Top 10 battery saver app for Android download FREE

Here’s our selection of the top 10 best battery saver app for Android download FREE.

The overwhelming majority of Android users currently believe that the biggest problem of today’s mobile phones is the autonomy of the battery. The battery contained in a phone can not endure for so long all the operations that we perform on smartphones every day and ends running out at most often after less than a day. You’ve tried everything. You have set a black background on your AMOLED display, reduced to the minimum brightness, broken background synchronization and eliminated most thirsty applications of charge, but you want to earn a few more minutes of battery life? It’s time to go the hard way and take advantage of one of these apps dedicated to energy saving!
Top 10 battery saver app for Android download FREE

Take control of the battery of your Android with these top 10 best battery saving and battery management apps. You can download these apps free from the Google Play Store.

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

This is probably the best battery saver app for Android. Using the app, you can keep an eye on the total waiting time before the battery is fully charged. It allows you to extend this charge and see reports about the energy consumption of the phone and every application used.
It installs a widget in the notification panel of Android to keep an eye on the current level of the battery and the estimated time before it runs out. The widget allows you to enable or disable the app’s options and thereby save energy. The application can enable a custom alarm when the battery is being discharged.

JuiceDefender – Battery Saver

JuiceDefender – Battery Saver is a powerful app that extends the duration of Android battery by turning off features automatically, based on usage. For example, it disables the network connection while the phone is in standby mode and automatically re-enables when the screen is locked. The free version works well but is a bit limited than the paid version, very complete.
After installation, just keep Juice Defender with the balanced profile and do not touch anything.
It operates in the background and you should notice a significant reduction in the consumption of battery during the day.
The only side effect is that if you are using applications like Viber and WhatsApp may not operate properly in message notifications when you disable the network.

DU Battery Saver

This app for saving the battery of Android is among the most downloaded ever on the entire Play Store. DU Battery Saver app comes with different profiles that you can activate at will to customize the levels of savings. The highlight of this application is that it can show many details about the phone. Even you can also monitor the temperature to ensure that does not enhance and then the battery is quickly discharged. You also have the possibility to customize the battery icon, choosing from so many different skin patterned. The app is also able to change the parameters of charging for you to happen in the safest manner possible and without damaging the battery. There is also a paid version of this app that contains additional functions.

Avast Battery Saver

Avast is a manufacturer that produces antivirus for PC and is a veteran in the field of software. Its application for many reasons deserves a place in the gallery of the best Android app to save battery. First of all, we point out that it is free of bulky advertising banners and that may make it inconvenient to use. It can squeeze up to 20% more battery life and give accurate information about the percentage of the battery. Thanks to the presence of a widget on the notification bar you can close all apps in the background very easily. The app also provides different profiles that you can activate at will to customize the levels of savings. Given the option to activate profiles automatically at certain times, you can always choose the optimal level of energy savings. In addition, you can also customize the profiles.


Best battery saver app for Android download FREE
Often underestimated, Greenify is an app that in the field of autonomy can really make a difference. This miraculous service works like Doze and does so with some years successfully. Hibernating active applications in the background when they are not actually used, Greenify give more breath to the battery of your smartphone. But rest assured, you will not have to change settings and manage your applications one by one because besides being intelligent, this service is simple to use! Obviously, if you have Doze with marshmallows you will not need them, but for earlier versions of Android is a real treat.

GSam Battery Monitor

A faithful hound that constantly processes data relating to the consumption of your phone to show at any time the percentage of power, the battery temperature, the average life and consumption of the different functions, both in figures or graphics. The application has an attractive design and is suitable for those who are looking for more detailed information on the independent nature of their smartphone.
It makes it possible to show more detailed statistics ever on battery consumption, in every detail. With this app you’ll never consumption unjustified and you’ll always know where they come from. Of course there is also the option to close the app, and there is also a widget in the notification bar customizable, allowing you to keep an eye on battery and temperature of the smartphone. Finally, you can also set widget on Home.

GO Battery Saver & Power Widget

Another very interesting Android app to save battery. With this app you can not only finish the app in the background in one touch to save battery Android, but you can also perform cleaning of unnecessary files just like an app “Cleaner”. Beyond that, the app is able to optimize the charging to prevent damage to the battery and speed the search. You can also see how much percentage of battery takes away every single app.

Battery Optimizer & Cleaner

Here is another application that was created by a maker of anti-virus, and who by his presence of so many interesting features. First, frees the memory RAM by shutting down background processes. Show all the stats on the battery percentage. And beyond that, there’s more. It is an application that also allows you to set a limit with regard to the data connection: on reaching a predetermined MB of data traffic threshold is deactivated. It did not end here because this application also serves as a cleaner. It’s possible to free up internal memory by cleaning temporary and other unnecessary files.

Easy Battery Saver

Easy Battery Saver is exactly what the name suggests. The application provides a simple interface with excellent energy-saving options. Easy Battery Saver provides detailed measurements for any activity, from the talk time of the video playback, and also the numerous optimization modes make it one of the most trusted applications around.

NQ Easy Battery Saver

NQ Easy Battery Saver integrates directly with your launcher helping you to conserve battery power. The application has a graphic interface very elaborate and there are a lot of tuning options. Also, keeps an eye on all running applications and shows you the amount of memory used by each application. Finally, NQ Easy Battery Saver also helps you to optimize your smartphone. It allows you to choose which applications close, among all those running in the background, thereby improving the responsiveness of the device.

That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the best battery saver app for Android download FREE. Download one of these free application and save some battery power on your Android. We also invite you to read our article on the best power bank for Android. You can also choose one of the best solar chargers to recharge your phone.
Do you know any other apps that should be described here? Let us know in the comments. Thank you.