How to fix WiFi problems on iPhone and iPad

Connection failure to a Wi-Fi network on iPhone and iPad with iOS 11 or iOS 10? We leave you some possible solutions below.

Does your iPhone or iPad not connect to WiFi? Every time a new version of an operating system is released, new problems appear. These problems are usually related to autonomy, overheating or, what this entry is about, the WiFi connection. Some users have reported that you have problems when connecting to your WiFi network, which can be quite annoying and even have a negative impact on our data plan. In this article, we will show you several possible solutions to one of the most common iPhone problems.
How to fix WiFi problems on iPhone and iPad
What we want is for you to find solutions to typical WiFi problems on the iPhone or iPad. What to do if it does not detect WiFi networks or disconnected? Do you have little signal? Look at the following solutions that we propose because they will solve the problems you have with the Internet connection of your iPhone using wireless networks.

Do you have problems with WiFi on the iPhone and iPad? Try these solutions

It is quite usual that every time a company launches a new update, some users with problems appear. Internet performance and Wifi performance may be affected in some situations. But with these tricks that we spent, fixing the Wi-Fi problems of the iOS 10 operating system will be child’s play.

Restart your router or modem

Make sure that the router or the modem work correctly. Sometimes, in the simplest idea is the great solution. In fact, not always the culprit is the ghost of Steve Jobs or Elvis Presley. The first thing we will try is to disconnect and reconnect the WiFi from our iPhone, iPod or iPad. It is what we have most at hand (from the Control Center) and it is the most comfortable and fastest. If this does not solve it, we will restart our device. The next thing we will try is to restart our router. If the problem is solved, great.
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Return the device to factory specifications

If this first option has not worked, do not despair, there are still more possibilities. The next step is to perform a deep reboot of the iOS device in question. That is, return it to factory specifications. Perhaps we have touched something or made some action that disrupted the operation of the OS and the Wi-Fi connection.
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Forget the WiFi network

If until now we have not solved the problem of iOS 10 with the Wifi network, it is clear that both the hardware and the software are perfect. So, maybe it is the network itself that is not working well. So, the best thing is to get out of it and reconnect.
To carry out this process, we will access the Terminal Settings, look for the Wi-Fi option and click on the “i” information button. Then we will activate “Forget this network” or “Forget this Network”. Next, we will try to reconnect to the same Wifi network with the hope of resolving the matter.
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Reset Network Settings

If the above does not solve the problem, nothing happens, there are still other options. For example, reset the Network Settings on the device. For this, we will go to Settings / General / Reset / and touch Reset network settings. This will cause the network settings to be restarted, so we will have to re-enter all the WiFi network passwords and probably reconfigure our operator’s APN.
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Activate / Deactivate the WiFi assistant

From iOS 9 our iPhone, iPod or iPad can connect to the mobile network if WiFi does not provide a good connection. This option is also possible that is causing us a failure, so we will try to activate/deactivate it to make sure it is not the root of our problems. To activate / deactivate the WiFi assistant we will go to Settings / Mobile data and activate / deactivate WiFi Assistance.

Deactivate location services for WiFi Network Connection

If the problem persists, we still have one thing to prove. To deactivate the localization services for Wi-Fi network connections, we will go to Settings / Privacy / Location / System services and deactivate Wi-Fi network connection.

Contact an Apple expert

If you have not been able to solve anything at this point, we’re sorry, we do not know any more tricks. Of course, you have one last option, call an Apple expert, check the App Store or take your device to a specialized store.
However, this last option is not the usual one. In general, fix the Wifi problems of the iOS 10 operating system is feasible with any of the advice we have given you. So get down to work and enjoy this fantastic Apple OS and all its advantages and benefits.


Does your iPhone still not connect to WiFi? We hope that with these tricks you will never have any problem when connecting to a wireless network from the iPhone or iPad.
If you have found another solution to solve the problems of connecting to Wi-Fi networks on iPhone and iPad, do not hesitate to tell us through the comments.