Best video games for PlayStation 4 | Top 10 PS4 Games 2017

Adventure in various genres of the best video games for PlayStation 4 of the moment. You will find everything in this top 10 PS4 Games 2017 from shooting games to racing and RPG, just take a look.

Each month leaves a large number of video games dedicated to various platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC) and it is not always easy to decide where to invest your money. For this reason, we decided to gather a selection of the top PS4 games currently be purchased both online and in physical stores, in order to simplify your choice. Given the very large number of products, for our list of the best video games for PlayStation 4, we decided to select only those titles we reviewed and are able to achieve the highest ratings (in this case above 8). We also invite you to read our list of the best and essential PS4 accessories. Let’s discover the best PS4 video games below.
Best video games for PlayStation 4 Top 10 PS4 Games 2017

Do you have a PlayStation 4 and still do not know which are the best games of the moment? Do not worry! We’ve prepared a list of the titles that are currently booming. In it you will find everything from shooting games to racing and RPG, just take a look.

Horizon Zero Down PS4

A masterpiece. Hard to define Horizon Zero Dawn with other terms. Horizon Zero Down is a post-apocalyptic game out of the ordinary. In the not-too-distant future, with no power and scarce resources, it takes a lot of strategy and common sense to overcome challenges and interact with savage creatures and intelligent machines. In addition, the player gets extremely exposed, which forces him to fight constantly and experience the most fun part of the game: the action. Horizon Zero Down could not be left out of the list of the best games for PS4 of 2017.
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Nioh PlayStation 4

Nioh is more than a beautiful Japanese RPG that offers far more than the lovers of this genre had hoped for. With a resilient climate typical of feudal Japan, the game has mechanics that elevate it to the level of titles already renowned as Dark Souls and delivery even more with a pinch of honor, glory and destruction. The trajectory is difficult for those who risk playing, but the scenario compensates and the possibilities never end.
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For Honor PlayStation 4

From Ubisoft finally arrives with a totally new IP For Honor, a very unique action game based on the realistic art of the sword from different eras and traditions. We can control four different breeds like the Vikings or the samurai to give life to epic battles in which the timing of the attacks and defense will make the difference between victory and defeat.
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The Witcher III PS4

Last chapter of the saga, the game The Witcher III begins exactly where the previous edition ended. Now it is necessary to help Gerald of Rivia, a feared warrior, escape from an order of ghostly knights, to Wild Hunt. In a world full of surprises and possibilities, this game has a bigger map than previous editions, and each choice taken by the player will bring a consequence in the short or long term.
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Uncharted 4

Already mentioned in our top PS4 games 2016 list, Uncharted 4 brings a new treasure and new maneuvers to the series. With the newest tool in hand, a hook, Nathan Drake will need to cross cliffs, scroll objects and even climb in this edition of the Uncharted saga. The game has challenges that will make you explore new environments, even being able to hide from enemies. The main character, in the company of his older brother and a friend, will go out in search of a new treasure. It is also possible to live this adventure with your friends in multiplayer mode.
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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

In view of the shooter, Ghost Recon series has always been a consumer more niche and looking for more tactical and realistic experience. The new Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands responds precisely to this request innovating like a third-person shooter open world in which we will have complete freedom to plan every single mission, from the more stealth action or until the equipment selections.
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With a good deal of difficulty and a hidden and shadowy plot, Bloodborne is in the midst of an epidemic that plagues the ancient city of Yharnam. This action RPG game is not a stretch and will require a lot of patience and dedication from the player, especially after the character has failed for the tenth time. There are those who say that this is too heavy a title, but there are also those who consider this one of the best games for PS4 for anyone who wants adrenaline and a dash of terror!
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Nier Automata

Platinum Games and Square Enix have an ambitious new Nier Automata, an action game highly anticipated by fans and critics that will take us to deal with a mechanical menace in a very unique dystopian universe, populated by unique and very interesting characters.
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Battlefield 1

A game that appeals to new and old players, Battlefield 1 is extremely tactical, with a captivating companion and an intense and busy multiplayer mode for up to 64 players. Set in World War I, this game has many beautiful scenes and first-class sound effects, as well as high interaction with the rich scenery and detail of the story. For those who like shooting games, Battlefield 1 will please.
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Mass Effect Andromeda

The anticipation is really high for the great return of the series created by Bioware and distributed by EA Games. Mass Effect Andromeda will allow us to address entirely new adventure, in which accompany the brothers Ryder looking for a new home for mankind. The return to its former glory, with a high rate realistic elements and a great attention to the exploration are just some of the items that this title will be a best buy insured.
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Driveclub is a simple, fast and fun racing game. Although not a recent title, Driveclub still guarantees fun with fast and exciting racing. No wonder he’s always among the most sought-after games of the genre. The steering calibration is balanced and there are several upgrades and expansions that make the game well complete, as well as beautiful. Driveclub is a middle ground between simulation and arcade and has a simple goal: to gain fame in racing entering clubs and conquering new cars.
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person 5

Despite the number listed in the title, Person 5 is actually the sixth chapter of this popular RPG series that so successfully managed to unleash in Japan, but also in the West. Taking up some classic mechanics combined with a substantial renovation to the game system, Person 5 will bring us to live a thrilling adventure and discover the charm of the streets of Tokyo in a mix of strategy and J-Pop.
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The Last Guardian

Establishing a relationship of trust between a boy and a gigantic wild creature is the great challenge of this game. The art is beautiful, and if you like quieter games, you will enjoy the advance of the fantasy story of The Last Guardian. An adventure with many challenges, mysteries and puzzles along the way (and even possible battles), this game will take you to a mythical universe where friendship and respect are the basis of everything.
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After a first chapter that will intrigue, but not to make his mark, Prey is back in a new guise, in which accompany a researcher within an orbiting base hit by a strange epidemic. In a blend of action, stealth and paranormal powers, we will have to escape from the facility making the most of our skills and planning the most of every single action.
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Final Fantasy XV

After long years of waiting, Final Fantasy XV has finally been released, and with class. One of the most famous RPG franchises ever created today is with even more amazing looks and flawless soundtrack in this version, which promises to be the best of them all. Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis bring the true essence of Final Fantasy into a friendship relationship and many common moments that are still worth our attention.
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Resident Evil 7

Another game that stands out in its new version is Resident Evil. Already in the seventh edition, this game contains even more terrifying events and tense scenes that bring realism and rhythm to the game. First-person gameplay gives you even more sense of being inside the house where the plot unfolds, going through moments of holding your breath and sweating cold. Those who like terror will identify themselves by playing Resident Evil 7.
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Tekken 7

Having aroused the enthusiasm of many fans in the land of the Rising Sun, Tekken 7 also arrives on consoles and PC in its final edition. Exploiting the full potential of the last generation of consoles, the new King of the Iron Fist Tournament will put us in front of the classic spectacle of his fights combined with a new and very interesting story mode. A must-have for all fans of this historic series.
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Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration

If you are a fan of action games, Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th Year Celebration can not miss in your collection. It comes with a one-year delay on the PlayStation 4, but it is a very young way, that lets you play with pleasure even by those who never liked the Lara Croft saga.
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Wipeout Omega Collection

The most famous anti-gravity universe racing finally comes on PlayStation with Wipeout Omega Collection. This interesting collection includes within it the remastered and optimized editions for PS4 and PS4 Pro Wipeout HD Fury Wipeout and Wipeout 2048, previously the exclusive PS Vita. A game you absolutely can not miss if you are fans of this particular genre.
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Still you have not bought DOOM and are wasting your time to read these lines? What are you waiting? Joking aside, this year DOOM came back in better shape than ever: it’s fun, brutal, and frenetic, with an incredible soundtrack and got stunning graphics division. Another highly recommended title.
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Watch Dogs 2

We were really glad to post Watch Dogs 2 on this list (in our review has earned an 8). It is not a perfect game, but playing with it you have the impression that the dynamics created by the development team had to be the ones announced and actually not implemented in the first Watch Dogs.
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In your opinion, what are the best video games for PlayStation 4?

That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the best video games for PlayStation 4. This selection of the top PS4 games 2017 will please game lovers of any genre. Do you have any doubt in choosing the title that is right for you, or you want to suggest a few games to be included in the collection? Use the comments box below!

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