Best 3D printing pen Review | What’s a 3D Pen & How to Choose?

A list of the world-best 3D pen in 2017 market with detail reviews & the process to purchase the best 3D printing pens.

Currently, you more or less heard a lot about 3d printing technology. 3D printing pen can easily generate a three-dimensional object putting successive layers of material. It is a smooth computer-controlled process that allows the printer to create an object from a digital model data file. Simply to say, a 3d printing pen throws chemicals layer by layer through a nozzle that precisely moves in three dimensions. The depth, height & amount of each & every chemical layer determine from a source file known as Additive Manufacturing File (AMP). Later on, these layers gradually form into an object that can nearly be of any geometrical shape.
best 3D printing pen Review 2017
To design a 3d object model is, in fact, an intricate process. And it is, of course, not an easy task to create whatever you can imagine with just a few clicks on the computer. That where 3D Pen has come to play its smart role. Keep yourself reading to know what a 3D pen is, how it works & especially what is the best option in the market if you would like to purchase a 3D printing Pen.

What is a 3D Pen & how does it function?

Imagine this as a shrunk as well as handheld version of 3D printer entirely controlled by hands to draw images stands out of the paper and create whatever you imagine. It’s a bulkier version of a traditional pen that allows drawing 3d objects instead of writing on papers. However, the elemental fact is that 3D pen use liquid/melted plastic is used as ink in the 3D pen. Available multi-colored plastic filaments are present here that you need to put in the 3d printing pen which melts inside the pen when you use heating technology. As soon as you draw a line that cools almost instantly and the liq3>3uid plastic formed into a hard object. It means that you can even draw another layer on the former created object. All you need is to just use your artistic talent and different colors of plastic filament to create an object.

The Process of Drawing in 3D with a 3D pen:

Watch the videos given below and you will come to know very well how to use a 3D pen for creating amazing objects.
Check out the 3D pen used in the video mentioned above:
SUNLU Intelligent 3D Printing Pen on Amazon
Let your imagination be materialized rather than drawing a picture on paper. A 3D pen will smoothly help you create realistic arts, make small toys and beautiful showpieces. It is also able to repair other plastic objects and modify them. Among the last few technologies evolved, there are hundreds of choice now on the market. We have already used and tried the most popular 3D pen last year (2016).

Best 3D Printing Pens of 2017:

On the basis of various features and users’ experiences, we opted the best 3d printing pens that worth the money. Find out from the following what we think that you should know before purchasing a 3D pen. Afterwards, check out our reviews of the best 3D pen in 2017 and then choose the right and suitable one for you.

The Process of Purchasing a 3D pen i.e. what to consider during purchasing a 3D printing pen.

There are several things you should compare before purchasing a 3d object maker pen. Go through the features e.g. its weight, filament option, brand or manufacturer. In the last, go through the reviews from users who have already bought and used that particular 3D pen.

Technology of 3D pens:

The present 3D Pens available in the market use two different technologies. The most widely used “Fused Deposition Modeling” technology commonly known as FDM works with plastic filament-like we had discussed earlier. However, few models use a special kind of ink called “photopolymer”. These 3D printing pens are undoubtedly safer for kids, children and younger guys for the ink does not need heat to melt and that is why solidifies when exposed to UV light. A LED light attached to tip does the job thus keeps the nozzle cold.

Extra features of 3D pens:

Most of the 3D pens work similarly. Typically they do not rely on any specific software. Nonetheless, some different manufacturers may offer you extra features for their 3D printing pens such as LCD screen, power option, different nozzles-ribbon tip, filament types and so on.

Weight & Dimension of 3D pen:

Comparatively light and thin pens are easier to hold and thus they will let you draw conveniently. But you must check out the size and weight of the products.

Filament choice:

Different types of filaments are available. Among them, the very remarkable are PLA, ABS, Nylon etc. Each of them has its individual advantages. The most used filament is PLA. It is the cheapest option and easiest to print as it melts in very low temperature. However, it often seems to be expensive and the outcome objects are not durable. By the way, ABS is more expensive and needs a higher temperature than PLA. But it is very strong and dissolves in acetone. This is why you can easily give a smooth surface to the finished product.

Customer reviews:

It would be wise for you to check out the reviews of other users so that you can come to know whether the existing customers are enjoying the product. A good quality 3D Pen will definitely get good users reviews and thus you get the idea of user experiences of the product.

Let’s see the available 3D Pen on the market in 2017. | The best 10 3D Printing Pen Reviews:

3Doodler Create 3D Pen

Best 3D printing pen Review
At the time of making 3D pens, no one generally has the brand recognition or the staying power as 3Doodler. This is the very first company who has made a 3D pen, and as such, they are the number one seller of 3D pens in the world. Then, if you want the best one, this may be the place to be. This very new Create 3D model is an upgrade version of the original pen, and it comes with a host of features to help make the whole 3D drawing experience much more customizable and more efficient.
The Create Pen has an updated as well as advanced drive system for better stability and handling during drawing. The controlling system is quite smooth and enable you to be much more precise i.e. your creations can be as detailed and complex as you want and wish. To help even further, this model has come with changeable nozzles and colors so that you can make all kinds of sculptures that leap off the page or stand on their own.
In addition, the Create Pen has come with a remarkable one year replacement facility and it includes 50 plastic strands for totally free.


+ Very upgraded version of the original 3Doodler Pen;
+ Smoother and more intuitive control system;
+ Very advanced drive for better precision;
+ Changeable nozzles and colors;
+ Smooth and easy drawing in any direction;
+ Instant hardening plastic as you go;
+ One year replacement facility;
+ Excellent satisfactory customer service and
+ 50 free plastic strands.


– Sometimes the plastic can ooze out;
– Needs to be extra steady at the time of drawing in 3D and
–The plastic will jam and have to be removed but in rare cases.

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Scribbler 3D Printing Pen V3

top 10 best 3d printing pens reviews buying guide 2017
Are you willing to control more over your 3D drawing experience? Then do not look further than the Scribbler V3 3D Pen. This very versatile artistic tool provides you with the power to create anything you want with a variety of materials and options to make your artwork as awesome as possible.
The most remarkable feature of the Scribbler is the inclusion of a large LED screen that lets you customize your drawing experiences. Furthermore, you can use different plastics for making your creations really shine, from ABS and PLA plastic to Wooden and Copper plastic so you can render the appearance of different textures and materials.
Lastly, the Scribbler comes in eight vibrant colors so that you can pick the suitable one that matches your style. Furthermore, this model has a 30 days’ money back guarantee and an 180 days’ return policy, just in case anything goes wrong.


+ Stable handling and controlling system;
+ Combining a variety of colors;
+ Very easy to use;
+ Having three loops of PLA plastic;
+ LED screen for custom drawing options;
+ Compatible with all kinds of 3D plastics;
+ Advanced suction tip reduces messes and dripping;
+ Creates no harmful fumes;
+ 30 days’ money back guarantee and
+ 180 days’ return policy.


– Its power cord may not stay attached and may come loose during the time of drawing in some cases;
– Suction tip may not work as well as it should and drip but in rare cases;
– Its LED screen may not function correctly in rare occasions and
– Tip can get extremely hot and may make it a burn hazard.

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7TECH 3D Printing Pen

7TECH 3D Printing Pen reviews pros cons
In regard to 3D pens, you want to get a model which is amazingly quite easy to use as well as safe. In this regard, the 7Tech 3D Pen is one of the simplest and most reliable pens you can get on the market today and it is so easy that even children can use it without any harass.
First and foremost, this pen is super light. With some 3D pens, the device can be little bit heavy (at least for a pen) and this can lead to your hand cramping or getting tired after a little while. With the 7Tech Pen, nonetheless, you can easily draw for quite a while without getting stinging and bored at all.
As to the functions, this pen has comparatively intuitive and easier controlling system. A LED screen is very helpful for you to adjust the temperature and you can even adjust the speed to match whatever it is that you’re creating. This pen works with PLA and ABS plastic filaments and has an advanced suction tip to help prevent dripping.


+ It’s quite easy to use;
+ Lightweight design;
+ Controlling system is quite adjustable;
+ Temperature is very much adjustable;
+ Speed customization facility;
+ Including LED screen;
+ Uses PLA and ABS plastic;
+ Anti-drip tip;
+ Having two plastic ribbons and
+ One-year limited warranty.


– Speed control takes some time to get used to;
– Power cord often can get in the way and
– The plastic may not solidify quickly and may melt but in rare cases.

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Soyan 3D Arts & Crafts Drawing 3D Printing Doodle Printer Pen

Soyan Standard 3D Printing Pen for Kids
If you want to get a 3D pen for your children, then the Soyan 3D Doodle Printer Pen is an excellent choice for any budding young artists. This model is super simple and easy to use, making it great for children ages six and up.
The pen itself is lightweight, meaning your kids can use it for hours without getting tired or having their hands cramp up. This particular model uses ABS plastic filament, and it even comes with a ribbon to help you get started. Overall, the Soyan 3D pen is a fantastic starter for any young artists who want to experiment in 3D.


+ It has lightweight design;
+ Use is quite easy;
+Controlling system is so smooth and simple:
+ It uses ABS plastic;
+ It generally comes with a ribbon that helps you get started;
+ Safe for both children, youngers and elders and
+ Appears in three exciting colors.


– Having less control than more advanced models;
– Not appropriate for other plastics e.g. PLA;
– Power cord can get in the way every so often and
– Tip may drip plastic from time to time.

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Samto 3D Pen for 3D Printing

Samto top best 3D Pen for 3D Printing
Our next 3D pen is the Samto Pen. This is another instance of smooth and simple model which is basically designed for kids and beginners to 3D drawing. While this particular pen may not have the versatility or performance as some of the higher end models out there, Samto makes a very excellent starter pen for any aspiring 3D artist.
This simple device is lightweight and can easily be used. Its intuitive control system lets the user adjust the temperature, speed, and color of the filament with ease and comfort. Its swapping out threads is quite easy and it leaves no mess behind. This pen specifically appropriate and great for both kids and adults and is rated for ages eight+.
In regard to safety, the tip does get hot, but Samto has included a very special suction tip to help prevent dripping and messes. Moreover, this pen will enter “standby mode” if it is idle for more than five minutes i.e. the tip will cool off if you leave it unattended.


+ Lightweight design;
+ Smooth and easy use;
+ Adjustable controlling system;
+ Excellent adjustment of temperature, speed and color;
+ Filaments can easily be swapped;
+ Including three ABS plastic filaments;
+ No-drip tip;
+ Enters standby mode at the time of being not used and
+ Ideal for kids aged eight+.


– Not appropriate for other plastic materials e.g. PLA;
– Precise control is quite less than other pens available;
– Speed control can take some getting used to and
– The tip may clog but in rare cases.

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MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display
If you are a very zealous 3D artist, then you, of course, want a pen that will help you create amazing works of art. And then, the MYNT3D is one of the most versatile and powerful pens available in the market that can enable you to take your 3D artwork to the next level.
And what sets this pen apart from the pack is the level of performance that you get. Cheaper pens are of a great use for the beginners though they can clog and stop working after a while. With the MYNT3D, however, you can very easily and smoothly create anything you want without worrying about it stopping or jamming. Frankly speaking, it is a professional-grade pen.
More remarkable features of this device are a large LED screen that can help you control your speed and temperature. The heat adjustment of this device will allow you to customize by a single degree, which ultimately gives you the power and precision you need to create stunning works of art. This pen has also come with three rolls of ABS plastic filament to help you get started.


+ Its design is lightweight;
+ Powerful and excellent performance;
+ Very smooth adjustable temperature controlling system;
+ Variable speed adjustment;
+ LED screen for better control;
+ Professional-quality performance;
+ Long-lasting;
+ Easy and smooth usage;
+ Having three filaments and
+ Ergonomic design.


– The power cord may come loose sometimes and
– Initially it can take a while to heat up.

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Manve Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

Manve Intelligent 3D Printing Pen
Next, we have another mentionable 3D pen that is basically invented for those who want to have a better 3D drawing experience. As like as the MYNT3D Pen, the ccbetter Intelligent Pen is basically designed to give you precise control and variable adjustment so that you can easily and smoothly create amazing works.
This device itself is ergonomically designed for comfortable use and comes with intuitive controls with a view to helping you achieve the results according to your wish, want and demand. You can easily adjust the temperature and speed. On the other hand, a LED screen will give you the information you need to make those adjustments on the fly.
Further features that have made this pen worthwhile is the fact that you can use ABS and PLA plastic filaments as these will give you greater versatility in your artwork. This model also comes with a one-year limited warranty.


+ Having lightweight design;
+ Ergonomic;
+ Intuitive controlling system;
+ Speed and temperature are smoothly adjustable;
+ Including LED screen;
+ Uses ABS and PLA plastics;
+ Including two free filaments;
+ Including pen stand for further safety and
+ One-year limited warranty.


– During the time of using the plastic may break but in rare cases;
– In some cases tip can clog;
– Power cord can get in the way and
– Speed control can take some getting used to.

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Future Make Polyes Q1 – Best 3D Pen for Kids

Future Make Polyes Q1 Best 3D Pen for Kids
One mentionable downside of having a 3D pen is that you have to keep it plugged in for it to work. Appreciatively, with the Future Make Polyes Q1 3D Pen, you will no longer have to worry about tripping over or dragging a cord around with you. This is one of two cordless pens available in the list, and it has some more features to make it one of the best 3D pens around.
Furthermore, because of being cordless, the Q1 is also one of the few pens that do not need to heat up to work. Instead of melting plastic, this device uses cool ink and so it burns and such is safe and sound for making this pen ideal and suitable for both kids and adults. Since ink is used instead of plastic, you will definitely have much more in the way of versatility since you can use a wide variety of inks to make your creations stand out.


+ This device is cordless;
+ It generally doesn’t get hot;
+ Easy and smooth use;
+ Multi-purpose cool ink;
+ Several vivid colors;
+ Glow-in-the-dark;
+ Aromatic inks available;
+ Can be charged via USB data cable and
+ Ideal and suitable for users of almost all ages.


– Ink may often drip out and
– This device may not hold a charge for as long as it should though in rare cases.

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Yingjia 3d Printing Pen

Top rated best selling 3d pritig pen 2017
If we get back to pens with cords, we will next have the Yingjia 3D Pen. This is another simple and easy to use model which is quite perfect for both children and novice artists looking forward to getting into 3D drawing. The Yingjia Pen is both lightweight and versatile and comes with all the standard features you need to make great art.
You can easily control the temperature with this pen. Besides, the controlling system is smooth and easy to use and is very intuitive. A LED Screen acknowledges you the exact temperature as you go so that you can have better handling while you work. Additionally, you can also control the speed of the liquid plastic as it comes out. Moreover, this pen comes with two rolls of PLA Plastic to help you get started.


+ Its design is lightweight;
+ Easy and smooth use;
+ Very ideal and suitable for both children (8 and 8+) and adults;
+ Including LED screen;
+ Adjustable speed and temperature;
+ Uses PLA plastic and
+ Including two rolls of plastic.


– During working its plastic may drip out;
– Cord can get in the way and
– Having less precise control than other models.

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CreoPop Cordless 3D Printing Pen

top rated 3d pen for 3d printing
Finally, comes the CreoPop Cordless 3D pen. Just like the Q1, this pen also uses cool ink to make sculptures but not hot plastic. Furthermore, without a cord getting in your way, you can easily create almost anything that comes up to your creative mind.
The very distinctive feature that makes this pen stand out from the crowd is the ease and smoothness of use and the fact that you can swap out inks quickly and efficiently. The pen uses a special LED light in order to harden the ink that never gets hot. Above all, this pen is an ideal one for artists of all ages and thus it promises to be your best 3D pen ever.


+ It’s cordless;
+ This device doesn’t get hot;
+ It’s use is quite easy;
+ Ink cartridges are interchangeable;
+ USB charging facility and
+ Coming with three or six inks to start.


– Ink refill system is expensive;
– Ink may drip out very often;
– After a while it can be little heavier and
– Its ink may react with some surfaces, causing damage or staining.

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Final Verdict

At the time of your picking out the best 3D Pen, I prefer to say that we love the cordless design and ink feature of the Q1 and the CreoPop pens. If you can afford to refill the ink cartridges, you are highly recommended that these pens as they are much easier to use, much more flexible with where and how you can create your artwork, and are much safer overall. However, if you are looking forward to choose a more cost-effective or simpler option, I would go with the 7Tech or Scribbler models, as these both surely have the performance and durability to last for a long period.