Best Virtual Reality Headsets – Top VR 3D Glasses at Amazon

 If you want to get your own virtual reality headset, you will have a lot to think and study. Top help you, Here’s our selection of the best virtual reality headsets in 2017.

The virtual reality is the logical evolution of 3D technology, making it the viewer that is integrated into the stage, obtaining a much more immersive experience obtained so far with 3D. These virtual reality headsets are gaining more presence in all kinds of games, movies, documentaries, educational applications, etc.
One of the reasons for this expansion is the ability to use these VR headsets with your smartphone. Some VR headsets are specially designed to process the stereoscopic effect that facilitates an immersive experience.
In recent months many have emerged virtual reality glasses for smartphones, with which you can live this experience using your own smartphone. Thanks to this increased supply, prices have dropped considerably and in stores such as Amazon, you can find a variety of these devices.

Here are a few suggestions that we found on Amazon, showing that virtual reality does not have to be expensive.

3D VR Google Cardboard for Smartphones

best-virtual-reality-headsets-top-rated Google was one of the first to bet on the technology of virtual reality applied to smartphones featuring the Google Cardboard. The concept is so simple that the objective was that the user would create their own virtual reality glasses economically. These glasses do not come assembled in the strict sense of the word to use because you only have to fold them at the points marked and fit the fasteners into their corresponding slots.
All you have to do to start with it is to place a phone in the box before setting it to your head. The best thing about this is that the phone usually has gyroscopic sensors to refine the movements you do with the head, so it will offer the same experience as others more expensive choices.
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Samsung Gear VR

Best Virtual Reality Headsets Samsung has created one of the best virtual reality glasses you can find in the market, the Samsung Gear VR. This viewer is also known as Oculus Rift Lite and Samsung collaborated with the company to develop it. This virtual reality device uses a Galaxy processor to run and putting the phone in front of the lens you can enjoy your own virtual reality.
Everything in the design of the Samsung Gear VR is oriented to have the best user experience and certainly achieved. The optical design allows a visual angle of 96 ° obtaining an extraordinary sharpness in the image. But the Samsung Gear VR offer more than great quality to display content in virtual reality. It also includes specific hardware for improved control during the game, including proximity sensors, accelerometer, and gyroscope. Ther’s also a touch control to make navigation easier.
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HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System

The HTC Vive was created in collaboration with a company called Valve, the maker of Half-Life. This model VR goggles connects to PC and works with Valve Mammoth Gaming Ecosystem. In addition, it incorporates a package of 70 sensors to track the head 360 degrees, with a refresh rate of 90 Hz which will help maintain low latency. On the other hand, it is built with technology Context-Aware Controller that lets you shoot, move and interact with all elements in the virtual world. Fortunately, that has not been a problem in the time that we have been testing with the best games for HTC Vive, of which soon also talk to our blog. This device can give you a unique experience.
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PlayStation VR

playstation-vr-review This virtual reality helmet will come before Christmas and expectations are very high.
It has an OLED with a resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels and a field of view of 100 degrees. The highlight is its refresh rate which has about 60 Hz initial but thanks to a technology developed by Sony ends up being 120 Hz, making it possible to experience virtual reality games at maximum fps. It offers low persistence, which should mean less distortion in the movements. Moreover, this new model offers virtual reality glasses that have been addressed latency issues with an update of 18 ms reading . In addition, it has nine LEDs that help you have a better awareness of the position in which you find yourself. Because of its low price, virtual reality glasses for PS4 and date of sale, it has the potential to go big.
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Microsoft Hololens

microsoft-hololens-development-edition Microsoft is not typical copying things from the competition, and for that reason have created the Hololens. It combines reality with virtual settings to become one of the best and most ambitious projects ever created. In other words, if you’ve played Minecraft, you will see this on your kitchen table or you can also walk by Mars while you are comfortably sitting in your living room. It operates based on gestures Kinect to recognize your own voice and your head can rotate 120 degrees to get a complete picture. It is available with high-resolution graphics and you have a postcard-size view. If that’s not enough, you also know that you do not need any connection to a PC. These fantastic VR glasses come incorporated with Windows 10 and a battery.
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Andoer 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality

andoer-3d-vr-glasses-virtual-reality Another recommended headset that you can get at a very affordable price, with very important features. The product features a 3D VR with a wireless multifunctional Mini-game controller. The good thing, unlike the previous products, is that you have in your hands a selfie stick to achieve capture photos from the front camera of your mobile phone.
Designed exclusively for smartphones and creates the experience of going to the movies anywhere you find you just put it.
It comes in several colors at a very low price compared to quality and price. You can enjoy 3D movies with a wonderful feeling. It is compatible with any PC, Android and iOS devices. You can also connect the device to any Smart TV through a Bluetooth 3.0 system.
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These are all virtual reality helmets that you need to know about in order to excellence, as selected by our resident expert goggle-user. So, as you can see, there are plenty of options to choose between virtual reality helmets. And if you had not heard of any, now know a little more to make a good decision. Do you know any other device that deserves a position in this best virtual reality headsets? Let us know in the comments. Thank you for reading this.