Android apps to send free birthday text message greeting cards to mobile phone

We invite you to read our selection of the best Android apps to send free birthday text message greeting cards to mobile phone.

Not every year is celebrated, so it is the ideal time to enjoy good company and to celebrate and also to greet or visit the birthday boy that perhaps you have not seen for a long time. If you are on the other side and want an app to congratulate birthday in the months of 2017, keep reading that we will show you the best. Best Android apps to send free birthday text message greeting cards to mobile phone.

With these applications, you can make the best personalized birthday greetings. The most interesting thing about these Apps is that you can make personalized birthday greetings videos and you will also find a lot of images to congratulate birthday.
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Best Apps to make Birthday greeting photos

Happy Birthday Greetings

This free Android application lets you make birthday congratulations with many images to congratulate birthday. This Birthday greetings app comes with the appropriate images and quotes. The images and quotes are ideal for your android mobile phone. Obviously, you can share the final result with the person you are interested in. The app provides very nice messages and it is very easy to use. The designs include images of cakes, scenery, flowers etc., which are perfect for the occasion. You may type your own message too. The app gives you the option to download the images or share them on the social networks you want. One of the best options to send congratulations from your mobile.

Birthday Congratulations Wishes & Greetings

This is an amazing free app for Android with the best collection of sweet Happy Birthday messages. You will find images and Birthday wishes quote pictures for friends, lovers, family, brother, daughter, mother, father and for everyone else. Share the post and send these messages to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram. You can also send them as a personal message to their email. The app also lets you post these Birthday Greetings to WhatsApp in just single Tap.

Birthday Greeting Cards Maker: photo frames, cakes

This app stands out from the rest because it has an editor. Thus you can create your own images and drawings to congratulate birthdays based on the designs that are preloaded. In addition, you can add stickers and personalized text, with which you can create the greeting card that you like.
If you want to create personalized birthday greetings, it is a good choice. Of course this application also has a collection of good images ready to share or download.

Happy Birthday

If you want to send a birthday greeting to a family member or friend, you may want to try this application, it is very easy to use and allows you to share images with greeting phrases quickly in various social networks and also gives the option to download them. Another app to make congratulations very similar to the previous ones.

Happy Birthday Frame

Great app to create personalized greeting cards for free and very easy. With this app you can add very nice frames to photos of the honored one so that the card is even more personalized. You have the option to share or download the images you created. Recommended because the images are very good, although some users say they have few frames, but they are enough to build several cards that are very nice.

Happy Birthday Wishes

Basically this app is a small photo editor, but dedicated exclusively to creating photos to congratulate for birthdays. It has many funny stickers to add to the photos and give a special touch with some very good effects. Of course, you can also add the text you want to the photos, so you have no excuses to create funny cards to share.

Birthday Photo Frames

An application that has many photo frames ready to add to photos in a very easy way, you just have to select the image you want, a frame that you like and place it within the frame so that it is the best possible way, you can rotate it, zoom it, etc.
The app has a series of stickers and shapes that you can use to decorate the photos, so you have no limits to create beautiful postcards to congratulate that special person for your birthday.

Happy Birthday quotes

Unlike other apps, this creation of Love apps, works without internet connection, so it is not necessary to be connected to the network to get the best images to congratulate for a birthday, although it will be very useful, if what you are looking for is to share them on social networks.
You can choose between funny birthday greetings, for your partner, family, etc.
If you are looking for an app that has songs to share, you may be interested because it comes with some pre-filled happy birthday songs. So you can send a personalized happy birthday song to every friend and relative you have.

Happy Birthday

Application loaded with more than 1000 birthday greeting phrases ready to add to the images you want and compose a beautiful personalized greeting card. It also gives you the option to add your own phrases. With this app you can send funny birthday greetings for WhatsApp for free.
Something remarkable about this app is that it allows you to upload your own images and add the phrases you want, remember that you can choose between more than 1000 or you can also choose to create your own phrases.

Happy Birthday Video Maker

Do you know how to make a birthday video? This app allows you to make a complete video and it works in a very simple way, just choose the images you want and you are putting together the video, it also allows you to choose a background music. A very easy way to edit the images, since it has several filters and make a video that will be a very original way to congratulate a person for his birthday. You can download your videos of birthday greetings and share it on social networks.

Happy Birthday Music & Sounds

This application is loaded with the best personalized happy birthday songs, in different languages, it is very simple to use and has basic options, so if you are looking for this kind of songs you will surely like it.

Birthday Song

This application does not contain images, but many happy birthday songs to congratulate that dear person you want to entertain.
It has simple options and is very easy to use, choose the song you want and you can share it on social networks or assign it as a ringtone or notification.

With this collection you have many applications that will help you to create images, videos, music. In this way give a little attention and show your affection to that person that you are so interested in, on that special day for him or her, just enjoy.