Reviews: electric shaver for mens pubic area – best way to trim or shave pubic hair

We invite you to read our reviews of the best electric shaver for mens pubic area. These body shavers for depilating the genitals, available in Amazon at an affordable price, will prove the best way to trim or shave your pubic hair.

Male genitalia depilate? Looking for the best electric shaver for male pubic area? It’s a little scary, do not you think? It is one thing to make a cut on the face and another is to do it in a sensitive area of the body. What are the reasons for taking the risk?
Although pubic hair is not exposed to the eyes of others, as with other areas of the body, there are two main reasons:

For convenience

Simply to feel more comfortable and clean (preventing sweat from accumulating, for example).

Because your partner asks for it

Really a few people, except your partner, will care that you have hair in the area of the genitals.
According to some of the latest polls, “the areas of the male body that women prefer without hairs or trimmed hair are, in order of importance, the back (86%), buttocks (56%), torso or chest 0 %), and the pubic area (44%)” Source: Philips.
If you have already decided to trim or shave the hair of the genitals and intimate parts, the problem is how to do it.

How to shave and trim the male genitalia?

If there is an area where it is dangerous to depilate that is the pubic area or the testicles.
The statistics confirm: the area of the genitals is the part of the body where more often suffer wounds when depilating.
If to the above we add that the blade is the method that causes more wounds when depilating any part of the body (including the genitals), we can draw a clear conclusion:
“Depilation of the genitals with a blade is not a good idea.”

What consequences does a skin injury have on the skin?

Even if you do not see them, the skin has many types of bacteria that live in it.
When we cut during the depilation, somehow we are opening the door for them to enter and we cause an infection in the area where we have done a wound.
Having a wound in the pubic area is not only painful, it can lead to an infection that we must treat with some type of cream with antibiotics, which can cause some type of itching that in such a delicate area can be worse of what you imagine.
Once the blade has been discarded, it is best to shave this delicate and intimate area to look for a method that is easy to use (that does not require any special skills) and is very safe (avoiding the dreaded cuts and wounds).

What type of male pubic hair remover (shaver and trimmer) should I use?

Many men have found in body shavers the best method to trim and shape pubic hair without exposing the delicate skin of the scrotum and the area surrounding the genitals to any type of risk.
Some of these body shavers are multipurpose and can be used to trim and shave hair from other areas of the body. However, some models seem to be more oriented to be used in the intimate areas.
Brands like Philips, Braun and Remington have body shavers that can be very effective at shaving male pubic hair (and with some caution, to shave the testicles). Let’s look at 3 models to determine the best body shaver for removing male pubic hair.

Philips BodyGroom TT2040 / 32 Body Trimmer

best electric shaver for mens pubic area reviews

This Philips hair removal for men’s intimate area provides the best way to shave or trim your pubic area hair. Unlike the other 2 models (which you will see below), the Philips BodyGroom TT2040 / 32 does not have to change heads, since at one end it has the cut (lengths are selected from the handle) and the one for shaving in the other end.

Key Features

• Cutting head – At one end of the shaver is a cutting head with a blade width of 3.2 cm and offering the possibility to select 5 different length positions (the shortest 3 mm and the longest 11 mm long).
• Shaving head – head with pivoting blade system that adjusts to the contours of the body to get a rush without the need to exert pressure.
• Rubber handle – The handle is non-slip and prevents it from slipping thanks to the stretch marks it has.

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Remington BHT250 Delicates Body Trimmer

best way to trim or shave pubic hair male
Its small head is ideal to reach any corner that we want to shave, but is not as effective for use in other parts of the body where we should be giving continuous passes.

Remington Delicates is the smallest of the 3 body shavers.

Its elongated and slim shape helps to handle it comfortably, although the grip is not as stable as in Braun or Philips models that have grips with soft parts and rubber that prevent slipping.

Key Features

• Fixed combs – To cut the hair, we must place one of the 3 combs of 2, 4 or 6 mm.
• Main blade – To leave the hair of the genitals very short, up to 0.2 mm. It is not shaving the testicles in a literal sense.
• Ergonomic design – It is very stylized and thin, which is an advantage when accessing any corner where we want to remove hair (although it does not have a rubber grip).

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Braun Cruzer 6 Body Shaver, Trimmer, Electric Razor

best male pubic hair removal
Braun cruzer 6 with its sensitive head has a specially designed element to cut hair from the most intimate areas and leave it at 0.6 mm.
Although at the time of shaving and rushing the blade is not the most recommended for the genitals, yes that is an advantage in other areas of the body where in a single passes, you will be able to cut and shave.
If you see it as a multipurpose body shaver rather than a specific one for the genitals and male intimate areas, you’re on the right path. As a body shaver is quite complete.

Key Features

• Clipping combs – It has 3 trimming combs to cut the hair to 0.6 mm (sensitive); 3 mm (medium) and 8 mm (long).
• Gillette Knives – For shaving features 5 Gillette knives arranged in a head.
• Ergonomic design – Designed to reach even hard-to-reach areas, it has a specific thumb grip. There is also a soft grip area that facilitates its attachment, so you have enough non-slip elements to shave any part of the body without fear of slipping.

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What is the best male pubic hair removal of the 3 to use on the genitals?

The first thing to keep in mind is that entering the area of the genitals with a shaver is still a delicate operation, so any precautions you take will be short.
More than one has caused some injury not because of the corporal epilator, but for not having used it with caution.
Using them correctly, any of the 3 body shavers fulfills its purpose. Let’s see which one is the best.
To decide on one or the other shaver, I advise you to look at these 4 points:

What are you going to use it for?

One thing is to use it to trim the hair in the pubic area and another quite different is to completely shave the genitals.


That the machine is easy to hold in the hand without fear of slipping is vital when applying it over a delicate area. It is also important that we can maneuver with it reaching any corner where there is hair that we want to eliminate.


Once we have loaded it, its power is constant and not losing it as the battery is spent during the hair removal session. It is important to see the characteristics of the battery to have a clear idea of this point.


Is it worth the money spent on a specific machine just for the male genitals? The ideal thing is to look for a shaver that also works for other parts of the body.
Let’s see them one by one.

One thing is to cut and another is to shave.

In general, the recommended procedure for shaving the genitals is to first leave the hair short enough for later (whoever considers it necessary and dares), shave or trim.
A first look at the cutting heads can give us an idea of how short we can get the hair (no need to enter to shave).
At this point, the Braun cruzer 6 with its “sensitive” cutting comb, leaves the hair of delicate areas a little more than half a centimeter, shorter than Braun 3mm or 2mm Remington Delicates.
However, when achieving a real hurry, Philips BodyGroom TT2040 / 32 takes a certain advantage. How? Let’s see

The head is pivotable

This feature allows an adaptation to the contour without pressing (prevents (?) We cut us or minimizes overheating of the skin with continuous rubbing of the heads, something that can happen with Remington BHT250 Delicates.
The Pivoting heads were once a breakthrough in electric shaving machines and today there is no high-end electric shaver that does not have this system.

The head is made of sheets

The head is made of sheets and (although you should never rely on it) it is more advisable that the Gillette blades of the Braun cruzer to shave the delicate parts.
I remind you that combing razors + genitalia is the most dangerous when it comes to shaving. However for other areas of the body the Braun cruZer can achieve spectacular results thanks to that same blade.


Remington Delicates is comfortable to handle. It is elongated and thin, which helps when it is used in the area of the male pubis. However, its finish is more austere than that of the other 2 body shavers since it has no handle area that is rubber. Also its price is significantly lower.
Both the Philips BodyGroom and cruzer have better finishes and are very ergonomic.
The Philips shaver comes in handy with no need to change heads and with a single hand turn you can alternate it to shave or cut, which is certainly much more comfortable than changing heads.
As you can see in the following image Remington Delicates BHT250 is smaller than the other two shaver for man to shave intimate areas balls


The three shavers operate without cable. They have a battery that must be charged in order to use them.
The battery provides enough energy and is constant key to achieve a good shave. Otherwise, the body shaver can pull on the hair. Trimming the hairs on the genitals could become a slower and more painful task.
Here is a comparative list of batteries.

Loading timeDurationCharacteristics
Philips BodyGroom TT20401 hour50 min.Allows quick charging *
Remington Delicates4 hours60 min.Lithium battery
Braun cruzer 610 hours 50 min.2 Ni-MH batteries

* A quick charge of 10 minutes provides 10 minutes of shaving.

Philips BodyGroom TT2040 / 32

Although the battery lasts approximately the same time as the other two shavers, it has the advantage of charging in just 1 hour , in addition to being able to perform a quick charge of 10 minutes to be able to use it for another 10 minutes (very useful for a moment of urgency) .
An LED indicator informs us about the charge level of the battery, so you know how long you can use it without having to charge it again.
It has charging station on which we can leave it while charging, (unlike the Remington BHT250 Delicates model).

Braun cruzer 6 Body

The most negative point related to the battery of this shaver is the time it takes to charge, (although in the long run this has the advantage that the battery life may be longer than in the case of Philips).
The charging base (inductive) and the LED indicator of the shaver are two of the points in your favor.

Remington BHT250 Delicates

It is the least powerful of the three machines. This is due, among other things, to that it is intended (mainly) to depilate specific areas such as the genitals or underarms.
Its head is small (ideal for sliding it through small spaces), which makes it not a machine as versatile as the body cruZer Braun or the Philips Bodygroom that are more off-road.
Some disadvantages:
• You do not know when it has finished loading because the pilot is still on.
• It does not have charging station (it charges like a mobile, connecting it to the cable).
• You do not know when you’re going to run out of battery because it does not have any indicators.

The Versatility

Since you spend money on a shaver, ideally you can use it on more parts of the body. In the end they are nothing more than haircutters.
Remington Delicates, as its name suggests, is geared towards shaving and cutting hair from the most delicate areas.
It is good for use in specific areas, but not so much for larger regions and with abundant hair, as the chest, where its small head and its power do not promise the best results.
The Braun cruiser is powerful and effective in any area of the body. It has the advantage that with a single pass cuts and shaves.
The Philips BodyGroom is also a very versatile shaver. Among other things it has 5 cutting positions in its combs, which makes it possible to customize the cut according to the area of the body that we want to shave.

None of the 3 male pubic hair removals are intended for use on the face. They are body shavers.

Verdict: the best electric shaver for mens pubic area

Although Remington Delicates is the most specific of the three to use in the genital area, both in range (as in price) is below the other two body shavers.
It is short for use on other areas of the body. It would be a good complement if you already have another body shaver or a good choice if you only use it in sensitive areas.
Braun is a great body shaver, but it has the disadvantage of Gillette blades. That’s why it is not the best option for shaving the male genitalia.
Philips is the best body shaver for use on the genitals, thanks to its versatility, ease of use and power.
And, for you, what is the best male pubic hair removal? Let us know your thoughts and opinions. You can use the comment section below. Thank you.

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