Best wireless mice with Bluetooth for Mac and PC

We invite you to read our selection of the best wireless mice with Bluetooth for Mac and PC and choose the best Bluetooth wireless mouse that is right for you.

One of the basic peripherals for any Mac or PC is the mouse. And, in this wireless era we are in, where we can dispense with cables in a multitude of devices and accessories. So, why not also use a wireless mouse? But, what are the best wireless mice with Bluetooth for Mac and PC?
The problem comes when we see the hundreds of options offered by the market. Given such an offer, it is difficult to choose the most appropriate product. That’s why we have carefully reviewed almost 50 products in order to make the best wireless mice with Bluetooth for Mac and PC that is right for you.
Finally, we have selected 12 mice, each with different virtues. There are economic, silent, ergonomic, “mini”, multi-device, for gaming, etc. So it is very likely that in our list you find one that fits your needs. Let’s see them!

Top 10 best wireless Bluetooth mice for Mac and PC

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Best wireless mice with Bluetooth for Mac and PC
The Magic Mouse 2, Apple’s official device, is a simply spectacular, Bluetooth mouse. Not only does it give off premium sensations on all four sides, it is one of the most accurate and comfortable models on the market.
But what really highlights this mouse is the fantastic multi-touch sensor that incorporates on its surface, instead of the typical wheel. Thanks to it, you will be able to perform the typical multi-touch gestures of the trackpad integrated in the MacBook. It comes with built- in battery which can last for more than 1 month without going through the plug. The charging is done through the Lightning input built into the mouse, and with only 30 seconds of charging you will have enough power to run all day. Needless to say, of course, charging the device from 0% to 100% is also a very quick operation.

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Logitech Wireless Mouse M185

Logitech Wireless Mouse M185 review
Logitech is a reference in computer peripherals, and has, within its catalog, a huge variety of wireless mice, most of them with a fantastic value for money. That is why you will see a few models of this brand in this article.
We wanted to start with the most economical wireless mouse, the M185, a basic and simple model that will be able to satisfy, for little money, a good number of users. It is an optical mouse that works with an AA type battery. The mouse is efficient in terms of energy expenditure, so the battery can last up to a year before you have to replace it. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac and Chrome OS. The brand also provides a 3-year warranty on the purchase of the product.

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Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705

Top 10 Best wireless mice with Bluetooth for Mac and PC amazon
The Logitech M705 is a wireless laser mouse whose quality stands a step higher than the M185. And it is that the company has incorporated here improvements in the ergonomics of the product, in addition to a greater functionality of this one.
With regard to ergonomics, the M705 has a contoured design that adapts to the natural position of the hand. Keep in mind, that is, designed for right-handed, so this is a very comfortable mouse to use. The extra features are found especially in the navigation wheel, which offers the possibility of making hyper-fast movements with great precision, as well as facilitating navigation by lists and images by clicking-to-click scrolling – moving the wheel left or right, rather than up or down. The difference with respect to the wheel of a standard mouse is noticeable, and implies an improvement and increase of important use comfort.

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Logitech M220 Silent Wireless Mouse

Logitech M220 Silent Wireless Mobile Mouse
The Logitech M220 SILENT is an optical wireless mouse with a simple and basic design, very similar to the one presented by the M185. But with this, the Swiss company has focused especially on solving something that annoys a great number of users greatly: the noise that the button performs each time it is clicked. And Logitech has managed to reduce no less than 90% the noise level of the click with respect to a standard mouse, which is almost imperceptible, so his nickname “SILENT” is more than justified.
Moreover, its characteristics are very similar to those presented by the M185, with the difference that this M220 is capable of holding something more without having to change the AA battery with which it works up to 18 months but nevertheless presents a shorter warranty period 2 years.

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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse review
Microsoft is one of the brands that have put more in the manufacture of ergonomic mice and keyboards, and this Sculpt is one of the main samples of it. We are talking about a wireless mouse that tries to get our wrist and hand to be placed in the positions that are most natural, achieving, thus, greater comfort of use in long working days.
Thus, when using the Sculpt, you can rest your thumb in the gap that Microsoft has enabled for it and have a comfortable experience when using it. The mouse also incorporates a wheel that, in addition to moving vertically, also allows horizontal scrolling, as well as a button that will allow you to go directly to the Windows start screen. It works with AA batteries, and can take up to 12 months until they run out and you have to change them.

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Logitech Wireless Mini Mouse M187

Top rated bluetooth wireless mice amazon for mac pc google chrome book
If you are one of those who goes everywhere with the laptop and prefer to use a mouse instead of the trackpad, it is very likely that the M187 will convince you. And, with this model, Logitech has focused on offering a very, very compact mouse and therefore easy to carry.
It is not a mouse that shows great frills in its functionality, which is rather basic – left and right button and wheel with vertical movement, nothing else. But it is so small that fits perfectly even in the pocket of the pants, so you can put it anywhere. It runs on a single AAA battery, which lasts several weeks before you have to change it. Logitech M187 is fully compatible with Mac, Windows and Chrome OS.

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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

Best selling bluetooth wireless mice amazon for mac pc google chrome book
Microsoft, of course, has in its portfolio some of the most original wireless mice on the market. And this Arc Touch is one of the best that can attest to this. It is a mouse that, in addition to having a transgressive design, is foldable, so transporting it is more comfortable than usual for a mouse its size .
While in use, the Arc Touch has a curved shape that will allow you to use it comfortably. And when you want to store or transport it, you can place it in a flat position, being very thin so that you can easily carry it in your pocket or laptop bag. In addition to its star feature, the Arc Touch can also boast a touch surface instead of the typical navigation wheel. So moving around the interface of your Mac or PC will be really comfortable.

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VicTsing 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse

Mouse gaming cheap wireless for Windows and Mac
If you like to enjoy video games on PC, you will certainly want to make yourself with a mouse specifically designed for gaming. These usually come with features that do not include standard mice, such as adjusting sensor tracking resolution or adding multitude of programmable buttons. Features with which, of course, you can achieve a better gaming experience.
And the truth is that, for the low cost that presents, the VicTsing 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse is not bad. It incorporates an optical sensor with a configurable scanning resolution between 500 and 2000 dpi, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac and has 7 programmable buttons. The scroll wheel and 6 more buttons. You have it available in two different colors, and it works with an AA battery that can last about 6 months.

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Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse Large Mouse Computer Wireless Mouse
MX Master is the jewel in the crown of the Logitech catalog. This is a spectacular wireless mouse that stands out for both its design and its functionality.
This is possibly the most comfortable and ergonomic mouse. It also has enough functionality that can satisfy even the most demanding users. Of course, the mouse incorporates the most basic functions – left and right button and navigation wheel – as well as several advanced functions. The wheel speed is adaptable, thus allowing, if you wish, hyperfast movements. In addition, Logitech has included another additional wheel in the left side, which you can activate with your thumb and that serves for horizontal displacements and other functions. As for the sensor, it is laser type and works extremely precisely even if it is being used on glass. You can also pair this mouse with three computers at the same.

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Razer Orochi Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Mouse

Razer Orochi Wired or Wireless Bluetooth 4 0 Travel Gaming Mouse
If you like to play with your laptop and want a compact and high quality gaming mouse, the Razer Orochi will go like a finger ring.
This is specially designed for those who are used to play from anywhere and need a model that is comfortable and easy to carry, but does not want to do without the high precision of high-end gaming mice.
Its laser sensor, for example, is capable of providing tracking resolution of up to 8200 dpi. You can configure it any way you want while the built-in lighting system has up to 16.8 million color options and no response times exceed 1 ms. You can use this mouse via Bluetooth connection, but you can also use it with cable to avoid annoying disconnections in competitive gameplay sessions. It works with an AA battery and is compatible with both PC and Mac.

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ASUS ROG Spatha RGB Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse

ASUS ROG Spatha RGB Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse
The ROG Spatha from Asus is the most suitable mouse for the most demanding gamers. It is especially suitable for lovers of massively multiplayer role-playing games or MMO RPG. And it is for several reasons.
To begin with, its very high precision, sensitivity, and personalization. Your laser sensor can achieve a scanning resolution of up to 8200 dpi and you can easily configure it to your liking. The wheel and buttons are also ready to hold up to 20 million clicks, so you’ll probably get tired of playing before your mouse crashes.
But, also, the ROG Spatha comes with no less than 12 buttons, all programmable. So you can enjoy the MMO RPG, in which there are usually a multitude of commands and need comfort to access them. It will be much easier with this mouse.

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In your opinion, what is the best Bluetooth wireless mouse for PC and Mac?

And so far our review of the best wireless mice on the market! We hope we have helped you in your search. If you have one of these mice and want to leave us your opinion, or in case you want to recommend us another, do not hesitate to leave us a comment.
Ah! And, if you want to complete the purchase of your wireless mouse, do not miss our selection of the top wireless keyboards on the market. Also see the top 10 USB 3.0 Hub for your PC or Mac. This way you will do with the complete pack! Thank you.