Top 10 best android entertainment apps (free download)

Today we are going to present the top 10 best Android entertainment apps that you can download free. It is a simple collection with fun tools that will allow us to enjoy during our free time or even to make jokes to our friends and family.

Entertainment applications for mobile phones represent fun, enjoyment and healthy distraction for users. They are programs that you have at your fingertips, in your own smartphone, that help you to pass the time and even are magnificent support to cope with the burdens of daily life. Given the importance and acceptance of these applications in the owners of mobile devices around the world, we ran a ranking of the top 10 best Android entertainment apps 2017.Top 10 best android entertainment apps free download

Best free entertainment apps for your Android smartphone and tablet devices

Akinator the Genie FREE

We started with this application that many of our readers may already know, since several years ago it became very popular on the Internet (before the emergence of smartphones and tablets).
It is a genius that will ask us a series of questions to guess the character in which we are thinking at first. The funny thing about it is that most of the time you will get success. If you do not believe it, you only have to perform the download and installation through the following link. Think about a character, and answer based on it. It will not disappoint you.


This is one of the best entertainment apps for Android users who love to know about new movies, TV shows and celebrities. Although it does not give you access to watch movies from the application, it is imperative for every movie lover. With this application you will be up to date on everything related to cinema. It connects to the Internet site Movie Data Base and allows the application to display the title, address, production, trailer, etc. of the movie. IMDb is the most complete database for any kind of information about movies, actors and directors, as well as being able to consult billboards and trailers. Watch trailers, get show times near you, and buy tickets, read critic and user reviews.


With this application you can listen to Internet radio. With TuneIn Radio you can access more than 100000 stations worldwide and 2 million programs. It allows you to search for content that interests you and takes you to a radio that is playing. You can pause the broadcasts and resume them later in the same point, or listen to the radio in the background while enjoying other applications, for example. It is multiplatform, so you can also use it with Windows 8 or any TV with Smart TV. Also available for iOS.

Scanner Radio

Have you ever heard of six-way radios picking up frequencies from distant countries? This application is very similar. With it you will listen live the radio audio of more than 3,600 departments of police and firemen that are closer to you. It also gives you access to weather reports and connects you to amateur radio repeaters around the world, mainly in the United States. You can search the directory of scanners by location or gender, related to public safety, air traffic, weather, etc., according to the information in this app. If you download Scanner Radio, when personalizing your cell phone you will have the opportunity to place the widget or icon of this application in the home screen, to create shortcuts and faster access to information. With the pro version (not free), you will support Bluetooth and GPS for other options.

Face Changer 2

If you have a free time and you want to dedicate them to laughing and to make jokes to our relatives and friends, next we present this very simple application. With this, you can make modifications to the faces and images that you want.
You will have a wide assortment of tools that you can administer at will, as well as very easy to use tools that will help you achieve the effect you were looking for.


We found many apps on Internet to watch free movies, but not all are legal. This one we show you is a legal app. In addition, it is capable of projecting on televisions with Smart TV.
The Crackle app for Android streams movies, shows and the United States and Canadian TV shows for free and is available for download outside the US. And if you find yourself outside the US or Canada, you can watch these movies by changing your IP address to an American or Canadian using a VPN application. To help you, we have made s small selection of the best free VPN apps for Android.


If you like to draw, you can also move your hobby to your Android device and practice, with the advantage that you will not have to spend on materials and will always be at your disposal when you feel inspired. Sketcher gives you various drawing options, besides allowing you to save your creations to SD cards or share them in a simple way.


It is very fun to chat with SimSimi, a smart robot that will establish dialogues full of laughs and sparkling situations with you. The interesting – and most enjoyable – is the interaction you get each time you talk to the nice robot, because it gains vocabulary as you teach words. SimSimi’s answers are so quick and witty that they will surprise you and start laughing. When you ask the robot something and he does not find an answer, he will tell you. Then, you have an option to provide information. Give it a try and then comment on your experience here.

Pianist HD

If you enjoy music and would like to learn a little, or maybe you just want to practice when you are away from your instruments, this application will allow you to do so. It has a program to learn to play, and various options to record and share your music, as well as different settings and customization.


The creators of this application ensure that they have more than 30 million files, including music and photos. The most requested are the musical themes, which you will find of almost all genres, versions and languages. After performing a search with many options you have for that purpose and find the file with relative ease, the app has a utility to have it saved in your account. This way, you will have it available, at hand, when you want to run it again. As its name indicates, with 4shared you can easily copy, move, rename, load and download any file in your account and share it with family and friends. Like all the ones we present in the ranking, this application is for mobile phones that work with Android operating system.

That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the top 10 best Android entertainment apps 2017. These free applications for Android will allow you to enjoy for hours on your trips or when you do not know what to do. We encourage you to tell us those apps that you like and make you enjoy your free time. You can use the comment section below. Thank you for reading.