Top designer handbags and shoulder bags for ladies | Gift ideas

Are you looking for the best economic bag to give a gift to a friend or a colleague? This guide is for you. So you can choose and buy the most fashionable, elegant and most beautiful bag of the moment.

Christmas presents are a bit of a crisis, raise your hand who has never thought at least once in life. What is the best Christmas gift to give your sister, wife, mother or girlfriend? Fortunately, there are some gifts that do not cost too much and are an easy and clever solution to solve the problem. The bags, for example, are an extremely versatile accessory and therefore an excellent gift idea.
The reason is soon said: unlike clothes and shoes, which vary depending on the size and, therefore, can be easily wrong, the bags do not need to be tried, so it is sufficient to know the tastes of the person, to make a gift fits perfectly. In addition, the market is full of quality products at low cost, just think of the many outlets, e-commerce sites and seasonal offers, which offer real opportunities.

5 reasons to give a bag for Christmas

To give something, for Christmas or for the Birthday, you need to know well the tastes of the person, reconcile the expectations and budget available, go shopping and avoid embarrassing items, especially if you are not very confident, as in case of a colleague or a distant relative. For this reason, many girls and women choose to buy a bag, a product that combines utility, fashion, and savings.


The bag is an indispensable object, but also rather impersonal, compared to a piece of clothing, a book or a technological product. Especially in the simplest models and in the most neutral colors, really like all, and you will allow you to make a good impression, without too much effort or excessive spending.


Who does not own at least one bag for every occasion? It is a useful product, common and daily. Surely your friend or colleague will use it to go to work or to go out with the partner, especially if you choose a rather versatile model, without decorations or special finishes.


There are bags for all tastes, but especially for all budgets. It is true, in fact, that some models come to cost even several hundred Dollars, we must not forget that you can get away with much less, maybe taking advantage special offers on the Internet or promotions of a specialized outlet.


Compared to a dress, a perfume or a pair of shoes, the bag is certainly more comfortable, since you will not have to know with certainty the size of your friend. Just look at it as a dress, what are its favorite colors and his habits, to find in a few minutes the perfect present for her.

Style and elegance

Let’s not forget that the bag is a fashion accessory that everyone likes, regardless of age, style, and profession. From simple shoulder bags to backpack models, from clutches to larger and capacious models, up to twenty-four hours from work, there is something for everyone.

Choose the most suitable bag: useful tips

Have you decided to buy a bag for Christmas, to give it to a friend, your sister or your new colleague, but what is the most suitable model? Here are some useful tips to choose the most appropriate product, and make a welcome and intelligent gift, without much difficulty and, in particular, without investing very high figures.

Shoulder Strap

The shoulder bag, small or medium-sized, is very sporty and versatile, and fits quite well with any look, as long as you choose a color that appeals to the person in question. Therefore, look how you dress and what are the colors you use most often, and orient yourself on a product that enhances your style. Remember that there are many different versions: compact handbags, day and evening bags, with shiny and elegant fabrics, but also simpler and casual, to wear with a simple pair of jeans and sneakers.

Clutch bag

The clutch bag is generally more elegant, almost by evening, especially in elaborate versions, with rhinestones, shiny fabrics, studs and other fashionable applications. If your friend or relative is a person who follows the latest trends, who loves to dress in a sophisticated way and always wears the trendy clothes, this model is for you. Suitable for the most mundane occasions, such as New Year’s Eve. If you want to personalize your gift, opt for a fashion color, such as red or yellow, instead of the classic black.


The backpack is youthful, like girls and women who love to dress in a casual and comfortable way, without too many frills. Even though fashion has produced elegant backpacks, rich in decorations and applications, a simple model is certainly more versatile and fits best for any occasion. If the person in question is a student, choose a medium-large backpack, which contains without difficulty at least a couple of books and notebooks, so that it can be used to go to school or lecture.

The most beautiful and recommended business bags

So, dear readers, if you are looking for the ideal gift, remember that a bag is a great option. If you do not want to bother you too much or if you are not enough in confidence with the person in question. Or, if you want to give something nice, not too much expensive, but above all useful and pleasant, take note of our suggestions, because we will help you find the most economical and advantageous bag, for a Christmas gift really … with all the trimmings! What are the cheapest, beautiful and recommended bags of the season? Here are the top ten models on Amazon.

Coofit Hobo Bag Shoulder Bag

Top designer handbags and shoulder bags for ladies
This low-cost shoulder bag for women is a good choice for those who appreciate a casual style but at the same very interesting. Its simple design and the dark gray color is particularly pleasant from the aesthetic point of view. It contains more than one main pocket, as well as two pockets and a further pocket with zipper.
Made of leather and canvas of excellent quality, very soft and resistant to weight and wear. You can use this model as a normal bag because you can decrease the length of the strap, or shoulder strap: both options are very comfortable.

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Guess Delaney Medium Embossed Classic Tote

Gift ideas for ladies bag stylish
We continue with this model Guess. With simple and minimal lines, it is very suitable for work and social occasions, perhaps combined with an elegant suit and a pair of shoes with heels. The price is not excessive but the quality is excellent, so this product is perfect for a gift to a loved one.
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Marc Jacobs Nylon Biker Mini Backpack

best handbags and shoulder bags for ladies christmas present
For those who want to always be in perfect order, even in the most informal moments, without sacrificing comfort, here is this nylon backpack by Marc Jacobs. It fits very well with a pair of jeans, or with more classic clothing. The price it’s really advantageous.
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Kipling Challenger II Backpack

Good shoulder bag and hand bags for ladies top design
For the most fashion girls, here is this Kipling backpack in the latest fashion colors. It fits with a youthful look, a bit rock and a little ethnic. Bright colors, contrasts and a trendy style, excellent materials and a price all in all content and affordable.
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Armani Jeans Eco Patent Bowler Bag

Armani Jeans Eco Patent Bowler Bag woman
Armani has always been synonymous with luxury, quality and design. This beautiful dark red bag, with simple lines, is a perfect example. Perfect for a high-level gift, for a very important person and attentive to the latest trends. The cost, all in all, is contained.
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S-ZONE Women’s Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Shoulder Bag Handbag

Womens Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Shoulder Bag Handbag
Are you looking for a larger capacity and neutral bag that still has elegance, and will go with the majority of your wardrobe? This S-ZONE Women’s Vintage Genuine Leather is a fantastic choice. Although larger, it somehow still remains quite slim against the body. It’s not bulky, and doesn’t get in the way while using. The producer uses 100% split cow leather, processed with oil wax, so it looks more bright. The leather has a slight-sheen which adds to its elegance.
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YALUXE Women’s Vintage Style Shoulder Bag

bag for women
This is another real good choice for ladies. The producer of the bag uses soft cow split leather to make this fabulous ladies bag, strengthen every stitching joint and widen the strap to 0.8″ in width to make it durable for years. This is absolutely a much more excellent quality bag than other bags in same style and same price on Amazon.
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Scarleton 3 Front Zipper Washed Shoulder Bag

Scarleton 3 Front Zipper Washed Shoulder Bag
The Scarleton 3 Front Zipper Washed Shoulder Bag is a large stylish purse. You will find plenty of organized storage inside the bag, enough room for your cell phone, wallet and makeup with space for virtually any standard tablet.
The two large compartments offer even more options for keeping all your essentials easily available. You don’t have to break the bank to be on trend while staying organized, this Shoulder Bag is the perfect accessory for any outfit. Fashionable, affordable and convenient, you’ll want one in every color!

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Michael Kors Cindy Large Dome Crossbody

Top designer handbags and shoulder bags for ladies Gift ideas
We conclude our selection of the best bag for ladies with this model Micheal Kors. This is a shoulder bag of dark color, very simple but refined at the same time. It will allow you to carry the bare essentials on any occasion. Ideal for those who want to always be elegant and glamorous.
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Our ranking of the most popular it-bags is over! What is your dream bag? Write in the comments!