Top 5 best mini pump for road bike or MTB

Discover the comparative ranking of the best mini pump for road bike or mountain bike. Which mini bike pump to choose for mountain biking? What is the best mini bicycle pump with a manometer? Which cheap mini bike pumps to choose?

Today we will talk about the best mini pump road bike and mountain bike. A pump for bicycle is the most important accessory, after a bicycle helmet. Before each trip, it is necessary to pump the tire up to the recommended pressure. And if you break the wheel, it will need to be re-inflated after repairing the wheel. It is advisable to buy two bicycle pumps: one for use at home and another to take with you on the trip. Based on our recommendations, you can decide for yourself which pump for a bicycle is better to buy.

Best mini bike pump in 2017

After our ranking of the best bicycle antitheft and the best walking pump with manometer, here is the comparison of the best mini pump bike:

Topeak RaceRocket Bicycle Pump

Topeak RaceRocket Master Blaster Bicycle Pump
The Topeak RaceRocket HP is a mini pump that offers interesting performance that we could not suspect given its small size. It can, indeed, go up to 6 Bars, making it an ideal model for road bikes because of the remarkable power of this mini pump.
Equipped with an adapter, it is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves. Since the adapter is attached to the mini pump, you will not run the risk of losing it.

The HP Topeak RaceRocket also stands out for its all-aluminum design that does not leave you indifferent. In any case, its compact dimensions pose no problem when storing it to attach it to the bike frame or even to put it directly in the pocket.

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Pro Bike Tool Bicycle Pump

Top 5 best mini pump for road bike
The Pro Bike Tool Mini is a mini pump with reliable and durable manometer. Made from a CNC aluminum alloy that offers both flexibility and robustness.
Its compact dimensions make it also an easy tool to store, either at the frame of the bike where a specific support was provided or in the backpack simply. Although it is indicated to reach the 7 Bars of pressure, it is necessary to recognize that the task is seriously complicated beyond the 5 Bars because the effort to provide becomes more consequent.
The Pro Bike Tool Mini does not require an external adapter as it is equipped with a threading system compatible with both types of valves: Presta and Schrader. Also, equipped with a manometer. It allows you to measure the pressure throughout the inflation process.

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Lezyne Road Drive Hand Pump

best mini pump road bike mountain biking
The Lezyne Road Drive is a mini bike pump that is intended primarily for road bikes. Like all Lezyne brand pumps, it is made of 100% CNC aluminum, enough to guarantee lightness and strength at the same time. It offers a screw connection that avoids damaging the valve during inflation and also offers greater strength.
Both ends have two different Presta fittings. The first that you can screw on the valve and the second that you can “plug” simply. Both versions are effective, even if the screw-on side is preferred, which avoids any loss of pressure during inflation. For inflation performance, this mini pump can go up without effort up to 6 bars but, we must recognize that things get tough beyond. It also begins to heat once this limit is reached because of aluminum.

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VeloChampion Alloy 7 Mini Bike Pump

top rated mini bicycle pump 2017 2018
The mini pump VeloChampion is able to achieve an inflation pressure of 6.9 Bars, which remains a remarkable performance, especially for a mini pump. In addition, it has a built-in manometer to easily read the pressure.
Its grip is facilitated by its T-handle which is found, in addition, soft to the touch. Foldable for easy storage, its dimensions oscillate between 33.5 and 22.5 cm long for a weight of 140gr. You can attach it directly to the frame of the bike as it comes with mounting bracket that allows it to withstand shock and vibration.
The VeloChampion mini pump has a reversible adapter for the Presta and Schrader valves. By cons, a small manipulation will still be necessary to adapt it to valves of larger dimensions.
A detailed guide accompanies this mini pump for this purpose. Finally, it is the plastic based on which is good because it resists well during use, it nevertheless tends to heat fast enough, which may require the wearing of gloves to avoid burns.

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Lezyne Pump Lez HV MD Mini Gauge Drive

Top best mini pump for road bike or MTB
The Lezyne Gauge Drive HV is a mini bike pump that has been designed for mountain biking. Indeed, its ability to propel a large volume of air with each stroke of the pump, all without requiring superhuman efforts. The 3 pressure bars, necessary for an ATV, can be reached fairly easily and after all, that’s what you’d expect from a mini mountain bike pump. For this, it is equipped with a pressure gauge that will give you real-time tire pressure, enough to alert you when the desired pressure is reached.
It offers the advantage of being compatible with both Presta valves and Schrader valves thanks to a nozzle equipped with a coupling that adapts to both types of valves. Similarly, the locking system, called ABS, located at the end of the pump effectively limits air losses while promoting the flow of air to the tire for easy pumping.

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Why buy a mini bike pump?

Mini pumps are small and portable, usually around 18cm-25cm in length. This is their main advantage over conventional bike pumps that are more bulky to carry, especially when it comes to mountain biking on winding and steep paths. Thus, these mini pumps are usually attached to the frame of the bike unless they can slide directly into the pocket or backpack of the Vet.
Although they are primarily intended for mountain bikes, mini bicycle pumps can also be
used for road bikes. As such, there are even models of mini pumps that offer the advantage of being compatible with both types of bikes. Ditto for racing bikes where these mini pumps, given their low weight and small dimensions, are essential for competitors wanting to maximize their chances of victory always favor the least bulky tools.

Types of Mini Pumps

The mini pumps can be divided according to their use into three basic categories: firstly the models for mountain bikes, those for road bikes but also models that combine the two. These have emerged in recent years only.

ATV mini pumps

These are mini pumps that are designed to propel more air at each pump stroke than models intended for road bikes. And for good reason, mountain bikes are equipped with tires having a larger volume of air than conventional models. These mini pumps for ATVs can significantly reduce the time needed to inflate a tire even if, on the other side, these mini pumps are not best suited to inflate tires at high pressure. This will not affect mountain bikes that ride on tires with lower pressure (1-3 Bars) than road bikes.

Mini pumps for road bikes

The mini road bike pumps are perfect for efficiently pumping at high pressure. This makes it the ideal model for road bikes whose tires have a higher pressure (5-8 Bars) than mountain bikes. The only downside is the relatively long duration for filling tires requiring a large volume of air. That said, since road bikes have tires with a lower air volume than ATVs, this should not be a problem when used for pumping road bikes.

Mini pumps compatible with both

Recently, some manufacturers have had the idea to launch mini pumps compatible with both mountain bikes and road bikes. For this, they must offer both the ability to provide a large volume of air at each stroke pump while being effective to inflate high pressure tires. As it is often difficult to combine these two qualities in one and the same mini pump, there are few manufacturers who manage to develop models that are really performing both with ATVs and road bikes.

How to choose a mini bike pump?

The choice of a mini bicycle pump must be made according to certain purchase criteria that will be able to guide you to find the most suitable model for your needs. That’s why you must always take the trouble to identify your needs before acquiring a new model of mini bicycle pump. The criteria for choosing a mini pump are similar to those for choosing a foot pump with manometer.

Utilisation facility

Among the many models of mini pump bike that you will cross the market, there will inevitably be models that will be easier to use than others. There are, for example, mini pumps that use a hose and a thread for fixing on the valve to simplify their use. It only takes a few seconds to deploy the flexible hose of the pump and attach the fitting to the valve, which will save you from any loss when using the pump. This will also have the merit of avoiding damage to the valve.

Pumping performance

This is an essential criterion as it is the efficiency of the mini pump is at stake. Nevertheless, it must always be kept in mind that the pumping performance is not the same for a model intended for ATV and another used for road bikes. For example, mini pumps for road bikes, and although they work perfectly with high-pressure tires, require a large number of strokes to deliver a large volume of air. The mini pumps for mountain bikes therefore offer the best pumping performance since they are able to propel a maximum of air at each stroke of the pump.

Manufacturing materials

As the mini pump is often exposed to various external factors, especially for models intended for ATVs, it is imperative that it be made from materials resistant enough to withstand shock. This is why steel is at the top of the list of materials used for pump manufacturing. You will also find aluminum models that offers, in addition, the advantage of being lighter. A great asset for the fans of the competition who track everywhere superfluous grams.


The design of a mini pump, and as for any object, is primarily a matter of personal taste. That said, if you invest in a high-end bike and you opt for a mini pump model that attaches to the frame of the bike, it goes without saying that you prefer a model in harmony with the design of your bike. Now, if you prefer to put your mini pump in your pocket or backpack, this aspect will be less important.


When it comes to mini pumps, size and weight are two important aspects that should not be overlooked. And for good reason, this has a direct impact on the portability of the mini pump. This is, moreover, even more true if you lean towards models that fit in the pockets or goods backpacks. Nevertheless, and as the size of the pump is often linked to its performance, care must be taken to take a model that is not too small, either. We must find the right compromise between dimensions not too bulky for easy storage and a satisfactory level of performance.


Even if you will not need to use your mini pump daily, it must, nevertheless, be functional and reliable. So you can use it whenever you need it, especially in emergency situations such as a puncture in the mountains. Therefore, always take care to check the strength and reliability of the mini pump before buying it. For this, there is nothing better than to rely on the opinions of the users who have tested these.

What is the best mini pump bike?

For most cyclists, Topeak RaceRocket HP is the bike mini pump you need. This mini bike pump is super compact and lightweight. Compatible with Presta or Schrader valves, its aluminum design is very successful. What you think? Let us know your opinion and useful tips, if you have any. You can use the comment section below. Thank you.