software, music and more. In fact, there are millions of users around the world.
Best Torrent Apps For Android Fastest Torrent Downloader
This also means piracy, as many people know, but not necessarily. The torrent tool in itself is not a “thing to pirates”, and responsibility for the use we make of it falls on each of us. Having said that, in addition to a standard PC can also use an Android device to download the files. There are various Android applications to download from torrent. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Android apps for downloading torrents. Fastest Torrent downloader for Android. Ready to explore? Let’s start.

Let’s see some of the fastest torrent downloader for Android phones.

uTorrent- Torrent Downloader

uTorrent is one of the best known and multi platform apps to download from torrent. Born as a desktop application and then became popular even on mobile operating systems. Among the notable features, there is a mode for download only when there is WiFi, which is necessary because the mobile devices possess data connections. uTorrent has a very comprehensive settings panel, you can, for example, change the maximum bandwidth dedicated to the download/ upload or set priorities on file in case of simultaneous downloads. Another interesting feature is its lightness and a clear and clean user interface.
Be careful when you install the software. If we do not pay proper attention, we run the risk of installing adware and unnecessary additional software.

BitTorrent- Torrent Downloads

BitTorrent is the most famous torrent applications for Windows and OS X and for some time also exist for Android. It offers the minimum functions, with no limits to the speed and size of files. There are research, RSS, the possibility of limiting the speed, set priorities, and download only in Wi-Fi. This application really offers much in the way of customization and additional features, but it is simple to use. Between uTorent and BitTorrent, there is virtually no difference, except for aesthetics. Don’t miss.


aTorrent is a free application with advertising that offers a good number of elementary functions of torrent. You can search for files, for example, or add to downloads with magnetic links, set the folder to use for downloads and download multiple files simultaneously, in parallel. You can also select which files to download, if there are many links. Very important is the ability to download only in the presence of a Wi-Fi connection, or to stop the download if the phone is not charging. If you want to get rid of the ads you can buy the Pro version.

Vuze Torrent Downloader

Even Vuze Torrent Downloader is a very interesting and well-known part of the via torrent download. It has all the basic features of a torrent client for Android. However, it lacks the ability to automatically disable the download when the battery is low, and in any case to set a customized power plan. There are also delays when you add a torrent in the list, and the application occasionally seems to freeze for a moment. But then the download starts, and you download files also fast enough.
The interface is clean but not treated fairly. The style and the combination of colors (gray, white and blue) are well chosen, but the layout of the various elements is not always intuitive, especially on some screens. This is not a problem, after making a habit, but it leaves the impression of coarse application.

SmartTorrent Torrent Client

SmartTorrent is a great torrent client, with features you would expect from a desktop program. In addition to the internal search engine it does have the ability to customize the speed (up and down), only use the Wi-Fi, or set different priorities for each file. You can also customize the network ports. SmartTorrent is compatible with UPnP, NAT-PMP and proxy.
The free version does not download more than 250 KB / sec, but still has many interesting features. You can search for torrent directly within the app, or add them with magnetic link; do not miss the chance to add RSS feeds and check with downloads precision.

Flud – Torrent Downloader

It has become one of the favorites because of the number of functions it incorporates and that we can not find in other applications. It is one of the best and looks better that has taken advantage of the Material Design of Google. The free and paid versions are identical in functions and the only difference is that the free advertising displays.

CatTorrent – Torrent Client

Finally we found an application that is offered totally free. This is a great Android torrent app that is on top of its game when it comes to downloading using magnet links and torrent files all in one app. Do not miss the “WiFi only” mode, the change location of the download folder or the DHT support. This app is arguably the easiest to use and boasts of a very simple user interface. It makes interaction with the app easy even for a newbie. Simple and that fulfills its mission, without more.


FrostWire is part of a free open source project where all applications, desktop and Android, are free. However, we have in-app purchases to add features like YouTube searches. Includes music player, results filtering, “WiFi only” mode, multitude of download management options and file browser. In addition, it integrates with the desktop client, a reason for users of this program on Windows, Mac and Linux.


The latest application for downloading Torrent on Android is zetaTorrent. It is an advanced application with file manager, multitude of protocols supported, DHT, uTP and Peer Exchange. The paid version, whose price is 2.91$, has advanced features such as IP filtering or proxy support.

What are the best applications to download torrents?

That’s all for now, folks. These are the best torrent apps for Android, fastest torrent downloader. In any case, Android is full of alternatives, and surely we have left some application in the ink that serves to download Torrents. Did we miss any other app that deserves a place in this classification? Do you have a favorite among all the names? Let us know the name of the fastest torrent downloader for Android. Thank you for reading this.