Cool gadgets for winter | best winter gadgets 2017 to keep you warm

Read our reviews of the cool gadgets for winter to have the best winter gadgets 2017 that keep you warm.

Generally, when winter arrives, people do everything possible to protect themselves from extreme cold. This affects people everywhere and prevents them from freely performing many of their daily activities. Therefore, we will present some cool gadgets for winter. These winter gadgets 2017 are artifacts or accessories designed for a particular purpose, in this case, protect from cold.
Cool gadgets for winter best winter gadgets 2017 to keep you warm
In our previous article, we showed you the best cold weather gift ideas. Now, we are going to show you the best winter gadgets 2017 to keep you warm.

Some cool and great winter gadgets that can keep you warm in winter

Winter, what a horrible season for geeks! Fortunately, there are gadgets to make life easier by removing the cold or inconvenience, both for the office and for the outdoors. Here are a dozen items that should be useful to you, or at least get a smile from the originality of the concept.

Black gloves for touch screens

In places where there is a lot of cold, people use gloves to protect themselves. It is worth mentioning that, when wearing gloves, it is quite difficult to operate the devices with touch screens. These devices work by coming into contact with the skin. In view of the fact that the fingers are covered by gloves, you can not handle them while wearing them. However, there are some gloves in which the tips of the thumb, index and middle finger can touch the screen.

Porcelain coffee pitcher heater

Coffee works as an excellent drink to keep warm. In fact, in cold places, coffee can serve to lift the mood, and the desire to work. However, since it is served in a cold environment, the coffee cools very quickly. Because of that, it is important to have an appliance that serves as a heater. For lovers of hot coffee, one of the best gadgets for winter would be a porcelain coffee pitcher heater. This jug has the distinction of making 4 cups of coffee. In addition, the porcelain cup can be separated from its heating base. It is ideal for places such as offices and business departments.

USB heating gloves

Sometimes it happens that normal gloves, ordinary, are not enough to keep the heat in our hands. Sometimes we need to use the computer, and due to winter, we have numb hands. A good gift for a person who lives in these types of places is some gloves with USB heating. Simply connect the small cable with USB port to the computer or laptop. It should be noted that they are low consumption and turn out to be 100% safe for the person who uses them. They are made of soft plush material that works as an insulator, and only comes in women’s size.

SMOKO Adorable Plush S’mores Heated Slippers

Perfect for feet, these Adorable Plush S’mores Heated Slippers will warm your feet as soon as you plug them into a USB port. The cable is 57” long, which allows you to stretch without problems, but do not forget to detach them by getting up from your chair or your couch!

USB Hand Warmer Mouse

Many people in the offices spend a lot of time with their hands on the mouse. Especially in winter, doing this type of work is quite difficult. Due to the extreme cold, the hands become numb. Therefore, there are gadgets for winter, one of them known as the optical integrated heating mouse. Basically it is a conventional USB port mouse, but also has a built-in heater. This device is not very expensive, and also represents an excellent gift for people who work in offices.

“1500W tower” auxiliary heater

Is there anything less elegant than a “heater” in a room? This, on the other hand, takes the form of a tower and should take less space than a conventional “heater”. Elongated ceramic heating element extends your comfort zone 1500W of comforting warmth.

Mouse pad for winter

The mouse pad serves so that the mouse does not stop and slide smoothly. It basically works by heating the inside of the pad with a resistance. Approximately it takes about 10 minutes to warm up, and it does about 45 degrees. It is made of plush fabric material plus 1 sliding rubber sole. This rug is part of the best gadgets for winter that you can give.

Earphones with earmuffs

In places where winter hits hard, people need to protect part of their body where cold enter. One of these is the ears, so they use hats and earmuffs. There are headphones with earmuffs that work excellently to protect us from the cold while listening to music. These earmuffs are made of quality material, insulating from the cold and soft to the ear. In this case, they have a picture of a striking penguin for the girls. This gift is quite economical and practical to distract yourself by listening to our favorite music.

Cap with Bluetooth technology headphones

This cap combines the need to keep your head warm due to winter and distraction with music. In the part of the ears, it has some small headphones that work with Bluetooth technology. Said headphones can be compatible with Android and iOS devices. It uses Bluetooth technology version 4.1, and has a wireless range of up to about 33 feet. This device is built with a long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery. In addition, this is one of the gadgets for winter completely washable, but should remove the headphones to prevent them from being damaged.

Thermopad heaters

Thermopad heaters work excellently to keep feet warm during the winter. These heaters are made of natural materials, such as iron, salt, activated carbon, among others. In addition, they generate heat for five hours and are placed in the shoes. These help keep the heat in the feet and other parts of the body. They are made with non-slip materials and are quite economical. In view of that, it represents an excellent gift for someone who lives in cold areas.

Pocket heater as one of the best gadgets for winter

Pocket heaters are pretty much like an external hard drive. It has an input with USB port so it can be recharged. It is very useful to put it in your hands while practicing a sport, camping, or any other type of activity. Zippo Hand Warmers can be turned on and off easily and, after working for an hour, it will turn off to save batteries. It is eco-friendly and is made to withstand shock, burns and radiation.

Electric heater cushion

The heated electric cushions are designed so that they can be folded in such a way that they can heat various parts of the body. It is ideal for warming legs, hands, arms, but especially for the feet. When used in a stretched way, it becomes a cushion or pillow to sit on. It is advisable to use it in the seat of the vehicles. It improves circulation, evenly distributes heat in the body, and is ideal for the winter season.

USB heating blanket

Whether it’s warming up in front of your PC or for afternoon naps on the weekends, there’s nothing better than having a warm blanket to stop chilling.
The Shawl is made from silky plush fabric, in which the heater is composed of high-grade carbon fiber. The local highest temperature is up to 50 Celsius degrees.

Mini USB fridge

Not just being cute, this small refrigerator is not a simple “fridge”: it can also raise its temperature to 47C (116F) in just 5 minutes to heat your drink, during the cold season!

Many parts of the world are characterized by being very cold and having a constant winter. In the event that we have a family member or friend who lives in these types of places, it would be good to give him some of those mentioned above. In this list there are all kinds of gadgets for winter, but the important thing is that it meets the needs of those who will use it.