Best universal remote control – reviews and buying guide

The TV, the DVD, the stereo, the fiber TV decoder, the satellite tuner … Each of the devices we have in the room has its own control. What if everything could control a device? Here’s our selection of the best universal remote control with reviews and buying guide.

In recent years, home entertainment has greatly improved due to technology. These days, many homes not only have a television but also have a variety of other electronic devices used for entertainment. Most people have Blu-ray and DVD players, video game consoles, and high-end stereo and surround sound systems found in homes around the world. While these devices make life more entertaining, wearing them can be a serious burden. All this messed up with many different remotes or even stray. A remote control can be a real headache when trying to operate multiple electronic devices with one. You do not have to live with the hassle, though. You can easily control everything in your home with a universal remote control.

What is the best universal remote control for TV, game console, DVD player, etc?

The audio and video devices we buy at home include their own remote controls, but it happens that soon we fill up with these small devices and can become cumbersome. Who has not taken the remote control of the TV to manipulate a DVD and vice versa? Sometimes we get so many remotes that we want to have only one that works for all devices.
That’s why a universal remote control is so useful. These devices concentrate on themselves all the possibilities of controlling the television and other devices we use, which is a great advantage when it comes to watching a movie at home. Here are some suggestions:

Logitech Harmony 650 Remote Control

Best universal remote control
Simplify your life with this stylish and functional universal remote control. It is loaded with so many features, that you will wonder how you have lived without it. The bright color screen helps you navigate easily through the menus and access your favorite channels.
You will not have to rummage around in the dark when you are watching your favorite movie with back-lit buttons is easy to find. You can also easily access all your programmed devices with one touch using the activity buttons. Also, do not have to worry about spending hours trying to program it. You can configure everything online using your computer as easily.


It has an affordable price.
Control up to eight different devices.
It is compatible with more than 5,000 brands.
The color screen gives you access to quick and favorite commands.
Programming is easy and can be done from your computer.
It has a help button for built-in support.
Controls game consoles.


On some units, there is a battery contact problem that can cause the remote control to reset itself if it is dropped or mistreated.
It does not offer as many options as the previous Logitech model.

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GE 33709 4-Device Universal Remote Control

universal remote control reviews 2017
This is probably the best budget-friendly universal remote control device for your TVs, Blu-ray player, soundbars, streaming media players, etc. With this four-device universal remote controller, you can control up to four different audio and video components. It works with all major television manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, Sharp and LG. it needs two AAA batteries to run. The GE can work for months on end before requiring battery replacement. Furthermore, the inclusion of features such as master volume control allows the GE to control the volume on every device that’s connected to the remote.


Universal remote for up to 4 devices
Compatible with all major brands of media players
Instruction manual and code library list included for easy setup


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Logitech Harmony 700 Rechargeable Remote

logitech harmony companion
Eliminate the need to buy batteries for your remote with this universal rechargeable model that is loaded with tons of features. Simply plug the remote control into an outlet when the battery’s display is low, and it’s good to spend another full week. You never have to buy or replace the batteries again.
That’s not all that this remote offers. It has a bright color screen for all your favorites, one-touch buttons and easy computer setup. If you get stuck, there is an integrated help option that helps you connect up to six of your components. You can feel confident buying this remote, too, as it is backed by a one-year warranty.


Comes with a rechargeable battery that is charged with a power outlet.
It features a color touchscreen for easy access to your favorite channels and other information.
It is easily configured on your PC or Mac.
The ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to hold.
It is compatible with the most modern entertainment electronics in the home.
The buttons have a solid feel to them and they do not feel cheap.


The overall plastic body of the remote feels a bit cheap.
With each remote, you need a separate online account: multiple remote controls cannot be linked to the same account.
It only works with six components, while many others at this price handle eight.
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Inteset INT-422 4-in-1 Universal Remote

Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote for Apple TV Xbox One Roku Media Center
If you use Apple TV, Media Center, Roku, or Xbox One in your home, the Inteset INT-411 four-in-one universal remote should be at the top of your list. It comes pre-programmed to work with all of these devices. The remote is backlit, which makes nighttime use much easier. When it comes to connecting directly to the television itself, the Inteset features a worldwide database of device codes for connecting to all the top television manufacturers by completely replacing their default remote controls. One of the best features is its macro-programming functionality. This means that you can program a string of commands, making use much easier. Don’t miss.


Preset to work with new devices.


Small buttons
Complicated setup
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Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote

best universal remote control for tv game console
You will never have to buy another remote control once you have this Logitech model. It has the ability to be programmed to control up to 15 different devices so it’s not just for televisions. You can easily control Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PS3, Xbox One, and thousands of other devices, all with just this remote control.
The touchscreen gives this remote control a modern look and makes it easy to use. You can set up to 50 favorite channels that are easily accessible, perform one-touch commands and use the remote control with the Harmony application so you can do many things from your smartphone. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a docking station, so you do not have to worry about buying batteries. Best of all, RF technology allows you to control your devices from another room through the closet doors.


It supports almost all devices, including game consoles and transmit devices.
RF technology allows you to control devices through walls, cabinets, or other obstructions.
Controls up to 15 devices.
The touchscreen is easy to use and is fully customizable.
It works with your smartphone to provide even more convenience.
It has a rechargeable battery and a charging spring.
The size is not too large, so it is comfortable to use.


Repair service is not available after the warranty expires.
The battery can not be replaced, so the entire unit will have to be replaced if the battery is turned off.
It is more expensive than other remotes.
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What is a universal remote control?

A universal remote control is a remote control that is designed to operate more than one electronic device. A universal remote is programmed for many home appliances, including televisions, sound bars, cable boxes and more. At the touch of a button, you can turn the systems on and off, adjust the volume level, or change channels without using many different remotes.

Most universal remotes share a number of basic design elements:

 A power button, as well as a switch or a series of buttons to select the device that the remote control is currently controlling. A typical selection includes TV, VCR, DVD and CBL / SAT along with other devices that sometimes include DVRs, audio equipment or home automation devices.
 Channel and volume selectors up / down (sometimes marked with + and – signs).
 A numeric keypad to enter channel numbers and some other purposes such as time and date input.
Some universal remotes allow code lists programmed into the remote control to be updated to support new brands or device models that are not currently supported by the remote control. Some high-level universal remotes require you to connect to a computer. The connection is usually made via USB from the computer to mini-USB on the remote control or remote control base station.

What are the advantages of owning a universal remote control?

A universal remote control makes using your home electronics much easier and convenient. You will not have to worry about losing a remote for a device, and you also do not have to worry about the clutter of your coffee table or nightstand with many different remotes. You can easily control any of your home theater components or other electronic devices quickly using only a handheld remote control.

What are the different types of universal remote controls?

If you’ve ever bought a universal remote and have given up frustration or if you’ve never bought one before and are considering trying one out, being familiar with the types available on the market will help make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Traditional Universal Remote Controls

These remote controls can operate a variety of different devices simply by entering a code. You have to enter a specific code based on the make and model of your electronic device. Many different devices can be stored on these easy-to-use remotes.

Universal Remote Controls with Touchscreen

Instead of having regular buttons like most remote controls, these remote controls use a touchscreen interface to fully control their devices. Not only are they easy to use, they also have a more modern look.

Wi-Fi Universal Remote Controls

These remotes work like other versions, with only one additional benefit of connecting to your Wi-Fi network. This allows you to see what is playing on the TV on the integrated LCD screen, so you can skip the reading of your cable or satellite guide.

RF Universal Remote

RF or Radio Frequency, the remote uses radio waves to control their devices. This means that you can easily control blocked devices in one or another room.

Considerations for choosing the best universal remote control

If you have decided that a universal remote control will simplify your life and you are ready to make a purchase of a device of these, there are some things to keep in mind. These four things should be taken into account to ensure that you get most of the function and value of your new remote control.

Compatibility with components

Before you buy a universal remote control, it is important to make sure it is compatible with your components. There are brand-specific remotes, but you should make sure you select one that is compatible with your TV. Many people choose to use a remote control that is not tied to a specific electronic tag.

Control of components

Before buying a universal remote, you need to think about how many components you want to control. Some basic remotes will only control two or three different components, while the more advanced models can control eight or more.

Easy to use

A universal remote control is not useful if it is too difficult to operate. Look for remote controls that have an easy-to-use interface, program with just the touch of a few buttons, and have convenient features that make your life easier.


Price is always a consideration with any purchase, so look for the remotes within your own personal budget. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, a basic universal remote that controls many devices at the same time will be your best choice. If you are willing to spend a little more, you can get an advanced remote control with a color screen and the ability to control all your electronic devices.


Simplify your life and clear all old remotes from your coffee table or living room by investing in a high-quality universal remote. You will be surprised how convenient it is to control multiple devices with just a remote control. If you want the best features to be packed into an elegant remote control, the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote is one you should consider. With its touchscreen design, easy to set up and use interface, compatibility with more than 270,000 devices, and its ability to work with a smartphone makes this the only remote control you need in your home. Don’t forget to share this with your social friends. Thank you.