Best video game console reviews | top 10 gaming consoles of all time

Rainy days, sunny days, snowing, thundering, in winter, in summer. It did not matter, with the best gaming console it was as if time did not exist. We present you the top 10 best video game console ever created.

All work and no play make each child feel very miserable. In addition after school to the house to do homework and when they are done, all children deserve to have a little fun. While playing outside and getting plenty of fresh air is very important, sometimes children just want to stay indoors, especially on rainy days or when it is too hot or too cold. One indoor activity that boys and girls of all ages enjoy is playing video games. In order to play video games, and make them happy a game console designed especially for children is something that should add to your home. Here.s our selection of the top 10 best game console of all time with reviews.

Top 10 gaming consoles reviews – game consoles list of 2017

The game consoles that have marked history are very present in the minds of most gamers. We have made a selection of consoles that, for one reason or another, had a greater impact on how to consume, understand and enjoy video games.

Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi Review

Best video game console reviews
Sony, the main competitor of Nintendo, sneaks into this list with the console PS Vita. Its latest model includes Quadcore processor and 5-inch screen. In addition, it is more powerful and faster than its great rival, the Nintendo 3DS XL.
Its catalog of games is radically different from the one of Nintendo. The PS Vita puts more emphasis on game graphics and its realism, rather than on a stylish cartoon design.
There are games for all tastes. Virtually all designed for the PS4 can be played in PS Vita, and sports and action are especially comfortable thanks to the double control stick. As a novelty of this model, you also have a tactile back panel.
All this can easily convince any lover of video games, but also keep in mind that according to the pack the PS Vita can easily become the most expensive portable console.


Fantastic gaming experience
Sturdy build
Stunning display
Game titles available pre and post launch


Very expensive
No internal memory
Poor battery life
No charging via USB
Poor browser
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Xbox 360 E 4GB Console Review

Xbox 360 E 4GB Console review
The Xbox 360 is one of the most popular consoles in the market and has been redesigned with a more modern look to create the Xbox 360 E, a console that the whole family can enjoy. This unit is compatible with all Xbox 360 games, including E for all and M for mature games. It is also compatible with previous versions so that it plays all original Xbox games.
If you and the kids get tired of video games, you can sit back and enjoy a movie. This console allows you to watch your favorite DVD discs and you can also stream movies, TV shows and other videos using built-in Wi-Fi, which is also ideal for online games. This system can be used with the included AV cable for standard definition playback, or you can use an HDMI cable (not included) for high definition gaming and realistic gaming.


It has built-in Wi-Fi. Plays DVDs and streams content.
You can play with the Kinect (sold separately) for fun and active play.
It can be used to play online and download content.
There are many games available for players of all ages.
It comes with everything you need to connect it to your TV.
It works with standard and high definition televisions.


Packages that include games cost more.
It does not play Blu-ray like other consoles.
It does not come with an HDMI cable.
A paid subscription is required to access all online content and games.
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Nintendo New 3DS Review

Nintendo New 3DS XL reviews
The differences between the New Nintendo 3DS and the previous model are a better achieved and more stable 3D, longer battery life and a new joystick that allows you to change the perspective in some games. In addition, it is noticeably faster than its predecessor. The New Nintendo 3DS is also compatible with the Amiibo, the Nintendo figurines that many collectively avid. For all this, logically, it is a little more expensive.
Again, we have two models to choose, normal or XL. I usually recommend the XL for the larger screen size (which makes the games infinitely more comfortable) but in the case of the New Nintendo 3DS. The small model also has its charm.
The small version of the New Nintendo 3DS can be customized with covers of varied design. In addition, the white color has the four colored buttons.


Vastly improved 3D effects
Dual analog controls
More processing power
Even more features


Battery life hasn’t tangibly improved
No boost to screen resolution
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Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set

top 10 best gaming consoles of all time
Nintendo has adopted its classic system and has made it modern with the introduction of the Wii U. Players will love playing classic characters like Mario and Luigi with the modern graphics and features of today’s game systems. This package comes with two preloaded games that are appropriate for children of all ages. The console also comes equipped with its signature driver, which features a built-in miniature display for more interactive fun.
This unit has built-in Wi-Fi, so you can use it to surf the web, play online and download additional content. Its interface makes it easy to use applications like YouTube and Netflix, making it more than a gaming system – it’s a complete entertainment system that the whole family can enjoy. It can connect to standard TVs as well as high-definition sets for maximum viewing and gaming experience.


Comes with two fun games that kids will enjoy.
The interactive controller is unique and adds to the fun.
Comes with everything you need to get started.
It connects to Wi-Fi to browse the Internet, download and other online activities.
It has many games appropriate for the age of the children.


The HDMI cable is not included. It does not play DVD or Blu-Ray discs.
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Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4 review with pros cons
Following the popularity of its PS3, Sony launched the PlayStation 4, which instantly became one of the most popular consoles for children and adults. This game system offers very clear graphics, a wide selection of games in all genres, dual shock controllers for a more realistic experience and multiple features that make it more than just a gaming system.
This includes the built-in drive, which reads Blu-Ray discs and DVDs for high-definition movie viewing. Those who enjoy streaming will find it easier than ever with built-in Wi-Fi, which also gives you access to a variety of popular applications today with downloadable content. This also makes online games possible. This console comes with all connections including an HDMI cable for high definition gaming as well as a controller to get you started.


A variety of games are available for all ages.
Comes with an HDMI cable for high definition playback.
It has built-in Wi-Fi.
There are several applications available to download for free.
It does not require a paid subscription to play online or access all content online.
Has many accessories in the market
It has a large built-in unit for storage.


It is quite expensive. Does not come with any games
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Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim PS4 slim review with pros cons
PS4 Slim is the new version of Sony’s console released on September 15, 2016, whose task is to overwrite the standard PS4 model. The differences are to be found practically from a constructive and dimensional point of view. As the name suggests, PS4 Slim is thinner (39mm vs. 53rd standard model) and less bulky. Hardware-level differences are needed in the most up-to-date Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, and in reduced power consumption. Oh, we almost forgot: inside is the new version of the DualShock controller, with slightly revised dimensions and the new semi-transparent central pad that glimpses the light bar typical of the fourth version of the controller.


Incredibly quiet
Much more energy efficient
Looks lovely
Easier to expand HDD space


Controller analog sticks still not durable enough
The PS4 Pro makes this a tough sell to dedicated fans
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Nintendo New 2DS XL Review

Nintendo New 2DS XL Review pros cons
If the budget is the basic factor that will decide your purchase of a portable console, then it is clear: your best option is the Nintendo 2DS. It is not the most beautiful portable console (in my opinion), nor the fastest, nor the one with the largest screens, but of course, it is the cheapest. You can find it for just around 150 US Dollar, plus a gift set.
For that price, and even renouncing the larger screens of the XL models, you have the possibility to enjoy all the games in the Nintendo catalog. You can be ideal as a gateway to the universe of portable consoles, or even to give a child as the first console.


Great build quality
Attractive design
Big screens
Massive back catalog of games
Amiibo support


Short stylus
Not the longest battery life
Screen isn’t the brightest
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PlayStation 3 Review

PlayStation 3 500 GB System review pros cons
This is the third Sony console: the PS3 or PlayStation 3. It was officially launched on November 12, 2006, in Japan and then in almost every country in the world. This console reached a number of sales superior to the 77 million units. One of its biggest innovations was the introduction of the PlayStation Network, which allows download games, buy games and play demos. One of the most sold games of this console was “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” with approximately 12 million copies.


No worries or hassles about online requirements, used games, long-term ownership
Cheaper than Xbox One
Powerful build
Lots of quality first party studios such as Naughty Dog
Much improved control pad
Better User Interface
Much smaller box


General lack of reliability when it comes to online services and updates
Prone to overheating
Lack of support for external hard-drives
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Xbox 360 Game Console Review

Xbox 360 Game Console Review pros cons
The Xbox 360 is the second console of Microsoft, is one of the most popular worldwide because of its high graphics, control, applications and a long etcetera. It was launched in the United States, Japan, and Europe between 2005 and 2006 and currently competes with the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. It has sold 74 million copies to date. The big disadvantage of the Xbox (and the reason why it was after the PS3) is that its Xbox Live, which allows downloading content and playing online, is payable, unlike its rival PS3. The best-selling game on this console is Kinect Adventures, with more than 19 million sales.


Good looking design
Vast game library
Fast loading
Best online action
Cross game voice chat
Open mic system
Most shooters are better on the console


Noisy cooling fans
Few kid-friendly games
It seems the system’s DVD drive tray could eventually jam
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Sega Genesis Review

Sega Genesis Classic Game Console 2017 Version review pros and cons
In the last place is Sega Genesis (known in some countries as Sega Mega Drive). This console was very popular all over the world especially in South America, being considered as one of the best consoles of SEGA, receiving excellent reviews, almost everyone knew it, it was durable and resistant if it fell to the floor it still worked.
It came to sell more than 30 million units. The best-selling game was Sonic the Hedgehog with approximately 6 million copies.


Lightweight and easy to carry.
Built-In 81 Games
There is a cartridge slot so you can play your old Sega Genesis games.
There are two controller ports included so if you’re not a fan of the wireless controllers, you can use the original classic Sega Genesis controllers.


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What is a video game console?

A game console is something that connects to a television in order to use it to play video games. The console comes with cables that are used with the TV to display the image on the screen as well as cables that use the TV speakers for sound. The console can come with additional accessories that make it possible to play games. There are units designed specifically for children, as well as units that play all sorts of games, including those oriented towards adults.

What are the advantages of owning a video game console?

On rainy days, your children may get bored and want something to do. While reading books, making crafts, and engaging in other fun activities are fine, making it a bit of video game time, especially when you buy educational and fun games. These games are a great way to help with boredom, keep kids concerned, and even help them learn a thing or two when selecting the right games.

What are the different types of video game consoles?

If you want to keep your kids busy at home or while on the road, there is a game console that is right for you. In order to make a more informed purchase, the first step is to know what types of consoles are available, as well as the differences between them.

Children only consoles

These are designed exclusively with children in mind. This can mean that they are available in bright, fun colors, have drivers designed for little hands, and have games that are made just for kids. These are connected directly to your TV.

Portable consoles

Can be used while on the move. They are powered by batteries that can be changed or recharged, depending on the system you choose. These have smaller screens, built-in and do not require any type of connection to operate.

Consoles for all ages

They are the most popular and include consoles of the best brands like Nintendo and Sony. These can be used by children with games designed for certain age ranges, but these consoles also have games for teens and seniors.

Considerations for choosing the best video game console

Whether you’re buying a console for the first time or replacing an outdated computer with a model that uses the latest technology and has more features, you’ll want to know what’s on the market before you spend your money. Once you have decided to make a purchase for your home, you will have to evaluate the features of each console to ensure you get the best of your money and a product that your children will love to use.


Game consoles are not exactly cheap, so you should set your budget before you start shopping. Before you buy the cheapest, however, make sure you have plenty of games to choose from and it comes with the accessories you need. Evaluate all other functions before making a purchase of the console based solely on the price.


Evaluate each product to see what accessories are included with your purchase. If several players want to play at once, look for bonus consoles that have more than one controller. If you plan to play online, a headset is something that you might need. You also want to make sure that all the cables you need for proper connection are included to avoid additional costs.
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Games included

If you want to play your console directly from the box, purchase a package that includes one or more games. These packages may be a little more expensive initially, but you’ll save money by buying a console and games separately. When shopping for children, you also want to make sure that the included games are age appropriate.

Other featured features

You can use many of the latest consoles to do more than just play. If you like movies, look for one that plays DVDs or Blu-ray. If you would like to play online or want to download content, make sure that the selected model has a Wi-Fi capability.
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Why settle for a gaming system when you can get a complete entertainment experience for your kids? Whether you are installing to play the latest fun game for kids or everyone gets together to watch a family movie together, the Sony PlayStation 4 is a console that your whole family can enjoy. Although it has an expensive price, exceptional graphics, a wide variety of games and versatility make this an excellent choice for players of all ages.
So, what is the best portable game console? It all depends on several factors, such as your likes in terms of genres of video games, and the budget you have. Let us know your opinions. You can simply use the comment section. Thank you.