How to root any Android phone without PC? Easy and fast method

We invite you to read our complete on how to root any Android phone without PC. With these free Android root apps, you can root any compatible Android device in 30 seconds.

When your Android phone or tablet has Root, you can fully access features of an Android phone. Many Android mobile users think Rooting Android takes a lot of time. Believe me, this is just a myth. In this post, I’m going to show you how you can root an Android in just 30 seconds without affecting your warranty. Let’s read our fast and easy method on how to root any Android phone without PC.
How to root any Android phone without PC Easy and fast method
This method of Rooting Android is done with an application, so it is not necessary to use your PC.

What is root?

Usually, “root Android” is a complex process and to get it you need to perform several procedures, even risky. However, many developers have come up with very intuitive tools to get PC-free Root permissions with a simple click.
So far we have had several methods to get permissions on Android devices using applications on the PC. Now there are some solutions that allow you to get Root permissions without a PC. Below we will see several tools that allow us to get root for Android without the need to use a PC.
It is good to specify that these tools do not work with 100% of the devices on the market. This is why full compatibility with your smartphone or tablet is not guaranteed. So I suggest you try all the tools in order to see if they work for you.

Prepare the device to root Android

Before starting any of the procedures and putting into practice one of the procedures to get root permissions on your Android device, follow the instructions below to ensure a smooth process.
1. Charge at least 50% of the phone’s battery.
2. Enable Unknown sources in Settings »Security» unknown sources.
3. Be sure to make a backup copy of the device before proceeding with the guide. If you do not know how read this guide on how to make a full backup of your Android smartphone.

Complete guide: 3 ways to root any Android in 30 seconds and without PC 2018

The PC-free root permissions on Android devices are the door to unleash the power and potential of your smartphone or tablet. Android is a Linux-based operating system, so you can get root privileges on your device with a series of operations. This process is called “rooting” and basically allows you to eliminate all the barriers that are placed between you and the system. We have prepared this guide to understand how to “root Android” and present the various apps and procedures to get root permissions on Android without using the PC.

Method 1: Root Android with Kingroot

Apps to root Android without computer
This method is the best known and easiest to perform, it allows you to root almost any Android device, following these steps:
1. Download and install the Kingroot application from its official website.
2. Run the application and click on execute now. The device may restart, which is normal. So after restarting the phone, Kingroot returns to continue with the process.
3. Then wait a few minutes until 100% of the process has been completed. Once Rooted you will be able to run any root application.
Note: Install the Root Checker application to buy that you have access to Supeuser and check that you are already a Root user.

Method 2: Rooting Chinese and Non-Chinese Mobiles with iRoot

Here we use the iRoot application to root your Android mobile in 30 seconds.
iRoot is created by the Chinese Android developers, so far it can root numerous Chinese and non-Chinese Android phones.
First, check that your device is compatible or not with iRoot from this link. This is the link to the official iRoot website.
Rooting Chinese and Non Chinese Mobiles with iRoot
If you have supported device then follow the link below to download the app.

Steps to Rooting Android in just 30 seconds

Step 1. First, download and install the best application to root your Android mobile. (Be sure to activate application installations from unknown sources on your Android.)
Step 2. In the interface of the iRoot Application, it will be shown that the phone does not have root permissions. It will be necessary to click on the “Get Root Access” button.
Best root apps for any android phones tablet
Step 3. The only thing you can do is wait for the process to end. Once it is successful, you can see the notice in the window.
(This process takes only a few seconds, make sure your Internet works when you are Rooting the Android device with the help of iRoot.)
Step 4: The phone will reboot after Root access. That is all!
easy method to root any android phone

Method 3: Root Android Old: version 2.x to 4.x

Root Android Old
This last method allows Rooting your Android device also without PC, since you only have to install the application of framaroot. This application includes several exploits that are responsible for accessing Supeusuario. It works with Android versions 2.x to 4.x. The list of compatible devices can be found here.

How to install framaroot:

1. Download Framaroot on the official page.
2. Run, choose Superuser or SuperSU
3. Select Boromir or another character
4. Device reboots and will already be Rooted

TowelRoot: Compatible with smartphones that have a kernel released before June 3, 2014

TowelRoot is a universal tool that supports most Samsung devices. It can get root permissions on Samsung devices without invalidating the Knox counter. It is also a simple tool that allows you to get root permissions with one click without using a PC. Unfortunately, the tool is no longer supported by the developer, so it only works on old smartphone models. In any case, trying does not harm.
All you have to do is download the APK file that you find below, install it and click on the ra1n button to get root permissions on the device.

• Download the Towelroot app.
• When the download is complete, open the file with the .apk extension you just downloaded and install it.
• Now launch the Towelroot app and click on the make it ra1n button to get root permissions on your phone.
• The phone should restart automatically.
• Once the device is powered on, download the latest SuperSU app from the Google Play Store and install it.


That’s all. Let us know which method worked on your device. If none of the methods proposed in this article worked with your smartphone or Android tablet, then you will have to rely on a specific solution for your model using your home PC.
If instead one of the proposed methods worked for you, let us know the tool used and the model of your device. This information may be useful to other readers who try to get root permissions with a click on their Android device.