Best accessories for PS4 controller | Play Station 4 accessories 2017

We invite you to read our reviews of the best accessories for PS4 controller. Surely, you will find the best rated and top selling Play Station 4 accessories and peripherals at Amazon in 2017.

Whether you have a Play Station 4 for some time or have just made one with you, you have probably had the doubt about which headphones you buy to enjoy the games at night without disturbing anyone or playing with PlayStation VR is a good idea or not. If you have passed or if you are just curious about which are the best accessories for PS4 controller, read on.
One of the advantages that the consoles have to fulfill for years is that they accumulate a quantity of accessories quite big. If we look back, we can remember that PS4 was released, practically, with just a couple of accessories.
But, now, four years later, it offers loads of them so people can live the fourth console Sony desktops anyway they want.

Therefore, so that you do not lose detail on the best PS4 accessories 2017, we offer you a selection where you can see the best of the wide catalog that counts the console.

What are the best accessories for PlayStation 4? We know. Enjoy your console to the fullest!
Everyone knows that it is completely different to do car races with a steering wheel and common command. The experience is totally different, there is no comparison! But what are we talking about for what? To remind you that there are accessories that can greatly enhance your gaming experience … Discover the best accessories for PlayStation 4.
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Playstation Move Motion Controller

Best accessories for PS4 controller
Although PlayStation Move is not an accessory that is not exclusive to PlayStation 4, since it was designed specifically for its predecessor, PlayStation 3, Sony wanted to make it compatible with the new console to offer experiences similar to those of its original console as new and exclusive PS4.
So PlayStation Move is comprised of two compatible game controllers like PlayStation VR Worlds and the PlayStation Eye camera to make you control the game with voice and body, and enjoy experience as realistic and innovative as possible. This experience is achieved thanks to the ergonomic design, the advanced motion sensors and the tracking sphere contained in each of the controls.

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Thrustmaster T300RS PS4/PS3 Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster T300RS PS4 PS3 Force Feedback Racing Wheel
We know that this wheel costs almost as much as the entire console, but this price has a very specific reason. Thrustmaster T300 RS is designed to react in a super realistic game to changes in direction. In other words, your arms will feel the same force that exerts take a curve at 200 km / h aboard a real racing car. This steering wheel is, moreover, not only compatible with the PS4, but also with the Ps3. If you left behind a generation of consoles and are considering moving to the next gen, this is definitely an accessory to consider.
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PlayStation Camera

best accessories and peripherals for sale for PS4
Exclusive to PS4, PlayStation Camera will not only allow you to share your best games with your family and friends, but also you can get more out of PlayStation VR. More specifically, this accessory for PS4 will allow you to do the following:
• Relay your live matches at the same time as you record to yourselves while you play.
• Access certain functions like searching the library or start games while playing and just using a few words.
• Log in instantly without having to use the knob thanks to facial recognition.
• Control some games with your body thanks to the precise monitoring it does for it.
Thanks to the components it contains as two lenses and 3D technology, PlayStation Camera will allow you access to numerous experiences and functions.

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PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR top rated accessories for PS4 amazon 2017
Undoubtedly, one of the star accessories of PS4 is PlayStation VR, the virtual reality platform that Sony launched in October 2016. With it, the company went completely into virtual reality to offer, among other things, endless of possibilities:
• Share the experiences of PlayStation VR with your family or friends directly on the television screen thanks to the mirror mode it offers.
• The previous ones, in addition, will be able to join to play that game thanks to the independent mode like second player.
• Enjoy a virtual reality glasses to stronger market through: an OLED display 5.7 “, 360-degree, 120 frames per second, immersive 3D audio sound and microphone.
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Wireless controller

Although accessories like PlayStation Move or PlayStation Camera allow you to do without the wireless controller for a while, you will always need one to perform any decisive action on the console. Therefore, having a good command favors a better video gaming experience.

Dualshock 4 wireless controller

You will not only be able to see and hear everything in more detail; You will also feel much more intense vibrations. Take control with even more comfort thanks to its new design. Analog buttons and joysticks have been enhanced to increase accuracy. Available in different models like Green Camouflage, Gold or Silver. Although it will depend on the model you choose.
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Hori Pad FPS Plus wireless controller

Hori Pad FPS Plus wireless controller is for those who prefer to sacrifice something of quality to save money. First 3rd Party PS4 Controller with Clickable Touch Pad; Rear Target Button w / 3 Levels of Sensitivity. Turbo Feature for Face / D-pad / Trigger Buttons. Precision Sensitive Asymmetrical Thumbstick Placement. Compatible with PS3 / PS4 Console.
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Professional controller

In contrast, if your is the professional gaming and you need the best controls, these are the most suitable for you:

Nacon Sony PlayStation 4 Revolution Pro Controller

Professional control Nacon Revolution Pro, ideal for those who are looking for a control that offers: personalized control, by adjusting the sensitivity of the trigger and the right joystick and the reallocation of controls. Four custom profiles with extra PC application. And great precision thanks to the analog joysticks with amplitude of 46 degrees and avant-garde firmware. You can do with him for a price more affordable than the previous command.
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Scuf Prestige Infinity Professional Gaming Controller

SCUF PS4 has a prohibitive price for many, but it has its explanation, since it is a highly configurable professional control. Shape and size of the sticks, magnetic remapping of the buttons and any variant that happens to you. It also includes rear lugs for added control. The grip can be customized with the look you indicate.
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If there is another aspect that is key when choosing the best peripherals of PS4 is undoubtedly the sound. Although this may go unnoticed, since you can enjoy it simply by turning on the television, proper headphones can make the game experience different, as it will offer appreciation of nuances that otherwise could not be perceived.

Elite Wireless Platinum Headphones

They offer: 7.1 surround virtual sound, 3D audio mode, custom audio modes as well as longer battery life and a 3.5mm plug for PlayStation VR or mobile devices. 3D audio mode provides precise sound in all directions in compatible games. Dive into the action of each game. Improved sound cancellation. Ability to filter ambient sound.
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Sony Wireless Stereo Headphones

Stereo 2.0 wireless headphones, with 7.1 surround sound, a clear microphone, preset audio modes and a battery life of up to 8 hours.
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GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

best selling PS4 acessories 2017 amazon
Playing anywhere is the dream of any video game fan. Are you part of this (small) restricted group of people? So we have good news for you! GAEMS offers truly passionate systems and products that allow you to take your PlayStation 4 anywhere, safely. And play when and where you want, of course.
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Nyko Modular Charge Station

Nyko Modular Charge Station for PS4
For those with two controls, the charging station is a good choice. It guarantees the ease of loading two or more controls (depending on the model purchased) using only one of the console’s USB ports, leaving the other available to charge the headset, for example. This Nyko Playstation 4 Modular Charge Station is an easier way to charge DualShock4 controllers.
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Finally, it is possible to emphasize the hard disk that, although it is not considered as an accessory in itself, but as a component of the console, is a key piece to enjoy to the maximum of it. As there is a great variety to choose from, we leave you the 10 best HDD selections here. A good indicator to find the best hard drive is that it has a good value for money, that is, the one that offers you more capacity for a lower price.

Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2

Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3
When it comes to playing tough, the tough know what to use to play. The Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 is what you need to veteran fans of fighting games to try again the thrill of playing an old arcade cabinet. We know, it is expensive and unnecessary, but as we could not recommend it?
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Netgear Wn3000rp Universal Wifi Range Extender

Netgear Wn3000rp Universal Wifi Range Extender
We know that the Internet lines are not the best. The connections, miraculously save a few exceptions, are rather slow and erratic and it is frustrating to see any sort of lag when playing online. Why not extend the range of your router then? Very often it depends on connections, but by the fact that the PS4 supports the “n” and not the “ac” technology when it comes to range of the wifi. Enough to connect to the power outlet This range extender and you can play online without any problem. You can find more solutions here.
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What are the best accessories and peripherals for sale for PS4?

These were the best accessories for PlayStation 4 that may be more interesting to users.
And you, what accessories do you use and think are essential to acquire? Missing one to add to the list? If you have other suggestions, feel free to share them, I will add them to a future Top 10. Thank you.