How to Choose a Good MP3 Player? Expert Advice

So much sound and fun! Here you know how to choose a good MP3 Player. This guide will help you buy the best MP3 player in 2018.

If you are thinking about buying an MP3 Player, you know that there are plenty of reasons why it should be part of your daily life. This little gadget can be your companion for walks and exercises, on the way to work, to college or to school. But hasty MP3 buying can cause regrets because you can spend too much and still not enjoy half the functions offered by your digital music player.
How to Choose a Good MP3 Player
So, for you to make the best choice the moment you buy an MP3, how about checking out our suggestions? Keep an eye on the options and find the best product according to your need. Good choice!

How to choose the best mp3 player – expert advice

The desire to make a successful choice of mp3 player is conditioned by the desire to purchase a quality compact device that will allow you to easily and naturally enjoy pre-downloaded favorite music or songs.
The choice of player, as a rule, is coupled with the search for reliable headphones or other sources of audio-output, that is, speakers.

Updating and diversity of the audio equipment market

The desire to solve the problem successfully, how to choose a player, also means the desire to acquire hardware that has nothing in common with its predecessors, like a boom box or a tape recorder on batteries.
Both analogs were uncomfortable when they were carried.
Often, we choose a player, paying attention to a large number of models presented to visitors of specialized stores.

Features of modern models and their purpose

For consumers interested in successfully solving the problem of how to choose a good MP3 player, information will certainly be useful that Apple has made a real revolution in this market segment with the advent of the iPod.
The buyer who wants to buy the best mp3 player from the entire line offered to him can use it not only in the usual home environment but also outside the house – in the fresh air, in transport, in the park and in many other places.

The best MP3 player draws attention to an extensive consumer audience with such characteristics as:

• Compactness;
• Continuously improved quality – every new model;
• Impressive amount of memory.
In connection with the rapid dollar rate, there was a corresponding rise in the price of equipment. You should not console yourself with illusions that sooner or later prices will descend and then you will be able to purchase the desired equipment.
It is advisable to decide how to choose an mp3 player without delaying the problem. A further increase in prices can make you regret very much about missed opportunities – a more acceptable cost of production.

Description of the main advantages of goods

The best music player is the dream of almost every music lover. Despite the presence of similar functions on the phone, the gadget also has a number of shortcomings.
In particular, the power of the smartphone can simply not be enough for its comfortable use in the metro and minibus.
In favor of the option “choosing a good MP3 player,” it is worth mentioning that the quality of the sound of your favorite melody on the phone will definitely be lost against the background of similar listening on strictly designed equipment.
Determining with what mp3 player to buy, it is necessary to appreciate that its charge is longer and the sound quality is higher than that of the phone. This kind of devices is also different and support for more formats.

What to look for when making a purchase

The rating of the most popular models, as well as feedback from professional experts in the field and ordinary users, highlight such characteristics and components of the device as:
• display;
• type of player;
• Memory;
• power supply and supported formats;
• weight and dimensions of the model;
• interface and, of course, additional functions.
The following sections of the article will be devoted to their study.

Player type

According to the data on which the emphasis is placed, when referring to a source such as rating, you can see that the devices are divided into types according to different criteria.
The rating gives all grounds to state that in the case of mp3 players, model types are distinguished:
• flash;
• HDD.
The first version is designed to store a small hard disk. The second subtype is a flash drive, similar to the usual for all USB flash drives.
The rating also reflects such a feature as a larger volume of the hard drive and its higher cost combined with a lower degree of reliability. The totality of all these characteristics causes not only their smaller prevalence but also almost complete disappearance from the counters for today.
Mp3 player, which has a flash memory, has become a powerful competitor to its predecessors, practically displacing them from the market.
The study of the top line made it possible to reveal such an undoubted advantage as the economy of production of the series models. One of the results of studying the top models contains information about the considerable simplicity of production technology and reliability in everyday use.


The best MP3 player is always famous for its compactness and the duration of the period of operation. The testimonies are also confirmed by the absence of the risk of causing significant damage during the fall.
The same source of information also contains typical examples of such devices: the reviews highlight the main advantages of the Transcend MP330 8Gb, Sony NWZ-E583 models.
The volumes of these two devices are the following: 8 and 4 GB. The responses made by direct users of devices, allow to be convinced of the sufficiency of their resources for listening not so big collection of favorite tracks.
The mp3 models, which have a built-in hard disk, differ significantly with other developments.
The first of the mentioned versions are much larger and heavier. The reviews include data from specialists and buyers of equipment, on the amount of internal memory exceeding 100 GB.
It is not uncommon for the situation when the reviews help to decide the expediency of buying an mp3 player.
In the absence of such a need, you can stay on a quality model with a good sound from a well-known manufacturer. The amount of memory, in this case, can be 8 or 16 GB.
To choose the really best audio player, you should pay attention to the summary of the data listed below. It indicates the average size of MP-3 songs for 5 MB, minus 10% of the memory allocated for the player’s system files. The result is the following regularity:
• for songs in the amount of 900 4Gb is enough;
• 1800 songs can be saved if there is 8Gb;
• 16 Gb is required for 3600 songs;
• 32 GB is required for 7200 songs;
• and, finally, 128 GB are needed for 28,800 songs.


The MP3 player is also characterized by such a significant component as the display. The choice of users screen is presented in two ways:
• simple;
• touch.
In a number of developments, it is generally absent. However, you must take into account that the lack of a screen should not be regarded as a minus player. The player can have so simple control and ergonomics that for its operation there are enough buttons and you can completely do without a monitor.
Hi-fi player – a device, one of the variants of which is Apple iPod shuffle 4. Despite the fact that it was released several years ago, it is still a model No. 1 for a number of characteristics.
Those who have already bought or are only planning to purchase a device with a display are certainly aware of the importance attached to the parameters and resolution of devices. For a number of models, the display is so small that it can create additional inconvenience.
This is due to the fact that it is difficult to get a finger into the track or the control element, it is almost impossible. It is very convenient when a qualitative display of the track list is provided, and the buttons are presented in physical form.

About supported formats

About this side of the devices can be well judged by the consumers who bought the devices. The sound of the song is characterized by the fact that when recording, it has a very large size and the same impressive sound quality.
In the absence of large requirements, such characteristics are not necessary. Buying devices of the mentioned series can be extremely expensive. In addition, portable devices and miniature headphones will not fully convey to the listener the full force and depth of the sound of the melody.
In this case, it is advisable to resort to compression, represented by two options:
• with losses;
• without them.
Depending on this characteristic, various algorithms are used that ultimately affect the file formats supported by the player. In the “lossless” category, there are ALAC, APE, FLAC, etc., which are also cheaper in the general background. They have a weight that is two to three times larger than those with losses.
Having thoroughly acquainted with all these data, it is possible to make a rather cheap purchase.

Source of power

Even a cheaply purchased player needs energy from anywhere. The choice of consumers presents several options, including:
• rechargeable batteries;
• The battery is also powered by a built-in battery;
• batteries.
The last subtype, in turn, is divided into two categories – batteries:
• simple AA (finger);
• AAA (little fingers).
With the breadth of offers, the issue of choice remains topical. His decision is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Plus accumulators built-in type is compact, impressive capacity.
In the list of advantages – long life without recharging. However, when a failure occurs, it becomes necessary to change the entire mp3 player.
The highest capacity is built-in batteries. Their resources are enough for 50-100 hours of listening at an average volume.

Weight and dimensions

With all the compactness of modern music players and the need for a large screen for viewing video and photo materials, customers can be offered models with more impressive sizes.
One example of the series: Apple iPod touch 5 has a 4-inch touchscreen monitor and a weight of 88 grams. With this set of properties, the device can be safely called a real media center. All the costs for it will be fully justified on the way when you need to pass the time.
This device does not need to be kept in hands during active sessions. The device is convenient for listening to music while running.

iPod offers good storage space

An iPod is among the most sought-after models by anyone thinking of buying an MP3, MP4, and MP5 … and it’s true that this model of Apple’s audio player offers many advantages. One of the advantages, moreover, is the fact that most of its models offer a great capacity of internal memory. The iPod Classic , for example, has a memory of 160 GB! With this space, you can store more than just music, and you can leave plenty of photos and videos on your iPod that can be viewed on your 2.5-inch screen.
Oh, and did you know that an iPod can also be an ally for sportsmen? That’s it! For those who take walks or outdoor races, and even people who go to gyms and enjoy listening to their favorite songs while exercising, the Apple and Nike brands, in partnership, offer a sports kit that controls the meters traveled, heart rate and even time spent on running or walking. Thus, for runners who enjoy Nike sneakers, the iPod + Nike sports kit is a good option.

MP3 to go to work, college or school

Now, if you want to buy an MP3 to be used every day, in those good moments of everyday life, like going to work or college, there are many brands to choose from.
A Sony MP3, for example, can please. There are more robust models that can be used as MP3 or even as headphone and external speaker, as is the case of the Sony NWZWH303. But you can still buy an MP3 Player of the most discreet brand, as is the case of the Sony NWZ-B172F, and it offers some cool features like radio and voice recorder.
There are still several other brands for you to compare prices and buy the MP3 without errors. A Philips MP3, MP3 You Sound and MP3 DL, among others, also offer good functions for your enjoyment.

What features should your MP3 Player have?

Remember this tip: when buying the MP3 Player, note what features it has. So you invest in the right product, with functions that you will actually use. Some models are MP3 with pen drive, others are MP3 with radio, ensuring greater entertainment.
Keep an eye on these functions and choose the best MP3 for you. Enjoy that here you can also check MP4 Player and MP5 Player. With this, the option is not lacking for you to make the best decision and to have the right product for your amusement!

The last word after the intuition of the client

Having studied all the main characteristics, it is necessary to determine the additional functions – which of them are needed for each specific potential buyer.
This can be a function of Wi-Fi, a Dictaphone, and other properties. Consultation of a professional will help determine the choice of accessories and make a successful purchase.