Best Android Fax Apps | Fax Sending Apps For Android Smartphone And Tablet

looking for the best Fax sending apps for Android smartphone and tablet? Here’s our selection of the best Android fax Apps you can try now.

Once everyone had a home fax, which for that time was the news of the moment, but today not everyone can afford to buy a cumbersome and sometimes costly machine just to send Fax. And here we come across Android, which thanks to simple applications allow you to send faxes using a smartphone and an active internet connection. Do you want to know what are the best Android fax apps to send fax to your smartphone? Let’s see our reviews and selection of the best Fax sending apps for Android and choose one or more that suits your needs.

Top 7 Android Applications to Send Fax to Your Smartphone

Best Android Fax Apps Fax Sending Apps For Android Smartphone And Tablet
Most Android apps for faxes offer paid services or in-app purchases and, to be honest, we were surprised to find one or two apps that allow you to send a trial fax before purchasing. However, you will find the best of the ones we tested, but we recommend that you only use it as the last resource since it is best to send important faxes in a traditional way.

FaxFile – Send Fax from phone

Best Android Fax Apps
The first step is always the same, our Android needs a dedicated application to send and receive faxes. We recommend FaxFile that seemed better and more reliable. FaxFile is one of the simplest applications on this list of the best fax apps for Android. It has a clean and easy-to-use interface that allows you to send files easily. Among the documents that can be sent are also PDFs, which are well managed by the app. An interesting feature is the ability to receive a notice (at no cost) if a fax fails. However, it is good practice to call the number and verify that the receiving machine is actually active before sending any faxes. FreeFax

Fax Sending Apps For Android Smartphone And Tablet pc fax
PC-FAX is the only free application that allows you to send a fax every day in free mode. This feature may not be very useful for those who send faxes regularly, but this is certainly a big advantage in spite of many other apps that require them to be purchased before they know if they are doing their job well. The app has a good graphical interface and there are plenty of options to extend the application usage fields. Finally, it does not require any logging to work properly.

Genius Fax

Top 10 fax apps for Android 2017
Looking for an app with a good, easy to understand and quick interface for everyday use? Then Genius Fax is the one for you. The application has been designed to facilitate the prompt submission of any document. Just tap the “+” button and you are ready to send a fax. The cover page is always free, although for each page you need to spend credits. In addition, you can purchase a number to receive faxes from the application, costing around 3.49 per month.


Top 5 Android Applications to Send Fax to Your Smartphone
This is not an Android app dedicated to sending faxes, but is still one of the best applications of its kind. ScanWritr can scan documents, allowing you to edit and allow you to sign. Anyone would use a document scanning application along with another to print, but why make it all the more complicated when ScanWritr is at your fingertips? The free app version limits exports to only 5 pages. It would be useful as well, but those 5 pages are overlaid with watermarks that make them completely useless in the professional domain. However, restrictions can be removed through in-app purchases or by purchasing the paid version.

eFax – Send Fax From Phone

The eFax application for Android lets you turn your mobile phone into a fax machine. Just make a photo of the document with the high resolution smartphone camera, select the files and attach them.
Faxing via the eFax app has the same benefits as sending faxes over the internet or email: security in document delivery, unlimited fax storage, simplicity and convenience are also guaranteed on your mobile phone. To these, the characteristics of the most simple and fast type of smartphone applications are added.

Fax Pro – Send & Receive Faxes

Fax Pro is an aesthetically pleasing app that does its job without any hesitation of any kind. The application allows you to turn your smartphone into a portable fax station at a very convenient cost.
Fax Pro can capture documents from any source, either through USB On-The-Go features or through the most popular cloud storage services, and allows you to send large files. That means you do not have to worry about size and you can send your documents in peace.

Scan Fax EasyOffice

Another useful app for scanning your documents and sending them to any number compatible with the fax service. Also useful with ready-made files: doc, pdf, jpg, png and other formats. In this case too, you must buy in-app credits in order to send faxes. You can also receive faxes, but you need a service subscription plan.
How does it work? You must first register on the official site and then enter the reserved area using the bonuses for sending a FAX, archive free files in the Document Manager and Dropbox. You can also manage your contacts in the Address Book. EasyOffice recording is FREE and ready to use.

That’s all for now folks. These are currently the best Android Fax apps you can find at Google Play. These fax sending apps for Android can make your life more or less easy.
Have you ever tried any of these best fax sending apps for Android? How many of you are sending faxes for work? Tell us yours!

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