Best USB Type C Flash Drive 2017

More power, more speed, reversible and the same pin at both ends. Reviews and buying guide to choose the best USB Type C Flash Drive 2017 from the Amazon online store.

The USB Type-C connector works to quickly transfer information between mobile devices, laptops, tablets and future devices that have this port enabled. More and more consumers are buying Ultra-mobile PCs, smartphones and tablets that have this new and advanced USB standard, so it is fundamental to offer a complete ecosystem of compatible products. Today, we have made a selection of the best USB Type C flash drive 2017. But before that let’s know what the USB Type C is and the advantages of this new connection.

What is USB Dual Type C?

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a standard of cables and connections for passing electrical energy and data between electronic devices. The first standard came in 1998 and in August 2014 saw the latest light, the famous USB Type C along with a new version of data exchange speeds and power step, USB 3.1.
There is a difference between the type of connector and the USB version. That is, each form of connector has a data rate and a limit on the current of the electric current it supports. The pins with USB Type A and Type B only have 4 connections, but the pins with USB 3.1 Type C have 24, so they support more energy and speed.

Advantages of USB Type C

The advantages of having a new standard are quite clear as more power and more speed. But it is also accompanied by a reversible Type C plug, that is, it does not matter the orientation in which you connect it since it works in any position.
In the very near future all the connections of a laptop will be USB type C because having data and a lot of energy can become whatever. There are already initiatives by Intel so that the sound is passed to digital by USB Type C, goodbye to the headphone jack and the Moto Z. The next generation of HDMI will also be via USB Type C. And for the power supply the USB Type C supports up to 100W, and a laptop works with about 19W.

The top rated and best selling USB Type C Flash Drive in Amazon in 2017

After showing you the top SSD external hard drive Type C and USB-C Adapters and Cables for Macbook Pro, now we show you the top quality USB Type C Flash Drive 2017. Ready to discover? Let’s start.

Silicon Power C80 64GB Type C Flash Drive

Best USB Type C Flash Drive 2017
This is probably the best USB type c flash drive for mobile devices, PCs and new MacBook. It has a dual interface that supports both for Type-C and standard Type-A USB 3.0 ports. 360° swivel cap design adds a sturdy swivel cap to protect the connectors, and the zinc alloy casing features sandblasting treatment that enables superior resistance to scratches and fingerprints. You can enjoy much easier and faster data transmission. You can do this without constraints of internet signals and different kinds of cables and adapters.
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Sandisk Ultra 64GB Dual Drive USB Type-C

Sandisk Ultra 64GB Dual Drive USB Type C
The SanDisk Dual USB Drive Type-C is a flash drive that has two connectors for easy compatibility with multiple devices. This pendrive has a USB Type-C connector which, as we have already mentioned, will be the next USB standard and a USB 3.1 connector to guarantee communication at maximum speed.
The SanDisk Dual USB Type-C connector is reversible, so you end up having to turn the device around to connect it to the first one. On the other hand, its compatibility with most operating systems makes it a highly recommended option. The SanDisk storage device has a simple and convenient design to use. It is constructed with a hard plastic that looks good and looks very resistant. The hinge that allows you to switch between the Type-C and USB connector looks robust and fits easily on each side so it does not move.

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Samsung MUF-64DA1/WW USB Type-C 3.1 Flash Drive

Top rated best selling USB type c dual flash drive
With a full metal construction, the design quality of this USB Type C flash drive is really important, and it does it very well against shocks. It is a very compact and stylish pendrive and you can keep it in your pocket with keys or anywhere without any hassle. In addition to being anti-collision, the key is also waterproof, which means it resists diving in the water as well as dust. Speeds though not top range but are very satisfactory. The speed of sequential data reading is close to 150 MB per second, while they can almost reach 80 MB per second in sequential writing. The capacity of this version is 64 GB.
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Kingston Digital 32GB Data Traveler Micro Duo USB 3C

Kingston Digital 32GB Data Traveler Micro Duo USB 3C
DataTraveler microDuo 3C has a dual interface that works with both standard USB and USB Type-C ports. It’s an ideal way to provide up to 64GB of extra storage for the latest smartphones, tablets, PCs and Mac computers, which may have limited expansion ports and it’s easier than sharing files via online services. It’s plug and play and fast, with speeds up to 100MB/s read and 15MB/s write. It also has a rotating cap to protect the reversible USB Type-C connector.
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What is the best USB Type C flash drive with dual connector?

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