Top 10 best accessories needed for Xbox One and Xbox One S controller

If you have an Xbox One or Xbox One S gaming console, you’re probably thinking of pampering it with some extra accessories. Here’s our selection of the top 10 best accessories needed for Xbox One and Xbox One S controller.

Since its release to the market a little more than 3 years ago, Xbox has been accumulating more and more new accessories and peripherals that have been improving the experience of the players with it. Now, there are hundreds of accessories available in the market that not only enhance the video game experience, but also make it possible to experience new ways to play, such as the Oculus Rift virtual reality platform. Therefore, while in our previous report we tell you what are the best accessories and peripherals for PS4, in this we offer a selection of the top 10 best accessories needed for Xbox One and One S controller. So you do not lose any details in case you have the console or you’ve decided to buy a new one, the Xbox One S.

Well, we have prepared this list with some of the coolest Xbox One and Xbox 360 accessories in Amazon. These accessories for Xbox One controller will let you experience new ways to play and enjoy console gaming.

Xbox One Kinect Sensor

Top 10 best accessories needed for Xbox One and Xbox One S controller
Xbox One Kinect Sensor is one of the most prominent and demanded Xbox accessories. This device makes it possible to perform many tasks in an easier and less tedious way, making it a very useful accessory. Among the many functions it offers:
• Navigate the Xbox One through voice commands and gestures made with the body.
• Call Skype on HD and send messages.
• Control video and music playback, as well as TV channels and volume.
• Take control of the console and turn on the devices like the television or the Blu-Ray player thanks to Microsoft’s virtual assistant: Cortana.
• Automatic recognition and sign-in when you turn on the Xbox One.
• Performing multitasking thanks to the second screen that appears in the main section of the TV.

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Oculus Rift

Best virtual reality headset for Xbox One Elite S 360
Yes, it is possible to play Xbox One with Oculus Rift. We explain: it turns out that, thanks to the update of the Xbox One Streaming app, we can transmit the Xbox One games to this device. We need, logically, both an Xbox One and a PC to connect Oculus, but there is the possibility. Although these helmets for virtual reality are about to reach the half year of life alone, they have managed to make a dent in the market, where it coexists with its direct competitors: HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. With them, we can enjoy this new virtual possibility thanks to:
• Recreation of 3D images and demonstration of different perspectives in 360º thanks to the movements made with the head.
• Two OLED panels with resolution of 2160×1200 pixels.
• Compatibility with specific controls and accessories such as Oculus Touch.

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Multimedia remote control

Best xbox one s elite controller accessories amazon
Another indispensable accessory for Xbox One is the multimedia remote control. If you are tired of using the remote control of the television and the console, you can do everything practically with this control, since it will allow you to control the Blu-ray movies, the retransmission of the videos, turn on the television and even the volume. Come on, you can see and change activity in instant thanks to its features:
• OneGuide button that allows quick access with just this button to all your favorites.
• Backlit buttons that are activated by movement.
• Infrared signal with a range of 9 meters to the console.
• Easy to grip control thanks to its soft silicone finish.

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Headphones for Xbox One

best Headphones for Xbox One s elite 360
Turtle Beach Stealth 420X is one of the best wireless headphones for Xbox One. This is a brand that has burst with force in the field of Xbox One and already has products for almost every pocket. Which makes us look at these 420X with the attention they deserve. That’s why it offers comfort, improvements to listen to small details or that aspire to put each sound in place. Voice monitoring helps us control the volume of the chat, so this can also be seen as a plus point. The message from the manufacturer is “Stop screaming!” And the truth is that it works.
With these headphones for your Xbox One, you will feel the sound as if you were completely immersed in the universe of your favorite game.

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Digital TV Tuner

best accessories needed for Xbox One and Xbox One S controller
With this device, you can unleash the most of all the multimedia capabilities of Xbox One. You can turn the console into an impressive home hub, able to free up valuable space in the cabinet. The tuner, minute and smart looking, it connects to the console using a USB port, accepting the antenna connection usually reserved to the TV. At this point kicks in one of the secret weapons of Xbox One S, the One Eclectic Guide interface, which deals with the tuning of all digital channels, integrating perfectly into the system dashboard. In this way you have the opportunity to enjoy a real television evolved, bringing almost infinite number of possibilities. Just to give an example, you can watch TV channels while playing, using Snap, create playlists and keep up to date with the extensive information provided by the interface programming.
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Steering Wheel

best xbox one accessories 2017 amazon
If you’re a racing game fan and like to dive headlong into games, standard Xbox One control may not be the right fit to play. A steering wheel, which comes with accelerator and brake, delivers much more immersion and should make the virtual track disputes even more interesting. But to have one of these, you also have to be willing to open the pocket, since the best accessories of the type, compatible with Xbox One, are not exactly cheap.
However, Mad Catz Pro Racing Force is the best and quality steering wheel for Xbox One. With high-quality finish and full of functions, like force feedback, the steering wheel is the perfect choice to enjoy the console games.

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Wireless controllers

Yes, the multimedia controller is very good and Oculus Rift also, we do not deny it, but we know what is essential to play the console: a good command. If you have broken the one you had or you have simply tired of it by its standard color, you may want to do with any of the following:

Xbox Wireless Controller

Available in a wide range of colors like Ocean Shadow, Winter Forces or Dawn Shadow. Compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Windows 10. It also includes Bluetooth technology for gaming on Windows 10 PCs and tablets.
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Gears of War wireless controller 4 Crimson Omen Limited Edition

If you are fans of the Gears of War saga, you can not pass up the opportunity to make you with this command of incredible design Handle with cable PDP Camouflage. This controller that features sliding grip and improved vibration that provides high precision, will allow you to play on Xbox One.
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Handle with cable PDP Camouflage

This controller that features sliding grip and improved vibration that provides high precision, will allow you to play on Xbox One.
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Professional controls

Now, if yours is to play in a professional way or you want to do it as such, you will have to do with a command that allows you to be the best playing. For this reason, we present you the two most outstanding controls that the Xbox One offers.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

On the one hand, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller , which will allow you to: swap metal joysticks and crosspieces for customized ergonomics and control; High sensitivity trigger lock for quicker firing; Assigning up to 14 options to the A, B, X and Y buttons; As well as performance in the design of the control to improve grip and grip.
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Razer Wildcat Wireless Controller

On the other hand, Razer Wildcat, a wireless controller exclusively created to play tournaments based on the advice of the best professionals of eSport. It offers: four multifunction buttons for maximum customization, optimized weight and reinforced cable connection to withstand many hours of unrestrained play, and control over distribution profiles and audio.
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Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

Xbox One Play and Charge Kit
The Microsoft Wireless Console joystick relies on the battery to work, which means it may well end up in the middle of a major game or mission. If you have been through this and you do not want to take the risk anymore, the company offers the so-called Kit Play & Charge. With it, you can fill the load of control even while you play, more or less like a notebook. In this way, you can always have a backup control ready for hours of intense play. Paste this on the backof your controller and make sure the USB cable is connected 24/7. You will never run out of fully loadedcontrols.
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Xbox Chatpad

Xbox One Chatpad Chat Headset
The virtual keyboard of the video game is not exactly practical – you have to select letter by letter with the joystick, which makes it difficult even to search Netflix. That’s why a keyboard like Chatpad is a great accessory. It is coupled to the Xbox One controller and can be used in both streaming and browser apps as well as in games, to talk in situations where speaking through a headset is not an option.
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That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the top 10 best accessories needed for Xbox One and Xbox One S controller. If you enjoyed this article, do not forget to share and give feedback on the comments! Did we make mistakes? Is there anything else to implement? Leave a Reply.