Top 7 best Android alarm clock apps FREE to download

A selection of the top 7 best Android alarm clock apps free to download from the Play Store.

How many times have we justified ourselves with our boss on being late because we have fallen asleep? You will not have to do it again when you install on our mobile Android one of the best Android alarm clock apps. The time has passed for wristwatches and alarm clocks because with the rise of mobile phones we have integrated so many features in them that we control from the start of the car to the necessary alarm clock.
Top 7 best Android alarm clock apps FREE to download
Of course, there are many apps with these functions. You just have to look for them. But we have looked for you and here we leave our recommendations as to performance, aesthetics, and prices. We present our selection with the best alarm clock apps for Android.

Top 7 best alarm clock apps Android FREE in 2017

In all the smartphones we have available different apps to improve in our day to day life. Not only apps to play sports or to listen to music, there are also apps not to be late for work. The applications or alarm clock are very useful to not fall asleep if you have an important meeting. So in this article, we will indicate what are the top 7 Android alarm clocks free. Do you want to know more?

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android Alarm clock app
His name says: “Sleep like a robot”. So it’s easy to wake up at the scheduled time with this app, but Sleep an Android has much more. You can analyze by sleeping charts and compare them in a range of 15 days to know your sleeping habits.
With this app, you can take a step forward and connect your terminal to a Smartwatch and forget that you leave the phone on the table or in the drawer of the bedside table. You can also share your data with Facebook or via email.
This is a paid app but you can use a trial version for fifteen days with many interesting features.

Alarm Clock Xtreme Free and Timer

Alarm Clock Xtreme Free and Timer alarm clock
Among the top 7 alarm clocks and alarms for Android is the app Alarm Clock Xtreme and Timer. This app has basic alarm functions and different options so that your alarm tone is getting a little stronger every time it rings. The idea is to help the user wake up more naturally. It also features a large pause button, a timer for napping, self-repetition and can solve math puzzles. This application is free and paid.

Timely Alarm Clock Android

Timely Alarm Clock Android
Timely is a very simple app with a great level of usability. It has the basic functions of an alarm clock: 3 customizable clock skins, simple graphical interface, alarm clock and stopwatch / timer. With this app you can synchronize with other devices or support your data in the cloud.
One of the most valued functions of Timely is that just lifting the phone and placing it with the screen down is decreasing the volume of the alarm until it is completely silent.
This app chooses simplicity and functionality and has won the favor of users. Requires Android 4.0.3 and above.

Wave Alarm – Alarm Clock

Wave Alarm Alarm Clock
This Android app brings something new to the apps of alarm clocks that is why it is in our applications top, as it is developed with the technology of detection and movement control, hence its main feature: you can deactivate the alarm by simply placing your hand on the phone. Wave also offers a modern and elegant interface, either in analog or digital mode. You can also choose from 10 sounds for your alarm or choose from your music library.
You can also access weather news when you wake up with Wave. This app is designed for terminals with front cameras and requires Android 2.3 and higher.

WakeVoice Trial alarm clock

WakeVoice Trial alarm clock
Despite having a low level of maturity is an app with a great future as it bets on speech synthesis for its use. WakeVoice allows users to turn off the alarm with a simple voice command, and once the alarm is over you will be provided with weather information, a news item of your favorite RSS or a personalized message.
This app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or you can buy a Pro version that allows you to configure an unlimited number of alarms, while the free app only lets users create 10 alarms.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

Puzzle Alarm Clock
This is one of the extreme apps when it comes to alarm clocks and is made for heavy sleepers. As its name tells, you will have to solve a puzzle to turn off the alarm and that will only be achieved if you are truly awake. Puzzle Alarm has 3 levels of difficulty and to deactivate it you must solve mathematical equations, memorize images, captcha, repetition patterns or activate an NFC tag or a QRcode.
This app even goes a little further: you can configure it to send an SMS to the person you select in case you fall asleep. Puzzle Alarm has several blast sound effects at full blast with external speakers that will sure get you out of bed. You can also select an application to run automatically when you turn off the alarm.

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) – Alarm clock

Alarmy Sleep If U Can Alarm clock
“Sleep if you can” makes a play on words with his name and the famous Leonardo DiCaprio movie “Catch me if you can”, because with it will be really impossible to fall asleep. In short, its operation is simple. You take a photo that will serve as a “password” to turn off the alarm and when it starts to sound you will wake up and take the same photo again. So it is good to choose places with good lighting and away from the bed, for example, a table in the room or a vase at the table.
As long as you do not get out of bed and take the required photo the alarm will continue to ring, which is why we say it is made for hard sleepers.

What is the best alarm clock app for Android in 2017?

These Android alarm clocks are our recommendations for not being late, whether for a dinner with our in-laws or a business meeting. Here we saw some very functional and simple, and others made for those people who do not get out of bed or to eat.
As a suggestion we recommend using and trying some until you find one that meets your expectations. In short, choose your favorite and enjoy those moments before the alarm sounds.