Best Voice Recorder App iPhone | Free Voice recording apps for iOS

Voice recording apps are a great way to take notes in a quick way, as well as an excellent method for creating memos, notes, instructions, ideas, among many other utilities that can be given to you. Let’s see the best Voice Recorder app iPhone for FREE.

The ways to record the voice have changed over the years as technology advances. The iPhone is a very impressive device to record voice and sound. It will allow you to perform voice recording functions from the simplest to the most professional. Students may use it to record their classes at school. A writer who uses a recorder application on the iPhone can easily make voice notes for those thoughts that may be useful to him. It will be very useful for a researcher to have a voice recording application on his iPhone to record the progress of his project. These functions make a lot of users want to get the best voice recorder app for iPhone.
Best Voice Recorder App iPhone Free Voice recording apps for iOS
Nowadays there are many recording applications on the market, so here we present the best free voice recording apps for iOS to record the voice and that will work perfectly with your iPhone.

Top 8 of the best tools to record the voice and sound on the iPhone.

Voice Memos

Apple’s integrated application gives you the easiest way to record sound on your iPhone. It is free and free of publicity. If all you need is a reliable voice recording application to record anything from class lectures to common conversations, then Voice Memos is more than enough to do the job. It is pre-installed on the iPhone, so there is no need to download anything. In addition to voice recording, it also allows you to share the audio in two ways – SMS and email. Although it does not offer various options, the application works quite stable.
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Voice Record Pro

It’s a professional voice recorder among the rest of all voice recording applications for the iPhone, so the operations are a bit complicated. However, it comes with more advanced features like record, share, upload and edit. By default, the application can record voice in AAC and M4A format. With the conversion function, you can convert the files into WMA MP3, and WAV formats for use on other devices. Apart from sharing voice on Facebook, Twitter, it is also compatible to load the voice to SoundCloud and YouTube. In addition, the application allows you to make basic edits like cropping, cropping and adding recordings. Best of all, with all the customization, it’s still a free application.

Voice Recorder (FREE)

Application with many options to obtain customized jobs for each case. If you are looking for a free app to be able to record long voice notes then turn to this service. It has quite a few useful features. We can emphasize the option to send via Wifi the projects to where it is wanted, or the different configurations to improve the quality of the audio and other important details. On the other hand, you can easily handle this application and offers significant cloud storage by choosing among many available formats. Don’t miss.

iTalk Recorder

ITalk Recorder is a free and very powerful iPhone voice recorder. According to your needs, this application gives audio output in three qualities: Good, Better, Excellent. The interface is quite understandable, and you just have to click on “Press to Record” to start voice recording. Plus, it’s easy to share audio via email, and social networking, or link your Dropbox account to back up your recordings. If you want to use the audio on the PC, you can transfer the recorded files easily through Wi-Fi. Easy and reliable voice recorder app iPhone.


The reasons why this audio application for iOS is in the list are its great ability to vary qualities and sounds, then also the possibility of transferring up to 20MB of your audios. On the other hand, it will be super easy to manage because its interface is based on easy access buttons. The company also offers a free tool to synchronize audio recordings with your iTunes library. You can also adjust the quality of recordings, access an audio level meter, and use the application’s multitasking capabilities to complete other tasks while you continue to record. QuickVoice saves the audio in QuickTime format.

Smart Recorder / transcriber

This free iPhone sound recorder application can perform various tasks with good voice quality. It is highly valued for its fast and simple processes. With this application, you will get an unlimited number of recordings due to your unrestricted recording of file size. After using it to make a voice recording, you can add ID3 tags and images. With the setting of some parameters, you can convert the voice recordings into a ring tone. Another important feature that you have is that you can transcribe the audio so that you keep important messages conveniently. What is better is that it is compatible with a large number of languages.


It is not Evernote’s main goal to record voice. This is one of the best note taking apps available for mobile. But remember that this complete application for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry includes an option to record voice and audio notes. You can then send them by email or synchronize them with other devices with Evernote. Very useful app.


We could say that by evaluating certain important parameters, this is perhaps the best application for voice recordings on iPhone and this also reporters, as well as the musicians and entrepreneurs who use it in their projects. Not to mention that it runs a free system with internal purchases. It is worth noting that it has a maximum quality of 48000 Hz and it is possible to select the format to save your works between MP3 and WAV. There is no limit to record. You can use an external microphone to the Smartphone. It is also possible to upload everything to the internet. This is a fabulous app with adjustments available, such as the sensitivity of the microphone or the volume adjustment. This is an useful and functional app for you.

That’s all for now, folks. iPhone is becoming a multi functional tool for everyone. This phone increases productivity among individuals for their intuitive functions. An iPhone application to record the voice is of great help to record different voices and sounds. Professional quality recordings are best for creating impressive quality audio for multiple uses. By finding the best voice recording application, it will record easier and save enough time when creating the digital files you need.
A nice roundup of real applications? Of course, for better or worse are all alike (more or less) … But surely as I wrote you will find the one that suits you. Good download and good luck dear.

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