Best voice changer apps for Android (Free Download)

Here’s our selection of the best voice changer apps for Android you can download free from the Google Play Store. Change your voice and have fun imitating effortlessly.

Imitating the voice of another person is an art. There are those who have a lot of joke in this task and it is the center of the celebrations and the family reunions. Just by hearing the name of the character or person to imitate, changes the voice and speaks like him to perfection. Examples are many and some have made a living out of it.
Best voice changer apps for Android Free Download
But since we do not all have the same talent, we have to resort to digital aid. Thanks to the voice modifiers or digital modulators, you can change your voice with the help of a simple mobile app. The laughter is assured. Who has not aspirated helium to speak sharper or sulfur hexafluoride to have the voice of Darth Vader? Today we present the best voice changer apps for Android with which you can make fun with F&F.

The best applications to change your voice on Android and make funny prank phone calls to your friends!

Our smartphone is very useful for a lot of things. Among them to have fun and laugh with our friends. Here are the best apps to change your voice on Android. Sure you have a great time and have a good time.
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Best Voice Changer

In line with its name, Best Voice Changer is one of the best apps to change your voice on Android devices. Its design is not the best, but you will see the list of available and differentiated voices with an icon of each character. The list of characters is very varied: Robot, Monster, Smurf, Child, Extraterrestrial, Helium, Hexafluoride, Phone, Drunk, Fan, Radio, Astronaut … And once you have recorded and converted the voice, you can share the result with your contacts through of WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook or LINE.

RoboVox Voice Changer

Being a robot was never easier. With RoboVox, you can change your voice to one of the many robots that populate television and film fiction. This app provides up to 32 different voices like Darth Vader, HAL, Dalek … you can imitate in real time, repeating or Recording the voice. You can also modulate your voice by hand and achieve unexpected voices with a metallic and robotic tone.

Voice changer with effects

The name does not leave much to the imagination. It is an excellent app that besides allowing you to change your voice, also allows you to have effects. It has very positive votes and will allow you to have a laugh. And why not, make jokes. A spectacular app.

Change My Voice

Another Android app to change your voice by touching a button. With Change My Voice you have a list of names that will change the voice after you have recorded it: cat, robot, woman, man, faster voice … The list is varied.
You can also change the voice manually, using the modulator that imitates a real one. You slide each lever and combining them you will get an unrecognizable voice.

Voice changer for kids

We also think of the smallest and that is why we bring you this application. With it we will be able to play with the smallest of the house and have a good time. Because technology also has its infancy. This one has almost three dozen voice effects including all of the most popular ones that you’d find in these other apps. It is easy to use and most of the controls are shown as large buttons that you can’t miss.

What do you think about these Voice Changer apps? Which applications do you recommend that are fun and funny?
Remember that we love to read your comments, so do not hesitate to leave your opinion in the box below. Thank you.

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