Top free Android app for fitness to stay fit

The app dedicated to fitness and sports are a good solution for those who do not want to set foot in the gym. Let’s see the top 10 best free Android app for fitness.

A balanced diet and regular physical activity are the keys to a healthy life. Daily commitments and laziness, especially during the winter, however, push us to skip the gym or the weekly workout. Just lazing! Let’s see together what are the top 10 best free Android app for fitness to get fit.
Today, fitness is digitized: this means that you only need to download an application to keep yourself fit. For this reason, we have browsed among the best free apps for Android related to the world of fitness and wellness and we have selected 10 especially for you.
The best apps for yoga: free and easy to use.

The free fitness apps for Android 2018

We took a look at the fitness section of the Play Store to select the top 10 free apps for Android related to the world of fitness and wellness. Here are our suggestions.

Runtastic: for lovers of running, walking and cycling!

Runtastic Top free Android app for fitness to stay fit
Runtastic offers considerable support for all those who wish to practice aerobic sports and outdoor fitness. It does not matter whether it is running, cycling, swimming or inline skating. The activity of your preference, the app offers the same quality standard for many different disciplines. The features available in the free version of Runtastic are many, but going to Pro you can complete your fitness experience by accessing the Routes feature, getting more specific workouts or taking advantage of Story running to motivate you to the fullest. Runtastic tracks all your activities in real time via GPS and monitors your progress, recording all the significant data. If you are passionate about cycling on the road or in the mountains, the developers of the app provide a service designed specifically, always free and full of advanced features. Don’t miss.

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Sworkit Personal Trainer: personalized workouts

Best free fitness apps for Android smartphone tablet
What is the reason why you want to do some physical activity? Reinforce muscles, lose weight, and get more flexibility? The app, to help you find the exercises suitable for you, will ask you to answer these questions also specifying weight and height. Sworkit Personal Trainer will accompany you during your workouts proposing personalized and free plans adapted to different levels. Then select the one that suits you and click on Start training. On the smartphone screen, you will be shown how to proceed beyond the duration of the exercise. Beautiful graphics and excellent exercises proposed. As always, what you have to do is goodwill, but that applies to all apps!

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Google Fit: choose the goal to reach

apps to stay fit android free apps list
This app made in Google offers a great tool to monitor your daily physical activity. To get the best from the service it is advisable to use an Android Wear smartwatch, in order to obtain constant updates directly on your wrist, but even if used on your smartphone the app offers several interesting features.
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Google Fit allows you to enter your weight and choose your favorite activity between running, walking, cycling and so on, and set a daily goal to be achieved. The interface is simple to use, clean and incorporates the material design introduced with Android Lollipop. What do you want more? There are no excuses, now you are ready to start with your training.

Samsung Health: the South Korean alternative to Google Fit

free android applications to lose weight
As we all know Samsung is famous for trying to clone every single Google service but with Samsung Health we have to admit that it did a good job! The fitness application of the Korean company is one of the most comprehensive views so far regarding the various physical activities and good habits to reduce caffeine or improve the integration of liquids making you drink more.
Integrated in the application we also find various gym activities (such as bench press, shoulder press, leg press, etc …), sports activities of various kinds and even recreational activities such as ballroom dancing. Present a monitor for heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO 2) and a chart to keep our weight under control. All complemented by social features for comparison with friends and integration with some common services and sports accessories. Congratulations Samsung! to train body and mind

Top free Android app for fitness to stay fit
Cardio activities and gym workouts with complicated weights and machines are not for you? Have you ever tried to dedicate yourself to Yoga? With you will have the chance to discover up to 289 different yoga positions and follow the 37 programs designed for different levels.
Thanks to videos and images you can easily follow the workouts, learn to know the meaning of the different positions and dedicate your free time to the well-being of your body. Without facing the cold or crowded gym changing rooms, but from the comfort of your own home. The paid version, from which you will have access to more advanced workouts. Do not forget to start downloading videos when connected to the WIFI network otherwise your data will be affected!

7 Min Workout: fast and painless

best workout apps for android free
The perfect app for the laziest and for those who hate running, cycling, swimming, in short … physical activities in general. Training in 7 minutes does not propose anything but, well the name already reveals everything: a few minutes of daily exercise, perfect to reactivate the movement the morning just wake up or after a long day sitting in front of the desk of the office.
The app is well developed and offers, in addition to a visual support through clear and colored moving images, also an audio support, which I recommend however to disable because rather annoying. It’s only 7 minutes and I know you can do it too. The app also provides a calendar on which will mark your goals achieved after minutes and minutes of hard work.

Push Ups Workout: not to forget Rambo

Android fitness apps guide 2018
Do you want to concentrate on your arms, shoulders and chest muscles? Make your morning bends with Push Ups Workout a little more fun. The application will make you as a personal trainer, providing different exercise routines and taking into account the folds made. You will not be able to cheat.
Push Ups Workout calculates the calories consumed and adapts the training plan according to your daily needs, allows you to set up an exercise plan, divided into six levels, based on your age and your weight. But the funny thing is that it keeps count of the bends made by increasing the counter displayed every time you touch the display of the smartphone with the tip of the nose. Simple but essential to complete your daily workout. Synchronization with Google Fit is also available.

Squats Workout: shape your side B

Squats Workout app android
To model the so-called “B-side” there is nothing better than a targeted fitness activity, such as the exhausting squat. The correct execution of this exercise requires a great synergy between numerous muscle groups and consequently it is not a simple activity. The Squats Workout app, as the name suggests, can be very useful for working on it.
This application not only helps in the counting of the squats performed, but also calculates the calories burned during the exercises and creates a workout table based on daily exercises and the state of shape of your body. It is possible to count the series carried out keeping your device in hand during the movement, or manually entering the data related to the training.

Abdominals in 7 minutes: pull out the turtle

You have trained pectorals and arms, buttocks and quadriceps, now it’s up to the upturned turtle on your stomach. Help her to get back on her feet, it takes 7 minutes a day. At any time of the day, maybe not after meals, just pull out the rubber mat or a simple gym towel and kick off your workout.
In the same way as Training in 7 minutes, the app mentioned above, you just start it, press the Play button and start training following the moving images on the display. Pay attention to the countdown because every 15/20 seconds you will have to change position and work on different muscles of the abdominal belt. To motivate yourself, try to participate in the 30 day challenges.

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Virtuagym: a virtual gym always open

With this app you can monitor not only the program of exercises to be performed, but also the results obtained and your calendar. The app provides all the instructions to perform the exercises to do in the correct way, provides 3D videos, simple graphs that show the progress of your workout and allows you to activate the notifications that will remind you to put yourself under.
All you have to do is choose the activities that most interest you, select the workouts and add everything to your calendar. If you also want to keep an eye on the power of the app allows you to install an additional service dedicated to monitoring the daily diet.
Clicking on Groups you can also meet other sports lovers who share your same goals. A sort of social platform integrated into the app.

If we have forgotten some of you that are particularly close to your heart or that you would like to see added in this ranking, we will be happy if you reported it by leaving a comment. Thank you.