Best water shoes for men and women to enjoy an outdoor adventure

Best water shoes for men and women reviews

We invite you to read our read our reviews of the best water shoes for men and women to enjoy an outdoor adventure.

When the adventure calls the best is to be prepared! If you are a lover of water sports, sailing, kayaking or hiking through coasts and banks, you should appreciate and know the advantages offered by the best water shoes for men and women, footwear that will protect your feet on any water surface, giving you comfort, flexibility, and resistance.
From a few years ago, water shoes stand out among adventure shoes due to the abysmal leap they have made in design, innovation, comfort, and durability. If we dare to compare, the common shoe can be slippery, heavy and uncomfortable in the scenarios and natural aquatic contexts, while the water shoes offer a light and flexible support, also provided with an anti-slip sole so you can fully enjoy your day outdoors. Let’s read our top 10 best water sports shoes for women and men and choose the one that suits you best.

What are the best water shoes?

Investing your money wisely can be complicated. Most of us act on impulse and with so many options at hand, it is difficult to stop for a moment to make the best decision.
If you really want the best water shoes you should consider such diverse features as brands, costs, references, comfort, weight, traction, style, among many others. For that reason, it will always be good to have a guide to guide you and that is precisely our intention, to put at your disposal all the relevant knowledge on the subject. Today we bring for you a small comparative list, where we present the 5 best options for water shoes for men and women so that in this way you can find the best shoes for you!

The best water shoes for men

Having the best water shoes for women and men will be essential when you are walking along the river, practicing swimming in the pool or in open water, sailing on the coast, fishing in the lake, launching in canyoning or paddling your kayak, these shoes will become big allies of your adventure. Let’s see our selection of the top 5 best water shoes for men 2018.

Adidas Climacool Boat Lace

Best water shoes for men and women review buying guide 2018
This is a model of lace-up water shoes Adidas brand, this shoe is specially designed to keep your feet cool in hot climates because they are made with a breathable fabric that is able to offer great ventilation, perforated sole allows quick drainage pathways when you come into direct contact with the water. In addition, the heel of the shoe is made of neoprene, a material resistant to torsion and flexible so that the shoes adjust in the best way possible to your step.
You can find them in the classic black color and in 3 different versions of blue. They come equipped with a synthetic textured sole for more traction, they are able to float in the water and will adapt perfectly to the water sports practice of your choice. It is a great shoe.

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Merrell Hurricane Lace

Best mens shoes for water sports
Merrell presents some fantastic water shoes to use during the summer and in your outdoor adventures. The Hurricanes come in three color combinations. You can buy them in blue with black, blue and orange or in yellow with electric blue details.
These shoes are made with a combination of natural and synthetic fibers. They have an outer skin of leather which is perfect because it gives them greater strength. It also provides a breathable mesh on the outside that allows air circulation.
The heel edge is made of neoprene to fit your skin perfectly and allows flexibility with movement, come equipped with lightweight and practical laces also have a textured rubber sole that offers an extraordinary grip on slippery surfaces.
The characteristics of the outer fabric offer an efficient drainage system, allowing the shoes to dry quickly when leaving the water; comfortable, light and durable.

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Top 10 best water shoes for men and women 2018 reviews buying guide
If you are looking for a good quality and price option Columbia has the right one. These wonderful shoes have a completely ventilated and breathable design. They come equipped with a perforated synthetic rubber sole for you to obtain an efficient and fast drainage when leaving the water. The outside of the shoe has a porous texture that is ideal for emptying, allowing the circulation of air which gives these shoes the grace of a quick drying.
Drainmaker III comes in 7 presentations with different colors, so you can find the one that best suits your personality. The design facilitates long handles on the heel of each shoe, to quickly put on or take off shoes, especially when wet. The tip is reinforced with a more resistant material to offer protection when treading on challenging terrains.

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Aleader Aqua Shoes

top selling sports water shoes sandals men women
For a very affordable price, you can buy this pair of water shoes. Aleader presents to the market a very nice, practical and resistant shoe for those aquatic adventurers who love to enjoy nature freely.
This shoe comes equipped with a rubber sole holed at the bottom to effectively drain the water that accumulates inside. Do not have laces, as the body is completely composed of a porous mesh fabric, very elastic and breathable that fits like a glove to the contour of your foot. It has reinforcements with a more resistant material at the tip of the shoe and in the heel area. Its design and the choice of materials with which they are made allow them to dry quickly and efficiently.
They are very comfortable to use and incredibly light allowing you to even swim freely with them without being hindered by their shape or weight.

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Cressi Minorca Short 3mm Boot

Cressi Minorca Short 3mm Boot review
Having no cords or bands is the most comfortable and simple to put and equally fit your feet firmly.
It has a masculine design and also has double stitching that reinforces the shape of the footwear and extends the durability.
The soles, in addition to being anti-slip, is harder than the average, so you will feel safer when walking on wet surfaces and you can also use it to walk over floors with stones, sands or grasses with comfort.
They will remain on your foot as if it were a case without pressing so much. After moistening them, they will dry quickly and are pieces with a good finish, quality, and price.

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The best water shoes for women

Ryka hydrosport 2 Athletic

RYKA Womens Hydrosport 2 Athletic Water Shoe
This is a nice water shoe from Ryka brand. This shoe is ideal for practicing any water sport or to give it a casual use in the hot season of the year, since it is made in a porous and breathable mesh, has synthetic leather reinforcements on the toe of the shoe and in the heel area, to provide them with great durability and resistance.
An ultra-light model that also has practical lanyards and a mobile locking device to secure them without the need to waste time tying ties. Come equipped with a removable and perforated template that allows water to disperse quickly to the drainage ports located in the sole of the shoe so that the shoes can dry as soon as possible.
The sole has two layers, a thick layer capable of tolerating impacts and a thinner and textured layer that provides a system of traction and stability on slippery and wet surfaces. They are the ideal shoes for adventure on land and in water!

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Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Aero Sport Hiking Water Shoe

Merrell Womens All Out Blaze Aero Sport Hiking Water Shoe
If you are looking for a shoe that gives you a wide range of features, Merrel’s All out blaze model is the right one, these shoes are all in one, can adapt perfectly to water or the earth, which makes them the ideal companions for the adventure.
You can use these shoes for hiking, for river, beach or for a walk in the city in the middle of summer. Its body is composed of synthetic leather that reinforces the areas of more wear and a breathable mesh fabric provided with pores that allow circulation of the air and the drainage of the water, the ergonomic and flexible insoles that come equipped with a maintenance system that avoids the formation of bacteria and bad odors, have some practical cords.
The sole of these shoes is composed of two layers, a wide synthetic rubber able to withstand the daily impact of different surfaces and a slightly thinner but incredibly resistant layer, which gives you all the grip and traction needed to move on water terrain or dry challenging.

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ALEADER Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

top 10 best water sports shoes women men
Light and durable, these are the Aleader shoes for women, you can buy them in the market for a cheap price and even so you will be taking home an excellent tool for adventure.
The female model of these shoes is provided with elastic straps to hold them firmly to your feet, your body is composed of a flexible and breathable fabric, ideal for you to let your feet breathe on those hot days of summer, the sole of this model has the necessary traction so that you can move safely and firmly on watery and slippery surfaces also have multiple drainage ports to drain the water quickly when leaving the source.
These shoes are provided with a back handle to facilitate the task of removing them and putting them while they are wet.

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KEEN Women’s Whisper

Best water shoes for men and women enjoy outdoor adventure
If you are looking for excellent quality Keen offers it to you as it is considered one of the most reliable brands on the market, the whisper model is characterized by being an incredibly durable and beautiful women’s water shoes!
It will be the ideal water shoe for those adventurous girls who spend their time in contact with nature, especially during the summer, since it is a model with a sandal design, they are made with a resistant waterproof fabric, which allows that even if you submerge them in the bed of a river or on the beach, when they come out they will dry completely quickly and efficiently, they have a top handle on the heel area so that removing them and putting them on is a simple task.

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Benefits of water shoes

All outdoor activity requires tools that allow you to be protected and equipped to enjoy it completely. A practical water shoe will provide countless benefits. Today we explain what they are, so you buy yours, start the adventure and live the incredible experience of being connected to nature.


If you are an active person who likes excursions and walks immersed in nature, you will be glad to know that there were days when a walk on the coast or the bank of a river meant hurting your feet when stepping on sharp rocks and seashells. Today you can count on an amphibious footwear, that will protect you in any challenging and unpredictable natural terrain.


The manufacturers have managed to hit the spot this time, designing a shoe that fits in a wonderful way to any occasion, many users have chosen to use their water shoes casually, discovering that they are ideal to be at home, ride the bike, stroll through the city, or for more extreme activities such as hiking in the mountains, boat trips or paddle your kayak on the lake.

Excellent traction

It is what you will need in your outdoor adventures, great traction to walk on hydric soils, since this type of terrains are prone to be slippery and slippery, having water shoes will give you the grip and the precise stability.

Fast dry

The purpose of water shoes is not to keep your feet dry. It is a permeable footwear and although they get wet when put in contact with water, it is made of lightweight and breathable materials that allow an optimal circulation of air, to provide the user with an Efficient and fast drying.


The amphibious quality of the water shoes is the best of the benefits that this shoe will offer you since it does not matter where you are or what the occasion will be, they will adapt exactly to what you need, yielding in equal measure in aquatic and terrestrial spaces.

Differences between slippers and water sandals

Before talking about the differences between one and the other, it is important to clarify the general opinion stating that water sandals are not the same as common flip flops. Water sandals are provided with a thick sole that supports the impact and have anti-slip properties, while common flip flops do not offer any of these characteristics.
Clarified is a point we can enter into the matter, and mention the important differences that exist between the slippers and the sandals of water.
The main difference is that the shoes are designed for more specialized uses than sandals. It will not be the same to follow the course of the river up the mountain with a pair of sandals to go up wearing a pair of shoes.
Another big difference is that the shoes will provide complete protection to the toes since the tip of the shoe is similar to that of a common shoe while the sandals have an open design that exposes our fingers to hurt in unpredictable natural terrain.

How to choose the best water shoes?

Choosing the ideal shoe for you will depend exclusively on your needs, a good way to determine which is the right one, is to take into consideration the activities you intend to do with them.

For Kayak

If you plan to paddle your kayak during the summer you will need shoes that fit tightly and stay on your feet all the time, it will also be important to have the traction and grapple necessary to walk the rocky soils of the rivers. Find a comfortable and quick drying option.

For fishing

The water shoes are ideal for fishing, in this scenario it will be important that you have traction, it does not matter if you are fishing on the banks of a river or on the deck of a boat, in any of those scenarios you must avoid landslides and falls, count with a textured sole will give you the necessary traction.
When it comes to fishing you should also think about comfort, be sure to buy water shoes that provide comfort for long days of fishing.

For Hiking

It is good to have a lightweight and breathable footwear for hiking and short walks, make sure you look for shoelaces with laces to have more support on the ground and the safe shoe on your feet, besides having a thick and textured sole that supports impacts and your stability on the ground.

Data to consider when choosing the best water shoes

We know that it is difficult to browse among the thousands of options offered by the market. For that reason, we bring you the final data to consider when you are looking for the best water shoes to make an excellent purchase and take home to the compañeras of the adventure.

Flexible & Light

The water shoes have been designed and conceived as a light footwear without neglecting its protective and flexible qualities. The thoughtful choice of the materials of manufacture generates a shoe with a minimum level of density, less heavy than the common shoe and extremely soft to the natural movement of the foot.

Protection & Traction

Having a protective layer between your feet and the ground will be necessary when you travel challenging land surfaces and unpredictable sea floors. Many models of water shoes come equipped with a thick sole that gives you the guarantee and security to launch you on the adventure.
In addition to providing protection, the sole offers you the traction necessary to avoid slipping, since the texture of it gives you grip points when moving on slippery surfaces.

Sewer system

Many water shoes come with drainage ports. This system is perfect for an efficient and fast emptying of the water that accumulates inside the shoe. Thus, when leaving the beach or river, where you were submerged, it will take only a few seconds to get rid of the extra weight to continue the adventure comfortably!