Top 10 essential small kitchen appliances to have | kitchen electrical appliances list

We invite you to read our reviews of top 10 essential small kitchen appliances to have. These kitchen electrical appliances list will surely make your life easier.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, it is one of the most important places, where you prepare delicious meals, share and have fun on a daily basis. In this space, there are many articles and equipment necessary to make your life easier. The appliances are essential parts, they can preserve and cook your food and also help you to do everything in this space much easier and faster. While equipment such as your refrigerator or stove are basic and essential for all kitchen, there are also other small appliances that will save you time and effort and give you a different experience in this area of your home. Therefore, we invite you to read our reviews of the top 10 essential small kitchen appliances to have. Check out this kitchen electrical appliances list that can make your life easier.
Top 10 essential small kitchen appliances to have kitchen electrical appliances list

Top 10 small appliances that every kitchen must have

A multitude of small electrical appliances are available on the market and if some seem a bit frightened to the lovers of simplicity, others have quietly made a place in our daily lives. We can hardly live without them. Here is a non-exhaustive list of these machines which facilitate us daily:

The microwave oven

Even if it has entered our customs for several decades, the microwave oven proves indispensable for most of us. Whether it is to warm up prepared meals, baby purées or leftover food, to cook quickly or pop a bag of popcorn before the Saturday night movie, we can not imagine our lives without him. Moreover, it is often the first choice in a kitchen electrical appliances list for young people who live in apartments for the first time.
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The toaster oven

This is another essential electrical gadget in the top 10 essential small kitchen appliances that you should have. We can use it to grill our toast for lunch, obviously, but the big advantage of this mini-oven is that it can be used as … an oven! So, to make good small dishes in small portions: perfect for single or few people (2-3 maximums). This oven consumes much less electricity and you can use it for almost everything (cakes, muffins, meats and grilled fish, gratins, pizza, etc.), provided you have small dishes! In addition, it is perfect for restoring life (and good taste) to frozen bread.
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A Slow Cooker

It is almost impossible to make a kitchen electrical appliances list without mentioning a slow cooker. Nothing beats a good stew simmered to be comforted on cool autumn or winter evenings, but we often do not have time to watch a pot for many hours, as our grandmothers did. That’s why a great person designed the electric slow cooker. Just put your ingredients, spices, etc. in the tank, to set the cooking intensity and go to work without worrying. At the return will float in the air this good odor of childhood. This essential electrical appliance makes our life easier.
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The coffee machine

Whatever your preferences (filter or espresso), there is a machine that can meet your morning caffeine needs. And the top of the top is a programmable machine that sinks your coffee just before your alarm sounds. You can wake up in the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and there is nothing better to leave the day on the right foot!
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Electric grill

The electric grills are ideal for barbecues in the comfort of your kitchen, these can be used and easily clean and cook your meat perfectly.
Available in several sizes, the grill for cooking meat or fish without adding fat is perfect for quick dinners. Sprinkle your piece with spices of your choice and simply grill a few minutes before serving with a healthy accompaniment. In addition, this tool also serves (even if not written on the box) Panini press and other grilled cheese sandwiches. You will be able to make hot sandwiches like in the restaurant, and to serve grill-cheese to the greedy ones in two time three movements.

The coffee grinder

It is convenient for lovers of freshly ground coffee, of course, but not just for that! It also makes it possible to use whole-grain spices in a minute (always more flavorful), to reduce to powder small amounts of almonds, to chop your fresh herbs or cloves of garlic very quickly. To avoid mixing odors and flavors, simply grind a few grains of white rice between each use and wipe the inside with clean, slightly moistened cloth.
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A blender

If you do not have one yet, the blender will do wonders in your kitchen. It is perfect for creating homemade smoothies and fruit juices, for vegetable and soup creams, pancake batter, baby mashed potatoes, quickly chop large quantities of vegetables, to “heal” the sauces that have made lumps, etc.
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A food processor

Food processor is one of the small appliances you definitely need in your new kitchen. To cut, chop, shred, slice, cut into powder, shred, etc. The food processor is the perfect ally of cooks who are afraid of knives or who must quickly prepare large amounts of food. Within seconds and pulsations, the job is over!
You should look for food processor that has adequate capacity based on your family needs. Again, when looking for the best food processor, always keep in mind the size and functions. This way you will be guaranteed of amazing results.
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A pressure cooker

In all its having, do not forget to buy a pressure cooker. There are many types of pressure cookers on the market with different size and power. Choose the right one according to your needs. The beauty of a pressure cooker is that it drastically reduces cooking time by more than 60%, while the same at the same time helping to save energy. You will get the right size that serves your needs and you will not regret it.

An electric kettle

An electric kettle is one of those deceptively essential appliances. You do not think it is necessary until you have one, and that’s when you realize that you use it all the time, possibly more than any other small appliance in the kitchen. It is more energy efficient than boiling water in the kitchen and 10 times faster. If you usually drink coffee or tea, a kettle changes everything. In addition to expediting the task of heating water for any other preparation. Undoubtedly, the appliance that is most used at the end of the day.


Basically, these top 10 essential small appliances for kitchen are not expensive but will give you so many amazing benefits while saving you money at the same time. Buy basic appliances for your kitchen online and remember that cooking can be easy and fun if you have the perfect equipment. Know everything we have for your kitchen and do not stop looking at everything that we reviewed for your comfort.
Obviously, there are plenty of other items in stores and each person has his or her preferences. Is your favorite electric being on this kitchen electrical appliances list? Let us know in the comments section below. Thank you.