Top 10 best gifts for space lovers | unique Christmas gift ideas

We invite you to read our unique Christmas gift ideas for space lovers. This selection of the top 10 best gifts for space lovers will definitely help you find right present for space lovers or astronomers.

Many people are drawn to the mysteries of space, to the point that many of them end up being fans. But at the time of giving a gift, you will ask yourself what can I buy? Do not worry about that here we leave a list of the top 10 best gifts for lovers of space.
Top 10 best gifts for space lovers unique Christmas gift ideas

Top 10 best and unique gift ideas for space lovers or astronomers. Find something for your own cosmic traveler of any age or planetary origin.

Looking for a gift for an astronomer or what to give to an amateur astronomer? We offer you gifts for those who love astronomy, gift ideas for fans and lovers of space and for an astrophysicist.

Pendant with moon dust

It is a delicate and fine pendant that has, in a small capsule in the form of drop, moon dust. It is not very difficult to obtain them but that if it is not very cheap, of the amount of lunar meteorites that have fallen on the earth only 191 meteorites were found, making this gift something unique and very special. The image pendant has lunar dust from a meteorite that fell to earth in 2005.

Aeromax Astronaut Gloves

They are like the common gloves but with a design that will make you feel in space. In the front, they have the graphic of an astronaut suit glove with the logo of the NASA and in the back, it is only black. These gloves are ideal for that person who is so fanatical of the space can cover their hands at the time of winter. Surely you will find in several colors but it would be best to buy the white and blue as that is the colors of the astronaut suit.

Meteorite and bone ring

This incredible ring is made of meteorite and authentic dinosaur bone. This is why it is not very economical. The part of the meteorite is a small portion of the Gibeon meteorite that thousands of years ago exploded in the atmosphere on the African continent. And the other part that would be that of the bone was agatizado. This means that its cellular structure was replaced by quartz. The truth is that with this gift you will remain excellent, even if it costs you a little.

Binocular or telescope

A binocular or telescope is the ideal gift for those who are not satisfied with what they see with the naked eye and want to explore the Cosmos more closely.
The products we recommend are a good compromise between price and quality, suitable for the boy or adult who wants to start admiring the sky, but also to the child who no longer wants to “pretend” to look at the stars with a toy and wants to fulfill a true journey through space through direct observation.
You could have it delivered directly to the home of the person you want to give it to, or you can receive it and then deliver the gift with your own hands!

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Great to explore the starry sky and especially the details of the Moon. Thanks to his pupil out of 4.7 mm is very bright and thus can also be used in the day to look at the nature and animals.

For those who do not want to just look at the Moon and the starry mantle but want to observe the planets of the Solar System. In conditions of good visibility it allows you to see the rings of Saturn and the cloud systems in strips of Jupiter.

To observe the planets and some deep-sky objects such as the Nebusola of Orion and the star clusters. Ideal also for the first steps in astrophotography, perhaps starting from the lunar surface.

Heat Changing Constellation Mug

There is nothing better than that person can drink his coffee in a cup that will make him feel in space. This cup comes with a unique and spatial design, at the beginning we will see that it is black full of stars, but when adding coffee or some hot liquid we will see that the constellations begin to appear, a great idea. The best of this gift that you will find in any store and is very economical. Then you will save and with a simple gift you will surprise that person.

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Light USB Astronaut

If that person is very hardworking, of those who stays late at night working with this gift you will succeed. It is a small USB light in the shape of an astronaut ideal for desks, its light is reflected by the helmet and you can also accommodate it as you want by its flexible strip. It will put style and fun to the desk where it is located and because it would also be an excellent company in those long nights of work.

Laser lamp

This lamp is great. It can transform any room in a universe just for that person. It is a laser projector that when turned on, the light has this design that when reflected on the floor and walls can be appreciated, it is really beautiful. The good thing about this projector is that you can adapt it to your liking and, in doing so, it will vary the design’s shape, although it is only an effect before the eyes because the graphic is the same. It is a very good gift that will also make you fall in love with it, good is that if you look good you can get it at a good price.

Clock of the phases of the moon

A watch that only tells the time can be boring. The Galilee clock visually represents the movement of the moon throughout its 19.5-day cycle. It will also help you to plan these excursions to see constellations, preventing the light of the moon from opaque the celestial objects.

These are some of the best gifts for space lovers. If you think it is useful, share it with all those people you think that this little guide can be useful for you. Thank you.