Top 12 best note taking apps for Android smartphone and tablet

Taking notes will not make you look the same after reading this article. Here’s our selection of the best note taking apps for Android you can download free.

Today almost anyone carries a smartphone in their pocket or purse. With them, we can do practically everything. In many cases, the smartphone has replaced the compact camera, the camcorder, the MP3 player and so many other tools. Another thing that has been replaced by a smartphone are the notebook. In our daily life, we have to write down many things: addresses, a telephone number, some idea that comes to us suddenly and we do not want to forget, etc. As it could not be otherwise, the device we carry in our pocket will be our great ally. Let’s review the best note taking apps for Android.
best note taking apps for Android
In Google Play, you will find endless applications of notes. With so much variety it is always difficult to choose one. Each one has different functions and possibilities. So with this list of the best note taking apps for Android, you are sure to find the perfect one to have your day and your life well organized.

Best free Android note taking apps to take notes, memos and to do lists and save them in the cloud, in addition to your device memory.

The multipurpose: Evernote

Without any doubt, Evernote is one of the best applications to have it all tied up. Its interface is clean, with many functions but still easy to navigate. Sharing notes with other people, attaching files such as photos or PDFs to a note, scanning a document, or adding a task list is a breeze with Evernote. Its mix of functionality and simplicity has meant that in the last few years it has made a dent in the business world. Although it is also very functional outside the office. You can notes anywhere even if you do not have an internet connection. The moment the connection returns, all your notes will be synchronized on all your devices quickly.

To write: Diaro

Inspiration does not always arrive at the desired time and place, it usually appears unexpectedly. With Diaro you can capture all that inspiration on your smartphone. It is ideal for writers and journalists since it works in a way similar to a word processor. Diaro has no problem so you can handle long and complex texts. It can synchronize with other devices or Dropbox and also has a web app so you can also manage your texts comfortably from a computer. It has folders and labels in which you can organize your notes, so you do not miss anything and know where each note goes. You can also attach images, share your notes on social networks.

To collaborate: Quip

This application incorporates an excellent collaboration system. It has a fantastic and easy exchange function in which changes are recorded in the document. You can create groups to collaborate on the same document or spreadsheet, from any device or anywhere. Groups have a chat in which everyone can add notes to the conversation. You can create notifications to all to ensure that no task is forgotten. From Google Drive, Evernote or Dropbox you can import documents to Quip and from there you can export them in Word, PDF format or print the notes directly.

For creativity: Squid

Squid brings the notepad of a lifetime to the digital world. With this application you will be able to do all the scribbles you want in your notes. It is very fast to take notes or drawings on a PDF or an image. It is specially designed to use with tablet although in the smartphone it works also without problems. You can pair the device with a television with Chromecast for use as a whiteboard in your presentations or meetings. It allows you to export all notes to various formats such as PDF or JPG image for easy sharing or storing in the cloud.

The simple one: Color Note

Color Note has fewer features than other applications but does what it has to do. You can organize the notes by color, not only to make the list more pleasant but also to have it well organized. You can place notes as widgets on your smartphone’s home screen, make task or purchase lists and synchronize them with a calendar so you do not forget anything. It is simple but has everything you need so you do not leave anything down the road.

The most powerful: OneNote

OneNote for Android is the mobile version of the famous OneNote desktop that is part of the MS Office package. At first, it was just another way to take notes but in recent years has become very powerful and even incorporates the ability to attach audio and video. This application is fully integrated into the MS Office ecosystem, but this time makes it easier to use along the way. You can add almost everything is the notes both pictures and task lists and of course freehand writing. Of course the most powerful on the list even if you do not have many stars on Google Play.

For tasks: Google Keep

Google Keep is very simple and intuitive and offers many possibilities without frills. It syncs with your Gmail account without having to do anything. You can change the color notes, make shopping lists and take freehand notes. It is a very lightweight app and allows you to share your notes or to-do lists with anyone you want. It is automatically synchronized with all your devices and with your web application.

The fast: Simplenote

This is another best Android app to take notes and memos. It has two themes: one light and one dark. You can organize your notes by categories so it is not a messy drawer since it has no colors to organize it visually. Open the application and click on the new note icon. You’re already taking your note. Very simple and very fast.

Todoist: Task List, Task List

Todoist is a crowd favorite. It is a very extensive free application. You can configure different projects. For example, you can have one for personal tasks, one for work and one for a shopping list.
You will get points for each completed task. These points do not help you get anything really, but are designed to motivate you to use Todoist more and get more things in less time. Todoist is free, but there is a paid version that is $ 29 / year. To do list is a very popular application to keep up with a to-do list. It has a fairly minimal design, although it is not the design Material Design. It also supports cloud synchronization. So you can keep up with your to-do lists on multiple devices. You can also drag and drop items so you can plan your day ahead of time.

Wunderlist: Task List and Tasks

Wunderlist has always existed and is a to-do list application. It is available on almost every platform imaginable, even desktop.
Wunderlist will synchronize your tasks between your smartphone, tablet and your computer, so it is easier to stay on task pending. In addition, you can attach PDF files photos and other attachments to items in the list.

Remember The Milk

We end up with a veteran of the Google App Store. Remember The Milk has been in the Play Store since 2004. Although it was somewhat outdated, it has just been updated to version 4.1 and is now practically a new application. The design has been completely renovated to offer a more current look.
Remember The Milk offers the ability to share to-do lists and send these tasks to other people. It is possible to organize tasks by priorities, deadlines, lists, labels, etc. The application also offers integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter and Evernote among others.

What is your favorite application for taking notes? If you know any that is not in the list do not hesitate to share it.