Top 10 best cooking games for android

With the best cooking games, you will not despair when preparing your culinary elaborations. Here’s our selection of the top 10 best cooking games for Android.

Do you have the soul of a chef, but your mother does not let you touch the butter knife? The only time you cooked your relative ended up in intensive care? Even your dog spits in your face the hamburgers that you prepare do not despair, that’s because you need practice. Dress the apron, heat a pizza in the microwave and fully charged your Android smartphone or tablet. Here’s our selection of the top 10 best cooking games for Android.

Top 10 best Android cooking games free to play

There is always a cooking game on the Google Play. We are not talking about recipe apps, but real games where you take the role of a chef to prepare succulent dishes in record time, without burning them!, or variants in which you are in charge of a restaurant and you have to serve the dishes to different tables without making mistakes or making customers wait. They are simple but very entertaining games, which also fit like a glove with the affordable and fast gameplay required by a mobile app.

World Chef

Top 10 best cooking games for android
If you are looking for a game that combines recipe creation with restaurant management, World Chef is one of the most popular. You start in a small place where you will have to prepare simple dishes buying the ingredients and attending to the requests of the customers. If you succeed in preparing tasty meals and serving without waiting for diners you will attract VIP customers and you can expand the room with new rooms and new objects of decoration. World Chef has been a great success because it combines the creation of recipes with the management and decoration of a restaurant, two of the most successful aspects of mobile games. It also has an important social component. You can share your restaurants with your friends or visit theirs, and even ask them to help you.

Cooking Fever

best android cooking games free 2017
When you play an Android cooking game the last thing you expect is having to make a fried egg or prepare a chocolate cake. At the end of the day, these are simple things that almost everyone has cooked in real life.
What you really want to do is prepare exotic foods that you would probably never eat in real life, such as bull mackerel or deer tartar. That’s what Cooking Fever has to offer you. 13 unique locations that invite you to enjoy a gastronomic trip around the planet: fast food restaurant, pastry shop, Chinese restaurant, pizzeria, seafood restaurant, Indian restaurant, coffee shop, sushi restaurant, ice cream parlor, paradise bar, Mexican coffee and crab house. With over 400 levels of gameplay and over 400 courses with 150 ingredients to choose from, you’ve got gameplay for a few weeks.

Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2 free Android kitchen games
Most of the cooking games force you to follow strict rules to create dishes or serve food in a minimum of time, and if you deviate a little, you are penalized. Toca Kitchen 2 is much more anarchic in this regard, which makes it even more fun. The game proposes to prepare the food for your guests, and although they explain what they fancy you are the one that can adorn the recipes with all kinds of crazy experiments. A tower of pancakes with chocolate? Boiled hamburger with fried salad? It’s up to you!
The gameplay is based on preparing recipes in your air and check the faces that the guests put when they are eaten. Depending on your gestures, you must add or remove ingredients until you get the dish you like.

Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is an institution in the world of consoles, where it has sold hundreds of thousands of games for Nintendo 3DS and Wii. His landing in the mobile universe has been just as brilliant.
In Cooking Mama you have to prepare the recipes that Mom proposes to you and, for a while, also Dad. What hooks of the game is that it is necessary to handle the kitchen utensils simulating the reality, by touching and sliding by the screen. It is a very funny and challenging mechanics, perfected for years with the different launches of this saga. In addition to creating the recipes, you have in your cookbook you can mix them to create new combinations. In addition to creating the recipes, you have in your cookbook you can mix them to create new combinations.

Ice Cream Maker – Cooking

In addition to generic cooking games, there are also for specific dishes and desserts. Ice Cream Maker will make you prepare delicious ice creams and decorate them to your taste with different ingredients. You will have a wide range of flavors to choose and prepare the mixture from the beginning.
The final result can be shared on Facebook to envy your friends or make their guts sound for the eagerness to try, or capture and set it as wallpaper on your mobile device. Without a doubt, one of the best cooking games for Android.

Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay

Restaurant Dash is a fun cooking game based on the figure of the media chef Gordon Ramsay, presenter of the original version of the TV show. In it, you will have to open restaurants with your supervision and meet the standards of quality and speed that he orders you to succeed. The mechanics of this game are very simple. The skillful Ramsay will teach you how to cook a large number of dishes, properly decorate, serve and serve customers at the right time. For this, you must complete a tutorial the first time you play that will guide you to know in detail all aspects of good cooking. Develop your culinary skills and improve your dishes with your ability to perform commands and prepare orders as fast as possible.

Cooking Master

And if what you like is to feel the frenetic pace of a kitchen like the real ones, as if Alberto Chicote was screaming in your ear that you are slow, then you will love playing with Master Cooking. It is about taking care of the customers who arrive at your restaurant and go cooking the dishes that you are asking for before they get angry, to get the highest possible score. You will have to go cooking and serving the dishes in order to order so that your business really thrives.

Cupcakes – Cooking Games

Ideal for learning to cook delicious muffins, since the recipe of the game is the real one, Cupcakes boasts more than one million downloads and many followers on Facebook.
Baking with this app can be addictive for both children and adults, and through the experience we provide, we may be able to make the best cupcakes in the neighborhood.

Cooking for Drivers

A quick cooking cult. Cooking for the drivers will test your speed by cooking hamburgers and serving the racing racers who will only stop a few seconds at your point of sale to access a fast and light snack.
To cook the hamburgers you will have to select the right ingredients for each order. Each pilot has his specific taste and you must satisfy him in time and form.

Cooking Stand Restaurant Game

If you prefer to cook in greater proportions, as in a great restaurant, you also have a game to become the great chef of the moment.
In Cooking in Restaurant, you will have the possibility to prepare varied recipes of homemade food and universal dishes like the pizza.
You will have at your disposal all the necessary ingredients to satisfy the demands of the clients or surprise them with your offers.

Coffee Maker

Espressos, mochaccinos, lattes, and cappuccinos Do you know how to prepare them? Coffee Maker gives you a tour of the world of coffee and the main products that are used in the preparation of this drink as universal as delicious. Just put the coffee maker to the point and add water, milk, chocolate or vanilla and wait until it is ready to serve and share with friends.

These are our selection of the best cooking games for Android.